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It all started when I was nine when I 로스트 my mother.I was with my pal Teresa just before this happend,suddenly the water was rising finally I heard the yealping of my Mom I couldn't 곰 to just watch this moment I 백조 up to the surface.The 고래 hunters were after me all I heard was"Sweatie go on w-''just before she finished the last sentince one of the sailor screamed"Get that little Ninja!''
From that 일 on I was named Ninja.
I also got adopted 의해 stupid humans who put me with this very annoying Walrus named Walra now 당신 humans prepare to be meet a Walra invasion.

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One day, In 1979, soon 또는 later, something happened. This is how I 로스트 my tail. I performed trick at Coney Island, New York. Way before Dr blowhole performed the Ring of Fire. I had to perform a highly dangerous trick. I had to jump through 3 hoops of fire, In a pool of sharks.
Trainer: Come on, 당신 retarded dolphin.
Me: Yeah right.
Other trainer: This 돌고래 is only 10. He shouldnt be jumping through these hoops at this time, he's young.
Trainer: What do 당신 know about dolphins?
Me: *What do YOU!?*
Other trainer: FINE. I was just thinking that Jack (Me) is too young to perform this dangerous...
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This song is to say that I had the time of my life with my 가장 좋아하는 dolphin! Thanks Dr Blowhole. For Everything. :*)
dr blowhole
thank 당신
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