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Ponyville, September 10th, 2012 BCR.
Rainbow Dash's 구름, 클라우드 home.

Rainbow Dash was reading, like she did a lot these days. Twilight had given her the newest issue of Daring Do to her, but with the Gilda case, she didn't have had much time to read into the new exploits of the adventurous Pegasus. But now, with the Weekend, she had time enough.

After Celestia's sun graced Equestria once again, she awoke, ate her breakfast, and began 읽기 into the story. Daring Do and The Quest for the Romanov's. 무지개, 레인 보우 had read a couple of lines in the intro already, but then Gilda came back into Ponyville, and...
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Chapter 1 - Is it a prank?:

The air was warm, the sun was shining, and everypony in Ponyville was having a glorious day. The town square was bustling and crowded and busy ponies filled the streets. All the 조랑말 folk seemed to have somewhere specific to be. All except 무지개, 레인 보우 Dash; her place was in the sky. She tore freely through the air, speeding one way and the next, buzzing the 나무, 트리 tops and racing the wind. The blue pegasus swooped over a schoolyard, much to the delight of the children, then climbed several...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog

 Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. Pingas!
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. Pingas!

Pinkie's Ghost

It was a dark night, and there was lots of fog. Then, the ghost 조랑말 was seen running through the streets of Ponyville. He was killed in an accident on Halloween, and every 년 on the 일 of the accident, the ghost 조랑말 runs around ponyville, shreiking like a 로스트 soul!

Rainbow Dash: Pinkie, what are 당신 talking about?
Pinkie Pie: The ghost pony. Snips, and Snails saw it last night.
Rainbow Dash: Where?
Pinkie Pie: They didn't tell me. Oh, it makes my legs wobble to think about it.
Rainbow Dash: Ha! You're just a gullible pony....
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I did a crossover of Saten Twist and his crew in GTA.. And than decided to do a sequel, where crazy man, Trevor, follows them back to Ponyville.. And how this is JUST as bad as 당신 would think..

This also introduces Pita and Maggie.. My first openly GAY characters.. Who are actually badass..


Saten Twist and Derpy are seen eating subway, and watching a old cowboy movie.

Suddenly Trevor Phillips burst down the door. Demanding his money.

"WHAT THE!?" Saten cried.

"WHERE'S MY MONEY!?" Trevor cried.

"WHAT MONEY!?" Saten cried.

"You owe...
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I know there's been a few 기사 about this, but I actually wanted to write an 기사 about what I think about the movie. As most of my 기사 say, please do 코멘트 and like if 당신 so desire. However, your 코멘트 should be written in a way that is constructive and not meant to hurt 또는 insult others. So now I will start :)

So when I first heard about 무지개, 레인 보우 Rocks I wasn't very excited about it. I heard the "Shake Your Tail" song and I didn't like it. I also did not understand why they were doing a battle of the bands. However, once I saw the trailer with the villains then I understood...
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 The age-regressed 무지개, 레인 보우 that was dropped off 의해 Twi at Canterlot Castle-with everything she would need.
The age-regressed Rainbow that was dropped off by Twi at Canterlot Castle-with everything she would need.
Looks like it's April Fool's 일 in Ponyville-and Pinkie and 무지개, 레인 보우 are on 불, 화재 with their practical jokes. Every 조랑말 became a victim-except Princess Twilight Sparkle, who stayed inside to avoid the mayhem, watching from one of the windows of her castle. As she went to take a nap, 무지개, 레인 보우 and Pinkie quietly went in to pull something off...

Rainbow: 당신 got the red paint??

Pinkie: Are we really gonna do this? If we do, she's gonna grill our plots! Sorry, I'm not gonna get in trouble. Later! *takes off*

Rainbow: It's just a prank! What harm can it do?

