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posted by Suckmykicks
Okay so ima tell u now before u read this.......This imagine is rated R so if 당신 ain't about that life don't read this then talking bout some I'm nasty.....because 당신 can't say I didn't warn 당신 if u want an rated R imagine about u and your 가장 좋아하는 MB boy leave me yo name and the boy 당신 want! ENJOY! :)

Prince:*throws Lana on the bed*

Lana:*giggling* Ooh 당신 A Supa Freak

Prince:Ya Damn Right *starts 키싱 her neck*

Lana: *moaning* Princee ...

Prince:*takes off all her cloths still 키싱 her neck*

Lana:Oh Yeshh *giggles*

Prince: *spreads her legs wide open and licks his lips* This finna taste...
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posted by rayrayandroc
name: princeton( real name: jacob emannuel perez)
born: april 21,1997(taurus)

Jacob was born in LA, Califoria. when he was young he would appear in alot of tv commercials and 음악 videos. so he was kind of famous already when he was a kid. when he got older when he was about 13, some people were trying to make a boy 노래 group. there were millons of boys there. when they started auditioning jacob met a boy named trey. later that 일 around midnight a boy named randy auditioned and made it and met jacob and trey. and when the people found a boy named craig on 당신 tube they brought him in from philidelphia and he made it through. when the boys finally met craig, they came up eith their name and started making music. now today princeton(jacob) is 더 많이 famous than he was before.
posted by awesomegirl101
Nia stayed 집 from school.... Cause of what happened in the last part..... Anyway she was calling her friend bre.
" bre !!"
" 저기요 girl!!!"
" 저기요 me+my girls is double dating with our men!!! U wanna come and bring Ryan???"
" sure" answered bre
" cool"
" y aren't u at school???" Asked bre
Bre fake coughed." Because I'm sick"
" o. Well I'll text u later!!!"
" bye"
Nia hangs up the phone.

After school, silver,Mia,and Noah went to the doctors office.
Silver was shaking.
" u k silver??" Asked Mia
" yeah. Just nervous... Wat If they say the baby didnt make it."
" it's gonna b fine" said Noah
The doctor...
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 My outfit
My outfit
업데이트 Jacob finna get sme play 또는 not .there a new character in my 기사 it my bms mindless swagg and there is Gna be a lil Chang up in the 사랑 connection LOL . So sit bck and relax an enjoy the 기사 .

So last we left of Jacob was 키스 on my ear and feeling my body . Lego me"stop Jacob 당신 Gna fine my spot and I am get weak in the knees." Jacob well I wanna see 당신 get weak in them knees." Lacey walk "big sissy can I sleep wth cus I am scared of the dark " me sure "pudding pop so she hop into the 침대 wth me and Jacob ." Lacey I feel 더 많이 safety bigg sister 키스 my forhead ." We'll I...
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posted by ajmindless
Ok so remeber how i said the 다음 one was comin soon
hope this is soon enough

So Princeton returned and Jessie Was to scared to go back

So The 다음 Morning....


Mom:JESS *knocks on the door*
Me:*still half asleep*uhhh
Mom:ur phone rang and a boy told me to tell 당신 called
Me:*fully awake*whats his name
Mom:i think it was Jacob
Me:*thinks* Jacob??? oh him
Mom:would 당신 like to explain
Me:mom im 16 cant i have friends
Mom:is he 더 많이 than a friend
Dad:*opens the door* who is he
Me:uhh hes a boy and a friend aand if u put that together 당신 get
Dad:look i forbid 당신 from this guy friend
Me: dad u dont even...
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I picked up my phone and called Princeton, He didn't answer I called again and again and again with still no answer I picked up his bracelet and sat on his bed, I stared and stared and stared at the bracelet until
Autumn: Maybe we should go and look for him?
Me: No he doesn't want to be found that's the whole point.
Ray: but why did he run away?
Me... Because of me *they both turned to face me* he left because of me, Because it's too much for him to handle at once
Ray: What's too much to handle?
Me: I was raped *Their eyes widened* and I told him the whole story and and I I'm pregnant and it's not...
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posted by Missprinceton1
well prince cheeted on me with alli my best friend she was allready with 레이 ray....... but i didn't no that he cheeted on me.
prince; baby
me; yeah (yawning)
prince; lets go for a night walk
me; its 1;30
prince; come on baby
me;(sigh) OK
we went out the door and walked around
we got back 집 and then sat on the couach and watched a movie
prince; im gonna go to the toilet k
me; but
prince; dont worry the story aint true
he kisses my head and goes to the toilet he creeps up on me and scared the crap out of me
prince(loud); RAAAAAA
me; u...
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 shanias back to school outfit #1
shanias back to school outfit #1
Keke:you gon be an aunt
Jania:youre pregnant how u gon tell mom
Keke:mom doesnt have to know all my buisness
Jania:umm ok
Diggy:wanna throw a party here babe

Blake:hey uhhhhhhh Shaniah ya ready to model

Shaniah and Blake....................

