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posted by alice_cullen_12
Yes. The 제목 is true. To pick 또는 not to pick. That is my question. It is your job, dear fanpoppers, to answer. After 읽기 this article/guide/storybook, when 당신 are educated picker, decide whether 당신 will fanpick 또는 not.

Pros and Cons of fanpicking.

Pros: Let's 당신 share your opinion. Let's 당신 get out your anger. Has cool icons. Has cool answers. Made 의해 fans, not the government. Not Obama 또는 Corporate America. THE FANS!

Cons:Takes up your precious time. Hurts your head when 당신 think about your decision too much.

Story Time!

There once was fanpicker named Sue. Sue was having an internal...
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posted by IsabellaAzuria
k, this is a little something for fun - enjoy - just write down before 당신 look at the text below:

1. an adjective

2. A room in your house/flat

3. A person

4. a color

5. an adjective

6. an adjective 또는 color

7. a verb

8. a place

9. a person

10. a noun

11. a number

now add the words 당신 wrote down to the right numbers in the text - and tell me what 당신 got:D


A (1) dream
I was sitting in the (2) and thought about (3) I drew a (4) picture of her/him. Her/his face looked (5) And the eyes were (6).
Anyways, I wanted to throw that picture away but suddenly (3) came in to shout at me.
He/she seemed kind of angry and shouted: "(7)!"
I was confused.
Only wanted to run away - so I did that.
I ran to (8), sat down there and cried.
Somebody else came.
It was (9)
(9) came to hug me.
and (9) gave me a/an (10)
"Happy (11)st/nd/rd/th Birthday!" (9) said
What a (1) dream
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posted by miiamya
My latest pick pet peeve is not opinionated picks. They have been popping up frequently and are beginning to irk me almost as much as repeat picks. In case 당신 don't know what I am talking about, not opinionated picks are picks that ask 질문 to which there is only one answer. These can range from inquiring when the 다음 episode of a show in airing to asking what the full name of a character is.

I assume that the people who create these picks just don't understand the purpose of a pick. Picks are not trivia 질문 nor are they a way to ask for factual information. If 당신 wish to know when a new episode airs, I suggest posting it as a forum.

I'm sorry if this was at all offensive, but I figured that 글쓰기 a soapbox was easier than giving the same spiel to every author of a not opinionated pick.

Also, I am trying to think of a better name for this variety of picks rather than 'not opinionated picks'. Catchy names were never my forte.
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considering the amount of picks on 팬팝 that are smurf hated related and the amount of users that don't understand why, i think this clip says it all
패밀리 가이
팬팝 running joke
hatred smurfs
anti smurf
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