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posted by lilrina
if 당신 like justin bieber then this is the 기사 for you1this is a website well justin own website he owns it the website is www.justindrewbieber.com go make 당신 account now and talk to justin now steps
1.go to genrally justin 2.go to for my 팬 to chat with justin and 당신 are on ur own.also kylie jenner from keeping up with the kardashian sometimes goes on u also can give gifts to justin and leave him messages in his 메시지함 당신 dont need to read this part its just becuz i have to make this longer 사랑 당신 all my 재스민 속, 재 스민 v 팬 and justin drew bieber deos not have a 팬팝 his old 프로필 was kidrauhl so justin_prvt is not real k ppl he deos not have one he delted his account.im sure justin will enjoty all of 당신 coming on to talk to him and maybe 당신 can share a song 당신 wrote for him 또는 help him right a song it may appear on one of his new albums
Before he was wooing girls with a flip of his hair, Justin Bieber was playing 앞으로 for his local hockey team.

Like any good Canadian boy, Justin played hockey as a child growing up in Stratford, Ontario. This photo, taken for the 2002-2003 hockey season for Bieber’s team, the Stratford Warriors, shows Justin snarling as he poses with his big hockey stick. At just 8-years-old, Justin looked like he was a fierce little competitor!

Biebs has never been shy about showing his hockey roots. “I 사랑 hockey,” Justin told ABC’s Nightline in March of last year. “I played hockey all my life. I’m a [Toronto Maple] Leafs fan.”
A script similar to Eminem’s 8 Mile is in the works for the teen 노래 sensation! When Justin Bieber professed his desire to be a major movie 별, 스타 just three months ago, he couldn’t have known his wish was about to come true. But guess what, BFFs? The Biebster is about to become a movie star!
HollywoodLife.com can exclusively 확인 that a script similar to the 2002 film 8 Mile is in development – and close to completion! “There currently isn’t a final script, but just like 에미넴 did in 8 Mile, Justin will star!” an industry insider tells us. There’s one catch, though. Given...
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When it comes to Justin Bieber, his mentor 어셔 says he wants to be involved in his teen pop sensation's career for a long time. "I felt like this was a story that I’d like to be involved with for the long haul, not just a moment," he told On The Red Carpet's Jason Morrell in a recent satellite interview. "To be able to build a career that will span for years." Bieber, 16, captured the attention of industry executives several years 이전 의해 posting homemade 비디오 of himself 노래 songs, including Usher's, on YouTube. This self-promotion eventually led to a meeting with 어셔 and a record deal. Bieber is now one of the most 인기 pop artists today and lends his voice to a track on the soundtrack for the film The Karate Kid, which was released on Friday, June 11. 어셔 made history on June 6 performing on two continents over the course of a day, playing in New York City and London. Bieber joined his mentor on stage for an impromptu performance in London, which drove the 팬 wild.
posted by rachelbieber
Justin Drew Bieber is amazing.
im in 사랑 with him.♥
hes my inspiration.
to everything.
but one thing i dont understand about 당신 is;
why 당신 just cant seem to find your true love.
Theres plenty of girls that would treat 당신 right.
they don't even have to be a fan
deciding 당신 quoted in people 당신 wouldn't 날짜 a fan.

People Magazine-
page 49.
issue October 2009.
Q- would 당신 ever consider dating a fan.
A- i don't know if i would be able to trust them with being truthful.

but that's alrighttt.
i still 사랑 you.♥
buh bye Justin.
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez seem to have forged a stronger relationship than ever after that recent break-up buzz that had 팬 questioning if "Jelena" would still be a legitimate word. The couple has been blazing a PDA-packed, romantic trail from Malaysia to Australia and New Zealand, with the "Boyfriend" singer promoting his new Believe album and his starlet girlfriend along for the ride.

That said, it appears as if their 사랑 story has also not been affected 의해 the new bromance that has reportedly developed between Bieber and One Direction heart-throb Niall Horan. (Talk about a funny fling!)...
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 Justin Bieber broke down in tears while performing in Melbourne on May 2. His tears of happiness are for us Beliebers !
Justin Bieber broke down in tears while performing in Melbourne on May 2. His tears of happiness are for us Beliebers !
It's his concert, and he can cry if he wants to! Justin Bieber made his Melbourne 팬 go wild on Monday when he sang "Favorite Girl" on stage in the Australian city. He was so overwhelmed 의해 his fans, the singer stopped performing and just looked around the crowd with tears in his eyes.

