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Courage and Carmen are out one night with there new friend Jeff. Jeff is a floating head!
Carmen:So Jeffrey where u from
Jeff:Glad u ask Carmen I'm from nowhere Kansas just like u guys this is my stop later guys
Courage & Carmen:Later Jeff
Miles down the road Courage and Carmen run into traffic
Carmen:Man,now we'll never make it to the river(Cincinnati River)
Courage:Oh we will gorgeous!
Carmen:And how?
Courage:Sweetheart must I remind u that u have wings!
Carmen:Oh yea I do don't I.
Courage pulls of to the side of the road
Carmen:Are u ready?
Courage and Carmen are on the 상단, 맨 위로 of the car
Carmen:Hold on Courage
They make it to the river just in time to watch the sunset
Courage:Um Carmen I have some thing to ask u
Carmen:Yes Courage
Just as courage gets to ask her Katz and Cajun 여우 come out of nowhere along with Eustice!
Carmen:Courage help!
Courage:Hold on Carmen I'm coming!

To be continued...
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Courage hears something outside so do carmen and Shirley
Courage:do u guys hear something?
Carmen and Shirley:yes
They all get up from 표, 테이블 and walk to the door
Courage:oh no it's king Ramses he wants his slab
King Ramses:Return the slab 또는 suffer my curse
Shirley:we're did the stupid one put the slab (walks off to find it)
Carmen:what's he talking about courage?
Courage:a slab that eutice 스톨, 훔친 a long time 이전 and I guess he 스톨, 훔친 it again
Carmen:oh um courage what's going on!
Courage:oh no the first plague
Courage grabs Carmen and Shirley and run out of the house
Carmen:courage u saved me. Thank u (kisses him on the head)
Courage:oh it was nothing
Courage goes back in the house to find the slab in the closet
Courage:hey Carmen
Courage:could u fly this back to king Ramses!
Carmen flys past Ramses and drops the slab 다음 to Ramses
King Ramses:thank u for returning the slab
All:ur welcome bye

The End
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