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Enjoy! This one is for you, ashes and TwilightSagaLdy! ^_^

Previously on Ch.39:

His eyes were wide with fright as he stared back at me. 의해 this time, every vampire in the room was on alert. One was even trying to use their ability against me because I felt an awful stabbing pain against my shield, but nothing could penetrate its defenses now.
"You. . ." Aro gasped out, and the entire vampire guard fell into a crouch as if to attack me.

Now, Ch.40:

"STAND DOWN NOW!" Aro ordered severely, and 의해 the stunned expressions of his guard, Aro clearly never raised his voice. Until now.
He stared back at me...
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A long one for 당신 guys, let's find out who the monsters are shall we? ^_^

Previously on Ch.33:

"There really is no need to wash these Alice," she said, looking at the door.
"Why?" I asked, both alarmed and confused 의해 her posture.
"Because they're about to be coated in a lot 더 많이 blood."

Now, Ch.34:

"Wha -" I was about to ask, but then Bella was gone.
My family and I rushed out, and found her in our large front lawn, crouched low to the ground. Her hand was flat on the surface of the ground as if she were feeling the earth. . .
"Gargoyles are coming, seven of them to be precise. I suggest 당신 all...
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Here we go, Ch5!!! ^_^

Previously on Ch.4:

I didn't say one word, I just shot out the door and into the forest.
"Come on!" I heard Alice shout, and then I could hear my family's footsteps coming from behind me.

Now, Ch.5:

I ran as fast as I possibly could to her. When I was near, I smelled the air.
Her scent of fressia and lavender wrapped around me like a rope, pulling me in . . . Ah, how I missed this scent, her scent.
Then I could hear her 심장 beat as I neared. And it was beating much too fast - and I flew to her.
And just like in Alice's vision, she was there, lying unconscious on the ground....
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*Bella's POV*

It was warmer today than any other 일 so I decided to take Alana out.
I put the old stroller from my kiddie days unto the back of my truck and put Lala into her car seat.
I drove to the nearest park, all the while listening to Lala's giggles and normal baby sounds.
I was going to meet Jake later on today and then come back and get ready for school the 다음 day.
"Come on Lala . . ." I cooed as I got her out of the 담홍색, 핑크 car 좌석 and into the old stroller.
I gave her her bottle and strolled along the sidewalk that really made a big loop into the forest, and then back again.
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This one is for mary007! ^_^ Changed the banner because I was bored, and if any one ever needs stuff made for them just let me know!

*Edward's POV*

I started 읽기 Romeo & Juliet again as I wished time would somehow go faster. It was a rare sunny 일 in Forks, which meant I would be spending time away from my love. She was at school and I was stuck in my room reading. . . without her.
I groaned and tossed the book aside.
"Man this sucks!" Emmett complained as he walked right in my room uninvited and sat down on the floor.
"What is it Emmett?" I asked in exasperation, not even bothering to...
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Here's to 2010!!!:D

Previously on Ch.47:

I gently pulled her chin so she would face me. She took in a deep breath before gazing into my eyes.
Something happened because they grew impossibly softer to where it actually seemed as if they were sparkly.
"I 사랑 당신 Edward."

Now, Ch.48:

I 사랑 당신 Edward, I 사랑 당신 Edward, I 사랑 당신 Edward. . . I recited in my mind over and over.
Did she really just say that?
I was momentarily shocked 의해 her confession so she continued.
"See, I've always had this feeling when I'm around you. . . but I didn't know what it was, because I've never experienced anything like...
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Here we go, this is for all Bella and Edward lovers! ^_^

*Bella's POV*

I finished all of my enemies off effortlessly, not even getting the beautiful white dress dirty - which I'm guessing Alice dressed me in while I was unconscious. I faced the Cullen's.
They all stood there wide-eyed and their mouths hanging open, they all stared at me like I was the most dangerous thing ever to walk the earth, when in truth, I probably was.
I waited until they all re-gained their composure.
"Oh Bella!" Esme said tearfully, running up to me and throwing her arms around me like she had 로스트 me and I came back. "Are...
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 Undying 사랑
Undying Love
Thx bunches for all your ratings and 코멘트 on the Preface!!! ^_^ So the reason why I have a pic of red tulips is because red tulips stand for undying love, so I'm gonna try and have a pic of red tulips on every chapter! ^_^