Rainbow pulls out the paintbrush, dips in the...
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 The three together in one picture. What's with the negativity?
The three together in one picture. What's with the negativity?
Alright! Moon-Dust12, if your'e 읽기 this, you'll be impressed, because I've had it! First of all, Princess Luna being shipped with my OC Blazin' Blue was my idea, and a good one. 당신 don't like that he is shipped with her and has a daughter named Nightshade? That's your problem. But don't jump on my case 또는 my friend Moon-Dust12's case about it, just because I let him use my OC and 가지 속의 식물, 밤잠, 식물 in his 팬 fiction! It's insanely rude, and if 당신 don't like it, don't 코멘트 on it. I already took the heat on Google+, and that already left me PISSED OFF. But seeing how Moon-Dust12 also got attacked...
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posted by Dragon-88
 Princess Luna asks Blazin' to hang out with her for a whole 일 since Celestia has a lot of time on her hooves.
Princess Luna asks Blazin' to hang out with her for a whole day since Celestia has a lot of time on her hooves.
Ok, so Blazin' wakes up to see Sapphire walking around, not with him this time. He bounds out of 침대 zooming out the house to catch up with her.

Blazin': Hey, where are 당신 going?

Sapphire: I'm taking the time to make some 프렌즈 on my own. 당신 showed me how, and I have to thank 당신 for that. I don't need your help now. I can do it.

Blazin': But who am I supposed to spend a whole 일 with? I 사랑 you!

Sapphire: I know. I 사랑 당신 too. I'm sure you'll find someone. Have fun!

Blazin: OK, catch 당신 later! *goes home*

He is now sitting in a chair 다음 to the front window. After an hour, he falls asleep.......
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I stepped on the floating platform in a dark room. I looked all around me, nothing there was to see, all but the platform and myself. A techie screen appeared out of no where in front of me. Moments later a dark figure showed up on the screen. I couldn't detect who it was, but it looked awfully familiar.
"Identify yourself," the figure commanded.
"Princess Eclipse," I replied nervously.
"This is the one," the figure said. "Prepare the tests immediately." The figure commanded. I knew he wasn't talking to me, but he was talking to someone else? All I knew is that the figure wasn't alone- where...
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posted by mariofan14
After what Shining Armour thought he saw the night before, he and his wife, Princess Cadance, sought out to find help on how to get rid of what was haunting them, yet they don't know that it was the succubus. First, the couple went to the C.E.P.D., the Crystal Empire Police Department. The two explained what happened last night, but the chief said, "I think 당신 two may be imagining things. There's no such thing as monsters of the 수퍼내츄럴 world. It's all a bunch of gibberish." But it wasn't gibberish. The two found a professor of the supernatural, and when he was told about what happened...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
There was nothing entirely wrong with this episode. Afterall, it was a season finale. It had awesome songs: B.B.B.F.F, This 일 Arias, Love is in Bloom. My 가장 좋아하는 out of those songs is This 일 Arias. It has great vocals provided 의해 Princess Cadance and 퀸 Chrystalis. Speaking of, I want to marry Shining Armor's voice 또는 someone with his voice. It was perfect. I swear I died when I heard him say, "Twilee[/i]. I thought it was very cute how he and Twilight Sparkle were so close before she came to Ponyville. It was sweet of him to 사랑 Twilight Sparkle even though she was upset with him...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
♥Apple Jack♥
Before she became one of her family's best 사과, 애플 gatherers, 사과 브랜디 tried her hoof at the sophisticated life. 사과 브랜디 leaves the farm and heads to the big city of Manehattan to 가입하기 her Aunt and Uncle Orange, who promised to shape up the little filly into that of elegance. During an evening get-together with some of the other regal Equestrians, AJ tells them how much she loves the city with her new high-society accent, but she causes a raise of eyebrows when she mentions the life she left behind. Thankfully, her awkward moment is interuppted as 공식 만찬, 저녁 식사 arrives. But it turns...
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The show that defined an entire generation of not simply adults, but people, is actually not as good as 당신 think it is.

I, going back to my roots of... let's say a 년 ago, am going to be the asshat that tells 당신 why. I do this mostly because I was inspired 의해 a really shitty 기사 I found while lazily scrolling through facebook.

Not saying it's a bad thing to watch this show, of course. I'd be a hell of a hypocrite for saying that, and even I know it.

I'm also not claiming this show is bad. I'm just being an idiot and claiming it's not AS good as it's hyped up to be.
(these are also not...
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So, when I think of trollfics, I think of stories that are made to suck on purpose. I can see why they are made, but, here’s the thing. Are they good… no. So, I want to talk about a 인기 one, known as the Spiderses… why is it called that? Well, lets find out. But, before I read this, I must warn you, if 당신 have Arachnophobia, 또는 a strong fear of spiders, then do not read this review. Trust me, if 당신 are scared of spiders, then this will be terrifying.
So, it starts with Spike getting a spellbook for Twilight, and- Oh, god, the poor grammar. Now, I actually enjoy 읽기 something...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 Con's new Chevronet Corvette
Con's new Chevronet Corvette
Con reported at P's office.

