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posted by TailsDollFriend
A beautiful new character joins!

Seigen:Konoka, I'm going to wake up Fujimaru, Beirii can sleep in and rest up till' tomorrow.

Konoka:Okay.(It won't take long until lil' Beirii
wakes up though...)
-Back at the Kudos' room-
Beirii:Fujimaru...wakey wakey, eggs and bakey...we
have to get up and learn todays' lesson...WAKE UP!
Fujimaru:Owwww! Okay, okay! I'm awake! Now what were 당신 yelling in my ear for?

Beirii:WE have to get up and learn todays' lesson remember?

Fujimaru:Oh yeah, I guess I forgot.
*Door slides open*
Seigen:Fujimaru, let's go and learn todays' lesson
...(She's awake already?)

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Like I said, this chapter is about tea.

Seigen:Did Konoka tell 당신 what flavor she wanted 당신 to buy?

Beirii:She said she'll go with anything.

Seigen:Well, let's go into the village to and get the tea, the best 차 sold here is hard to get, it's hard to get reservations, and they don't deliver.

Fujimaru:Lord Seigen is right! The line is so long, that the end of the looks like it never ends!

Beirii:It's that bad?

Seigen:Let's get going then before it gets longer!

Beirii & Fujimaru: Yes Lord Seigen!
-Back at the household-
Konoka:Ohhhh, I hope two are okay, it's almost dark...
-At the 인기 Market_...
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posted by TailsDollFriend
My 글쓰기 style is going to change becuse I think it'll be easier to tell who's talking.

Beirii:(I'm not human? I'm a tenkai? What is that exactly? And what did it want from me?... Oh yeah! I need to focus on where I'm going 또는 I'll get 더 많이 lost!)

Mystery boy: Ahhhhhh!!!

Mob: get back here demon! *rocks are being thrown*

Mystery boy: Please! Stop! *Hides behind Beirii*

Mob: Little girl, get out of the way! That demon must get stoned asap!

Beirii: A demon? What did he do?

Mob man: Well 당신 see, uh. um ah...He's a menace!

Mob woman: All demons shoul die!

Beirii: Not if they do anything!

Mob man: You're...
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posted by TailsDollFriend
A new character joins! (Don't judge me, every story needs a pervert like in Naruto, Bleach, and InuYasha!)

"Wake up... Wake up Lord Seigen...Wakey wakey....
WAKE UP!" *thump* "Lil' Beirii, it's to early to wake, even the sun isn't up!" "The sun IS up! Your
blinds are closed, 당신 missed breakfast, 당신 were
going to teach me some fighting skills, and it's a
quarter to no- "Okay, okay I get it! I overslept
and I did promise to teach 당신 some fighting skills! But can't I eat lunch before we start today's lesson first?" (Well, if he eats, then he'll have 더 많이
energy to teach me...) "Sure thing Lord Seigen!"...
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posted by TailsDollFriend
Hi my name is Beirii Kudo I'm 112 years old now but this story doesn't begin like this, let's go back when I was about 5. Back then I was alone, no one to look after me but myself. I was mostly a human then who was either abandoned 또는 seperated but I learned how to live on my own. One 일 two people in their 20's saw me."Excuse me little girl but, where's your family? How old are you? What is your name?" "I don't have a family, I think I'm five, and my name is..." *thump* "Oh dear! She fainted! Seigen, let's take her back 집 right away!" ...."uhhh,where am I? Am I dead?" "Heavens no! Remember...
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