In this world, there are two distinct 'worlds.'
There is the human world, where the normal mortals reside.
And then there is the monster world, where many creatures reside, and of the two monsters, 뱀파이어 and 늑대인간 - two powerful immortal creatures - rain supreme.
When 뱀파이어 first started arising millenniums ago, the werewolf powers hidden deep inside some Indian...
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I promise to post chapter one of Undying 사랑 as soon as I can! Oh, and plz read Sk8erbordNewMoon's story Scarlet Malone, it's really great! ^_^

*Bella's POV*

I'm dead. 또는 rather I should be dead.
I had successfully vanquished the gars, but at the price of several of them biting me visciously - sending their venom and poison coaxing through my veins.
And the very last one managed to crush my rib cage - making me vomit my own blood.
I could only walk back to my truck, which was still parked at the school parking lot.
I was, literally, the walking dead. Because this blow should have killed me, if I...
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Okay, so project officially over, and now, hopefully, I'll be able to write 더 많이 for 당신 guys! Enjoy! ^_^

*Brook's POV*

When everyone was well asleep, I creeped out of my 집 and quietly ran out of the village. I ran through the dark ravine pass and through the ever-deepening woods and finally made it to the bank.
When it came in view, so too did the beautiful vampire man whom I only met a few hours ago.
His pale white skin reflected the pale moonlight of the half-quarter moon.
As I crossed over to him, he smiled his beautiful full-faced smile that was quickly becoming my 가장 좋아하는 thing to see...
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 Undying 사랑
Undying Love
This is Karim's POV of the last chapter because we all have to know what he was thinking! ^_^

*Karim's POV*

A luscious scent of 사과, 애플 cinnamon and pine hit me, and I stopped automatically.
I sniffed the air again, and the scent was still there. . . luring me in, and I had no choice but to take the bait.
As I neared the 출처 of the amazing scent, I began sensing their presence. . . the werewolves.
I wasn't technically in their land, but then I heard a heartbeat and looked around. I found a young woman sitting on a bank beside a large river - I recognized it as part of the Little River Canyon.
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 Undying 사랑
Undying Love
Okay so 당신 have all read about the werewolves, now it's time for vampires! ^_^

There are five royal vampire 'families' that live in different regions of the world. Among them is my family, the Scarlet family, the highest ranking vampire empire in the world - we're the leaders of the others of our kind.
And I, Karim Scarlet, am the heir to the throne, so I am. . . prince of the vampires.
I sighed.
Such a silly 제목 to have! But with me comes future changes. . .
"Where are 당신 going Karim?" My sister, Alexis, asked as I headed for the door.
I had many brothers and sisters, but I was chosen 의해 my...
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Thanks so much to everyone's comments! I 사랑 당신 all! Enjoy! ^_^

Previously on Ch.11:

We walked together to the girl's locker room and changed and just about talked about everything. . . then we said our goodbye's and I watched as she walked away to a silver Volvo surrounded 의해 her family.
They were all eyeing me curiously, and I turned my gaze away and got into my truck.

Now, Ch.12:

I got to my house in a daze. It was a small, one-bedroom house with a large living room and kitchen. It was made of white stones, and had a long front porch and a small back porch.
What's 더 많이 is that my house is in...
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Hey! I would have gotten this chapter out sooner but my computer messed up... so sorry! But here 당신 go, I hope 당신 enjoy it! ^_^

*Bella's POV*

It was already lunchtime and I hesitantly walked to the cafeteria. I looked at the far 표, 테이블 where the Cullens normally sit, and, sure enough, there they were.
Alice was bobbing up and down excitingly when she saw me enter the lunchroom.
With a wry smile, I shook my head and grabbed a tray of food. After paying for it, I walked to their 표, 테이블 - carefully avoiding the curious gazes of my human friends.
"Sit here Bella!" Alice said, pulling out a chair beside...
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FINALLY, man! I've really missed this story... :(

*Brook's POV*

I was restless in my sleep the whole night. So I wasn't surprised to find awful bags under my eyes when I woke up the 다음 morning.
I got dressed - throwing on my white 치마 that rested slightly above my knees, dark brown 블라우스 that had light brown 꽃 imprinted on it, and my usual brown sandals. I decided to wear my hair up in a ponytail and put on a bit of make-up to try and conceal the bags under my eyes.
I went to the 부엌, 주방 wearing my brown bag over my shoulder. Aunt Linda saw me.
"Oh, if your going out, Brook can 당신 grab...
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