Con: I got your call, what's Discord up to now?
P: He is now trying to kill agents from various organizations.
Con: He must have a list with him.
P: He does. His first three targets are you, Fenix Lighter, and Rareesa.
Con: Really? Couldn't he kill some other pony?
P: He will, after he kills 당신 three.
Con: *sighs* I'm on it. Should I see S before I leave?

The answer was yes.

S: Hello 0007.
Con: Hi S, what do 당신 have for me?
S: Glad 당신 asked, because it will blow you, and your enemies away.
Con: A 미사일 shooting car?
S: Precisely, Chevronet Corvette with machine guns,...
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Royal Guard:Princess Celestia,we got a huge drunk dragon,that was staying at the stairs of the castle.
Celestia:Let him in.
Spike:*enters*Hello,you lame princess.I am here to make 당신 smile.
Celestia:Well,you arent!Wait,you're..Spike.
Spike:Yes,your shitesty!
Celestia:What a language!Twilight!
Celestia:Is Spike,drunk?
Twilight:Spike,shouldn't 당신 be 집 right now with Harmony and Rarity?
Spike:Oh,yeah.That Rarity is a little bit....um,what is that word..Oh yeah,BORING!I stayed there just because of Harmony.She is the only one who loves me!You don't care about me.Neither of you!Just...
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I wanna do this before Rockstar creates Grand Theft Auto 6. I don't know if they'll consider doing that when 당신 think about how 인기 Grand Theft Auto 5 has become, but I'm not taking any chances.

Here are the list of cars that will be available in the game.

2015 Alton Genji: link

2016 Alton NSX: link

2002 Alton Sparkle: link

2020 Bender Benderna: link

1960 Bender Spoon: link

1957 Canterlot Captain: link

1968 Canterlot Firebolt: link

1980 Canterlot Firebolt: link

1986 Canterlot Firebolt: link

1965 Canterlot GMO: link

2002 Canterlot Montana: link

1955 Chevronet Belair: link

1956 Chevronet Belair: link

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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Song: link

Saten drove a brand new Dodge Dart to the bar, with Brett riding shotgun.

Saten: Here we are. *Gets out, and walks to the bar*
Brett: *Follows Saten*
Tareq: *Sitting with Greg*
Saten: *Enters the bar* Fellas, our new 조랑말 is here.
Brett: *Waves* Hello.
Ponies: Hi Brett.
Greg: Take a 좌석 with us buddy.
Saten & Brett: *Sit 다음 to Greg*
Bartender: I'll get 당신 your usual Saten, but what would 당신 like Brett?
Brett: 당신 got any soda? I'm not really into alcohol.
Bartender: How about a root beer? It's like regular beer, but better.
Brett: *Chuckles* One root 맥주 then.
Bartender: I like your...
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I just wanted to write down the lyrics to all the songs in MLP: FiM, so here they are!

Theme Song

My Little Pony, My Little Pony
My Little Pony
I used to wonder what friendship could be
Until 당신 all shared its magic with me!
Big adventure!
Tons of fun!
A beautiful heart
Faithful and strong
Sharing kindness
It's an easy feat
And magic makes it all complete!
My Little Pony
Did 당신 know, 당신 are my very best friends

Season 1~

Giggle at the Ghostie

When I was a little filly and the sun was going down
The darkness and the shadows, they would always make me frown
I'd hide under my 베개 from what I...
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Hello everyone. Its finally time to present the ten worst MLP characters that 당신 voted for. Now remember, i their is a character that 당신 didn't see here, remember that 당신 were the ones who voted for these characters, and I'm just placing them in order of votes. now, lets start

10: Granny Smith - Now, I just need to ind out why this character was voted........ I guess its just because Hasbro was pushing the elderly stereotypes, but other then that, I really can't see much of a reason why she's here... However, speaking of stereotypes...

9: 사과 브랜디 - Now here is a character I can give criticism...
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