What do 당신 think was going through Justin's mind as he looked out at all of his loyal fans?

He was obviously so genuinely moved that brought him to tears. He even pulls out his earpiece so he can hear all of the Beliebers screaming for him! This is a much warmer reception than he received in Sydney.

This night...
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Justin Bieber and 재스민 속, 재 스민 Villegas are back in the news.

According to the Magazine US Weekly Justin and 재스민 속, 재 스민 went on a romantic walk along the streets of Venice last September 9th, 2010.This was the same 일 that the "kiss" 사진 was taken.

So it is possible that Justin and 재스민 속, 재 스민 (or Jasber) are going out, 또는 having been going out for some time, 또는 just started going out. Who knows?

We will have to wait to catch them 키싱 again, 또는 wait for them to say something about their relationship on Twitter.
posted by stephanieeBabyy
He was born March 1st, 1994 (15 years old).
His nicknames: J-Beebs, JB, Biebs, Bieber, Beebs
His mother name is Pattie
His father name is Jeremy Bieber
His dad plays guitar, and his mom sings.
His grandma was a great 피아노 player.
His Dad remarried.
He is very protective for her lil sister.
He wants to buy a house for his mom when he has $1,000,000.
He is not into blink-blink.
He started dating when he was 13.
His first 키스 was when he was 13.
His 가장 좋아하는 TV show is smallville.
his 가장 좋아하는 video game is nba 2k.
His 가장 좋아하는 색깔 are blue and purple
His 가장 좋아하는 음식 is spaghetti
He speaks fluent French...
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Check out these new shots of Justin Bieber from Seventeen mag and USA Today. The 16-year-old musician joked with USA Today about his height, “It wasn’t overnight, I put in a lot of time on the road going to radio stations at 6 a.m. and singing, all in the middle of my growth spurt. Thanks to the 음악 industry, I’m going to be really short.”
Justin also dished on putting all his faith in God and how close his family is to the church, saying, “[We] are really involved with God. He’s always been like, I don’t know, he’s held our family together. We grew up with not a lot of money, my mom and I. She was young when she had me. We struggled, but we never blamed him. Hey, all this serious stuff aside, I’m still young, I’m still trying to figure out who I am, and I’m just trying to have fun. I don’t know what I’m here to do yet.”
어셔 doesn’t give Justin Bieber the same 조언 P Diddy offered him because sex, drugs and alcohol “wouldn’t really work” for the teenager’s image.
The 31-year-old hip-hop 별, 스타 was mentored 의해 음악 mogul P Diddy, then Puff Daddy, when he first broke into the 음악 scene as a teenager. He is now mentoring a young musician of his own, 16-year-old Canadian singer Justin, but won’t be passing on the same tips Diddy gave to him.
“I had Puff as my mentor, but I wouldn’t pass on any of the 조언 he gave me,” 어셔 laughed. “Hip-hop, sex, drugs and alcohol wouldn’t really work for Justin’s image. He’s headed in the right direction. I’ve told him to do everything I wouldn’t do.”
posted by anne99
i luv justin!!!!who in the world would say justin bieber was dead .I mean that is just stupid of some one to say that.But when they said that MILEY CYRUS was dead almost every body was happy including me because,she is just looking like white trash 더 많이 & 더 많이 like white trash as she gets older.But every one likes Justin Bieber so why would anyone say that about him.By what i see he looks like a nice person & i know he is an awsome singer/dancer.And he is soooo cute imean HOT!!!!!Me and my sister was watching his 음악 video for 'ONE TIME'on the computer and she had enough nerve to...
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posted by sapeloSEGONA24
JUSTIN IS THE BEST THERE IS AND THE BEST HE WILL EVER BE !!!!!1111!11!!!!1!!!!!1!!11!!!!11!!!!!!1!!!!!11!!!11!!!!1!!!!11!!!!!1!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1A 질문 HOW CAN HE KEEP HIS LEGACY BECAUSE OF MICHEAL JACKSON
Just the same as many of you, we here at BOP and Tiger Beat always wonder what kind of girl Justin Bieber looks for! He has openly said that he is currently single and that he is looking for a girl who is a mix between Katy Perry and Cheryl Cole! If you’re not familiar with Cheryl, she is in girl band Girls Aloud and she’s also a judge on The X Factor, a reality show in England! Justin said, “Cheryl Cole and Katy Perry are two of the hottest girls in the world, and so normal and funny with it… I want a younger version of Cheryl and Katy!”