Blake:so since school is opening soon our theme is back to school
Shaniah:cool so what i gotta do
Blake:u just gotta model
Shaniah:thats all

Blake gave her lots of clothes
Blake:just put them on and model
Blake:oh and these are yours
Shaniah:to keep

so they both do their...
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posted by avanzant12
Last we left off 당신 heard bout soft cat lets see what's going. Own now. I could the 나비 rush through my stomach . Then he stop. I said " baby why u stop" . He said 당신 might get pregnant because we ain't use no condom." I said " it be okay baby ain't that's wat 당신 want ". He said "sure baby" . The we stared back up. The went to sleep . I woke up with a smile own my face. I said " good moring baby ." he said" 저기요 beatiuful ." I said " last night was amazing baby." he said "I know boo" . Then we went down to 가입하기 the others. Everybody did y all good night rest we said"yea then we stared...
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posted by RayRaycutie
at home
me-y u drop 2 the ground gurl?!
india-he was gttn on me! i had 2 do sumthn.
me-lol! ikr! *gets fone call*

fone convo
me-wat up?
prince-nun. can i come ovr nowwwwwww?!
me-okay. just...take ur time...
me-india's ovr here
india-hey! um...who?
me-my dad
india-mr brazil's dad!!!
me-well i gtta go but hurry! luv ya bye! *hangs up really fast*
india-he's comng 2day?!
me-um...yeah. *txts prince n tells him 2 bring 레이 so he can take india n he txts back a wink*
me-*rolls my eyes n smile*
india-iz it him?!
india-retard prince?!
india-yeah it iz.
me-*looks at tv n hears a knock on door*...
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posted by Princetonlove01
roc p.o.v
Sami: in the 부엌, 주방 with me
( I smiled went straight to the 부엌, 주방 to slightly 키스 sami then grab my baby girl miaya aisa young , ( pronounced mi-yah ai-jah young shrugs)
I put her on the carpet than played with her hands ( Mia slightly)

Roc: Mia baby girl I’m buy anything u want what do u want ???
Mia:( mumbles words)
Roc: huh? Are u trying to say something baby girl?

Mia: ( makes a face then tries to talk)
( samii starts getting annoyed )
Samii: dumb *** Trey she can’t understand u ! ( she yelled as she giggled )
Roc: 당신 mad??? (I smirk to myself)
Samii: dumb *** I know...
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posted by Princetonlove01
the 다음 morning
nasha p.o.v
(I woke up and 레이 레이 was sleeping ..and he was dreaming about me cause he kept saying nasha I 사랑 u..Aww he so cute when his asleep)
(I got to see whose awake to find roc and Samii on the 침상, 소파 being died quiet with each other ) (why do I always find them alone..)
(I ease drop to see if they were going to say anything..)
end of p.o.v
Samii p.o.v
(I was watching t.v and I saw roc coming out his room)
Samii: out all people who is on this bus u have to come out..Uggh!
Roc: Samii can I talk to u
Samii:(Uggh) ok fine roc…
Roc: look Samii I was stupid..
Samii: yeah...
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posted by Princetonlove01
The 다음 morning Mya woke up wit princeton. she got out of 침대 nd thought about wat happened last night. she were kinda sad. she got out of 침대 nd headed over to the bathroom. she brushed hur teeth, nd took a shower. she got out of the 샤워 nd looked at hur self in the mirror. she noticed this dark spot on hur neck. M- wat is tht. Mya got out of the bathroom nd got dressed. Princeton was half awake at this point. Mya went over to him nd woke him up. M- princeton wake up. P- uh….5 더 많이 mintues. M- princeton wake up. P- fine. He sat up in the bed. P- morning. M- morning, um princeton can...
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posted by rocroyalsister
Last time we met it was when I said it happened.So me and my
Boo was gone to the park.Baby nysia ,brisa,lisa, so I said 당신 guys go play and do not kill anyone so my boo said I llove going to the park I said this is rell nice so my sister came to the park she 당신 have to pay me I said do I real have to pay she said yes 당신 have to pay so I gave her 567 dollar so my boo
was kisss me I said stop we have people looking at me he said I don't care let me kisss 당신 I said ok baby 당신 can give me one kisss so nysia came to me she said can I have so money I said get your money she said I don't have...
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posted by RayRaycutie
okay so lik.....im busy alot n my mom iz takn time off my computer time n lik....SCHOOOL iz gttng on my nerves n if u guys cnt read this, sorry its early n i cnt type rite now!!! oksy??? so the stry!!!!

