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Nicki 또는 Bc- they call me bc for a reason i act so tough like buttercup 더 많이 then ever so my 프렌즈 nickname me bc
deathwish 또는 darklight-i think they call her darklight because this girl we see her at night and she so thug out u think she is ghetto but naw she a little gangsta 더 많이 then me she knows my attitude 더 많이 then any body she is real sweet but when u get to know her she is just a normal girl with scars on her arms
deathness 또는 darkness-we call her darkness because she i a real dark girl but she is also dangerous thats y her real name is deathness she got scars on her left side but the girl is not thug out thats why i made her leader she so demanding with everything king kong got nothing on her i swear but im the only tomboy around them they said i was one cool girl to hang with and so were they
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 the rock city boys
the rock city boys
k this is a song from boys who is from the island we call them rock city boys
All hale virgin virgin virgin island all hale virgin
to virgin island is where i give my 심장 and soul never treat it to sliver nor gold even if a million copies have to get sold this is where i want to be until im gray and old virgin island is where i always want to be st course st john to rock city to all my 프렌즈 and close family and all the people who believe in me st Thomas is where i was born and raise and thats why im going to 사랑 it always even though we come from the vi the 사랑 that we bringing is all world wide u can find them on 당신 tube and put 음악 mania present rock city they got bang it as their thing to but these boys are from where im from st Thomas
 city boys poseing for bang it
city boys poseing for bang it
 dudes who started it all
dudes who started it all
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