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Okay here is chapter 6, again apologies for any spelling errors. Things heat up a bit with Blair and Jacob as she finds out about the 늑대인간 and vampires, but they dont 키스 yet, i guess we have to wait until chapter 7 ;) hehe thanks for the support guys! 코멘트 and rate :)

Mum let me take the week off because of my ankle the doctor said it was sprained and I shouldn’t be walking on it. That doctor sure didn’t look anything like a doctor, 더 많이 like a movie star, his name was Doctor Cullen, 또는 something like that. I haven’t seen Jacob since Tuesday, and today is Thursday, Billy said...
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posted by misjones39
This isn’t that bad- Jacob

It was killing me that Lilly wasn’t around. But time to handle business.
We all were now sitting in a 원, 동그라미 around Sam, 의해 this time he was fully healed and ready to talk.
“It was all so fast.” He started” I was out there just checking the perimeters out when a cloaked figure was staring at me in the forest. I decided to investigate from a distance. But my mind was blurred. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t move. It’s like it had some kind of control over me. “Sam said. He hated the fact that he was almost defeated. We all stared at him trying to figure...
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posted by xXjakeloverXx
Ok, this one isn't as good as the first chapter because its a filler, but stick with me! The 다음 chapter will be better, i promise!

Chapter Two

    As the sun broke through my window, I sat up and gasped. Sun! There was actually sun shining in La Push, Washington! I jumped out of 침대 and rushed to my window, yanking my curtain out of the way. But as I looked out, it wasn’t the sun that was on my mind anymore. Glancing at Jacob’s house, the memories of the 늑대 came back to haunt me once again. I had trouble getting to sleep last night. The 더 많이 I thought about it, the...
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 j b
j b
this one about gives jacob fair 사랑 story that he need its all from my mind so i really hope 당신 like it its my first 기사 ever there is no 더 많이 edward 또는 jacob
chapter 1 ~ i thought that my life was normal easy clear stable but life is change a lot .... when 당신 got that change the fear control s every cell of your body the fear of the future 당신 would never give the thought of it will be better a change for good i think !.....~
my mother and i never did agree On one thing in all my life she always think that i am the liability promising future since the 일 i came to this life i stop...
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Part 5 continues from where part 4 ended.

“Good, his punk anyway” he giggle I giggled with him. “Let’s get something to eat “I told him. He agreed, we went to a new spot it was called Worrier’s the place was semi packed. The Waiter sat us 의해 a window the lights was dimed. It was very relaxing, Jake orders a doubled beacon chesses burger with fries and 양파 rings, I order a chicken 샌드위치 with coleslaw. I felt like we were bonding. When our meal came he fed me a 양파 ring, it looked like his eyes sparkled. “Could it be that he finally realized I’m the one for him?” I told...
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This chapter isnt the best yet, i think chapter 9 will be much better, but here is chapter 8, there is 더 많이 emotion in this one, if some of it doesnt make sense its probably because i was tired 글쓰기 it, please 코멘트 and rate! thanks guys :)

Jacob got his phone and dialled a number.
“Hello...Carlisle were on our way to your house, are the others there...They are okay good.” Jacob said and hung up the phone. We drove up a dark lane, Jacob was speeding, then we pulled up a big white house, and someone appeared standing outside the door as we were walking up, I stood behind Jacob frightened...
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posted by xXjakeloverXx
Chapter Nine

    My 심장 was pounding as I took in the other person’s face. He was very good looking, having light blonde hair and green eyes. I relaxed a little, taking in the confused way he looked at me. He didn’t know what was going on either. I suddenly realized how pale he was. I jerked my eyes back up to his face. He had light purple circles under his eyes. After being around the Cullens for so long, I immediately recognized him as a vampire. My 심장 started pounding again.
“ Hello.” His voice was calm and deep, almost soothing.
“ Hi.” I answered, wondering...
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posted by xXjakeloverXx
Sorry it took so long!! Here it FINALLY is!! Its just a filler again, so Chapter Nine will be better!! Thanks for being so patient!!
Chapter Eight