india-U DID WAT????
ray-HE DID WAT?????
tasha-who did wat?????
prod-*oming up 2 us* 저기요 guys
prod-so....um...prince told me...about...u 2...n im sorry 4 the way he's been actng but he just HATES it wen ppl call him afro puff
me-smh wouldve been nice 2 kno!!!!!!
prod-*just laughs*
roc-so lik....im hungry yall wnna get sum FOOOD????
dee-dang!!!!! yo greedy self lego thn!!!!
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posted by ThatGirlJenna
 my outfit to dinnner
my outfit to dinnner
Jenna:nothing she was just here to talk
prince:did u tell her anything?
prince:good..i got to go bye
jenna:how did i go from ur sister to ur abusive girlfriend?
prince:...........i dont know..idgaf either
prince walks out the door then jenna grabs her phone and calls her friend zauria
zauria:wassup my igga
jenna:hey wigga
(thats there nick names for each other)
jenna:wanna go out
zauria:wish i could but cant
jenna:ughh fine

at beauty house

prince:hey bae
beauty:i dont wanna tALk to u
beauty:u have to marry that chick today
prince:im just...
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posted by Princetonlove01
In da morning mya woke up and its 8:00 am. mya: 저기요 u guys wake up we only hav 2 hours to get ready.( all da girls get up and get in da 샤워 and get dress they wear :link. mya: every1 ready. girls:yep. kesha: wat time iz it. mya:its 9:55. kourtney:kool dey almost here. 당신 get a txt. it princeton he says he rite down da street. (POV: OMG he on his way i can’t wait 2 see him he is soo sexxi.) end of POV. A big tour bus pulls up and 당신 see da boys in da window. the bus stop and da boys get out. princeton:hey mya,Ray-ray:hey kesha, Roc royal:hey kourtney, Prodigy:hey aaliyah. all of yall:heyy guys. Princeton: let get on da bus.
mya:ok lets roll. (They all get on da bus and roll out)
posted by Missprinceton1
Prince; what is it baby
Me; the sugar ran out *baby voice* can u be a gowd bowy and get me shome?
Prince; anything 4 my 앤젤
Me; awww thanks sweet 심장 *kisses him*
as he went out the door prodigy and a boy i never seen befor walked in *BTW she is cheating on princeton*
Prod; 저기요 sugar 자두, 매 화 is princeton here
Me; no he went to the store
Prod; good *goes and 키스 me*
Me; whos this
Prod; my brother
Me; the one u talked to me about JOJO rite?
JOJO: yeah hi prodigy has told me alot about u
Me*looks down*; awwww thanks baby *kiss*
JOJO; um ur kinda kute
Me; *blushing* ummm thanks JoJo *hugs him*...
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posted by Princetonlove01
(in Mya room; prince and ali making out)

M: i want it
Prince:are 당신 shore
M: yes this is gonna be the last for three weeks so i wanna show 당신 what your gonna be missing and what 당신 have at 집 so 당신 wont be all up on those ***** on tour
Prince: 당신 know that your my girlfriend and thats all that matters which is why i wanna give 당신 something
M: what!!
(prince gets on one knee with a ring box)
Prince: will you…
M: Prince, im only 14. i mean dont get me wrong i would 사랑 to marry 당신 but we are just too young for all that but it is definatey in the future
Prince: i was going to say will...
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posted by avanzant12
Last we left off princeton was getting bck frm rehersal and i was happy to see hym.skip tyme now i am 7 months and the bck pain is kill me !!!!!

Mhe baby my bck hurt and i wants sme ice creams and pickels and mms

Jacob that nasty combonation 당신 wanna do that 2 ur inside baby
Mhe just go get it for i slap ur balls and shove them in the dirty okay .:-)love 당신 babe.
Jacob okay baby dnt kill me blew me a kiss
Mhe lawd this baby off my is really giving me the blues
Jacob looking for the pickles and mms and ice cream then he found my favor ice cream cook in cream and got me...
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