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Heeeey u guys!!! I'm really(x100) sorry. I hope 당신 like it..... ok I kept u guys waiting long enough so here's the story.... comment, become a fan, give props. All that good stuff. ENJOY!!!

Nejixtenten=love part 12

Tenten's pov

Neji and I looked around every inch of the house.
"Neji did 당신 check the backyard?" I asked.
"No," we both ran to the back door to see the baby and Hinata sitting on the 그네, 스윙 swinging softly back and forth.
"Hinata!" I busted out the door.
"Shh. He's sleeping," she smiled down here.
"We were looking everywhere for him," I said angrily walking over to her.
"I'm sorry if I worried...
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