    When I woke up, I couldn’t remember all that had happened until I felt Jacob laying beside me. Then everything came rushing back with amazing clearness. The shock of it all made me gasp. Having a vampire trying to kill 당신 certainly took a toll on your emotions. Jacob sat up slowly, trying to get awake.
“ 당신 ok?” He asked, probably hearing my gasp just a moment before.
I took a moment to respond. “ Yeah. I just feel...
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posted by peacefrog
Did 당신 know that Krys "Smokey- Desperado" was origanally cast as Jacob!! I like him A LOT 더 많이 than I like Taylor and I am Kinda mad Krys wont be playing Jacob.

Thats all I have to say but it wants me to write 더 많이 so here I go...

kads ;hfhhkjahgjdsjhgjadshinavhasnvjhvnasv kjdlghsgasvn vnifva dsgfasdb dasgfjadgahgab dfgadgfj gafhgafhgaj hgkla jsdklg hjg hnvahdfjg hidafhgkjl fkl;ghag lahgiogdaklg hgkladshg;ahgidjn ds;klafjhgklafklihhafjigau gkkjlfjgklaungj igainklg ngnakljdsg klasdghkljklaklghasdgkjasdhgjashdjgadsjghajdsghajdsghjasgha;jshgkjadshgkjadhskjahsdgjahsgkahglkajdshglajdshg'hjkjh;ogfadsgbdgabsdghasdibihfaks

I <3 Krys!
posted by Kirkir
Jacob Black

Jacob is the best
character in twilight
because he's a werewolf
that doesn't change in the moonlight.

He lived in La Push
with his father Billy Black
when his old friend
Bella, comes back.

He went to Forks
to meet her
but Bella felt no
connection to him there.

Edward, the vampire
the life of Bella he was
jealousy to Jacob
it caused.

Jacob saved Bella
from the hungry vampire
from drowning and from Victoria
whose hair was like fire.

Jacob realized that Bella's
사랑 he could never be
but no worries there's
her daughter, Renesmee.

So..I'm very obsessed with Jacob Black :D I have a close friend who likes to write poems and she knows about my obsession of Jacob and she said 저기요 why don't 당신 try and write a poem about him!
So I wrote it and that's the result :D Tell me if 당신 like it pls !
posted by vickyXoXo
저기요 fanpoppers, i have decided to write in Jacobs point of view how he might have felt and what he could have been thinking during the third book, this is only a short 미리 보기 to see what 당신 guys think and if should continue with this

I had four missed calls from Bella and countless voice messages on my phone, I hated ignoring her but she chose that filthy bloodsucker and I can’t stand being around him.
“Why can’t 당신 too just get along?” some of the last words Bella said to me triggered my memory; of course it’s easy for Bella to think that we can all be best 프렌즈 and have a happy...
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테일러 로트너
Taylor Lautner
Were 당신 doing any stunts today?

I’ve been doing a lot recently, yeah. The cool thing is, they’ve pretty much let me do most of my stunts. I got to do all the dirt bike riding, I got to do this really cool sequence that I’m actually not going to tell 당신 about, because I want 당신 to wait to see it. But yeah, the stunts have definitely been my 가장 좋아하는 part so far.

What physical preparation did 당신 have to do to get ready for the stunt work?

