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posted by Tuktu
I was know as Blackiris then, I was also happy then I had a mate that at the time seemed perfect and a 심장 so big that there was no room for hate. But now all that is gone...

My pain started three greenleafs ago, me and Breezewind had been together for three moons. That's when the symptoms started I soon realized I must be pregnant. Breezewind seemed so overjoyed and, I was so full of 사랑 for him and the unborn kits I hadn't seen the fear and pain in his eyes. Through out my pregnancy I would sneak out to see him he seemed so full of compassion then.
The Kits were born very healthy my poor...
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added by Tuktu
I've been looking for a while, and think I finally foun a song that fits Blackstar and how she thinks
added by smartone123
The Ceremony was over and I could see the pride wash over My mother Daisystorm's face, as she cheered with the rest of the clan. I could tell she was happy for both Blackpaw and I even though Blackpaw wasn't her kit she still treated her like her daughter. I still remember Blackpaw's mother she was calm and rational everyone mourned on the winter 일 when Blackpaw was born, but the one to mourn the most was Hawktalon her mate. They told me he left the clan but I herd the gossip, he drowned himself in the lake. I look over at Blackpaw and her smiles so big and her beautiful eyes gleaming with...
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