Like a lot of teens, Justin Bieber's parents 스플릿, 분할 up. Although he spends the majority of his time on the road with his mom Pattie, Justin's still pretty tight with his dad Jeremy, who JB credits for teaching him how to drive and introducing him to classic rock.
"I have a great relationship with my dad," Biebs tells Seventeen magazine in a special issue devoted entirely to the Canadian pop star. "When I was younger, he taught me how to play some songs on the guitar, like 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door' 의해 Bob Dylan." Justin's able to remain so close to both his mom and dad because they respect each...
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Justin Bieber chatted with TWIST about the intense emotions he went through when his parents divorced: 'My parents splitting up is definitely not one of the highlights of my life. It’s sad, (in a divorce) the kid experiences feeling like one of his parents left. It makes 당신 not feel so good.' Justin felt abandoned when his dad moved out but as he grew up, he was able to let out all his pent up emotions through songs: 'The most personal song I’ve written is ‘Down to Earth’ because it’s about how my mom and dad 스플릿, 분할 up when I was at a young age. It’s just about everyday life and how there are struggles.' Now Justin’s shared his song, he's come to accept his parents’ separation: 'I think a lot of kids have had their parents 스플릿, 분할 up, and they should know that it wasn’t because of something they did.' Also, why Nick Jonas is feeling like the third wheel!
Your grip tightens around the strap of your shoulder bag as 당신 walk through the doors of your school. Your gaze flickers around nervously while 당신 walk as discreet as 당신 can towards your locker. A tiny sigh of relief escapes your lips when 당신 reach your look, still in once piece. That feeling of safety does not last long though because when you’ve retrieved your 책 and are on your way to your first class, 당신 hear someone call out your name. 당신 recognize the voice immediately and 당신 feel your body freeze in place. As much as 당신 want to run away - you’re not able to. 당신 stand...
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Justin Bieber recently dished that he thinks the One Direction guys copied his hairstyle! Justin Bieber recently changed his look and Liam Payne was totally one of the reasons why! Justin spilled, "It was 더 많이 like, everyone's got my hair now and I need to change it up a little bit! Once I had my hair, I felt everybody else started to do the same thing, so I decided to change it. [Points at a picture of Liam Payne] I mean, does that look a little familiar? Just a touch!" Ouch! Wonder what Liam Payne thinks about Justin's comment!
posted by lol1
theres a hot gie that loves to ging about girls some people meke fun of him others 사랑 him i am one of those people. the gie who every one loves is the one the onley justin beiber. people who heat his guts are just jelous the songs 의해 this wonderfull pearson are the world greatest lyrics preformed 의해 the worlds greatest gie hes hot and sweet and has a great smile any girl would be lickey to have him as there man. a short story about him he became famouse of of u tube he has an awlsom personality i 사랑 당신 justin 당신 rock my world
Selena Gomez gets on great with Justin Bieber,but The Wizards of Waverly Place actress has something to say to JB about his hair.

She explained, "Everybody wants to cut his hair. I want to cut his hair! You're with him and 당신 have, like, a 45-second conversation and it's like, (he's flicking his hair the entire time) and I'm like, 'Why are 당신 doing that!'"

This is the reason that Selena wants to cut his hair. Can 당신 imagine talking to someone who is touching their hair ALL THE TIME!? Annoying.

Oh!!and iam pretty sure that Justin is not going to pay any attention to Selena. He loves his hair and will not want to cut it because it is a huge part of the singer's 'look'
and i think all of the 팬 agree with me,right?