Well, I had to put on some weight. (Laughs.) While filming 'Twilight,' I knew that Jacob’s character transforms, not only emotionally and mentally...
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posted by floydieface
Starting Over

I was at the airport waiting. My flight was delayed due to weather conditions. I figured I’d better call 집 and let my mom know I was going to be late. As I dialed the phone, I was thinking about the last time I had seen my parents. I wasn’t told what the outcome was of my fight with my father. I nervously waited as the phone rang.
“Hey Mom, its Nessie.”
“Hey, honey! Are 당신 calling from the plane?”
“No, my flight was delayed.”
“Oh…well that’s okay honey. I’ll pick 당신 up from the airport. Just call me when you’re in the air so I know...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
(i know its in bella's POV, but its based all around Jacob)

I never planned to say goodbye to my mother, forlike ever. I always thought i'd live with her forever.
But now that im standing in her embrace at the Arizona airport , that statement could mean nothing 더 많이 then me actaully gettting tp my fathers.
My father charlie lives in Forks, where he still lives in the very house that his marriage between him and my mother failed, and where i was born.
I'd had to turn to my father after living with my mother had become difficult....
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posted by mmmtasty
LOL i wrote this in about fifteeen 분 and then I couldn't stop. I loved the way the story was flowing so I kept writting. I now have 4 chapters this being the first, though i think i could tweak it a bit to make it better. Let me know please!


[Chapter 1]

On the southern coast of the state of Texas there is a small town that is call the “beacon” of our wonderful state. This towns name is Port Isabel, and this town, indecently is where I grew up. My name is Lily Embers, and I used to hate this town I reside in. Oh how I resented living in this corner of the United States. It was...
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posted by alybops
chapter one

"mom, i don't wanna live here." i pleaded to my mother who forced me to 옮기기 with her to this god awful town of forks, washington. it's always raining here. it's depressing. just because her job got tranfered here doesn't mean she has to follow. she can get another job!
"love, i know that, but i have a feeling you're gonna end up loving it here!"
"sure, sure. im goin' for a walk." i said walking out the door. she said something after that but i put in the head-phones to my i-pod before she could finish.
i decided to familiarize myself with the neighborhood. i was looking at the...
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posted by runwithwolves
I knew a boy, he looked like a man
He black hair was wild, his skin was tanned.

When he touched me i felt the sun
the warmth soothed me i couldnt run

He was the replacement that saved me
I cant be without him so just maybe...

i 사랑 him, i 사랑 him, i dont, i dont
i shouldnt, i couldnt, maybe, i wont.
But when im not with him its like i cant breathe
i shouldnt, i couldnt but just maybe.

With a crooked smile, he smiled at me
he chased that coldness away from me

And as his brown eyes searched into mine
i saw the 늑대 howl inside

He held me so close it almost felt the same
but i gave my 심장 away, it wont ever...
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posted by Twilimpian
 Bella, Edward and Renesmee Cullen
Bella, Edward and Renesmee Cullen
Hi, everyone! This is a new story about Jacob and Renesmee. Please 코멘트 and tell me what 당신 think. <3

I was in the middle of a familiar forest, and it was almost pitch black. From the corner of my eye I could see four ancient looking 뱀파이어 dressed in black cloaks. As I stepped on a branch of of them turned to see me. “Nessie!” my father yelled as he jumped defensively in front of me. And I realized that the 뱀파이어 were walking...in my direction.

    “Hello, Nessie?” My eyes fluttered open to see my Aunt Rose hovering over my bed. “Finally, are 당신 okay...
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posted by TwilightManiac9
It was saturday. Edward was all mine. No one to get in between us. 사랑 is great, I thought, glad he couldnt read my mind.

" Bella," he said. "Would 당신 come over here for a minuete please?" he asked in that sweet voice I loved so much. As I started walking, I saw him digging in his pocket. Oh no.

He neeled to one nee. I didnt like where he was going with this. "Isabella Swan," he began. "Would 당신 do me the honor, of marrying me?" I froze but managed to blurt out the words, "Yes. I 사랑 you."

Edward was suddenly on his feet. I stretched up for a 키스 untill he stopped too soon, as usual. It was perfect.........
posted by nessienjake
Speak of the devil and the devil shall appear.

If either of 당신 set so much as one toe on my land tomorrow…

Okay, but if you’re going to get picky like that, 당신 have to average in size, too. You’re so small, I’ll have to knock ten years off your total.

Here’s to responsibility. Twice a week.

I believe that… we have a date.

They’re just...
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