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caroline forbes
뱀파이어 다이어리
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Caroline possesses the common powers and weaknesses of a vampire. She possesses superhuman strength with a undefined but well within the lower tons at least , tremendous speed which appears to the human eye as a blur , agility, superhuman senses and reflexes. She can heal from any minor wound instantly. Yet, given the fact that she is a new born vampire, having lees than a few days since she was turned, Caroline is weaker than older 뱀파이어 such as Stefan and Damon. Her vampire abilities have not gained their potential however, as they are supposed to extend given time. She was able to overpower Mason Lockwood, a Werewolf in human form and Tyler Lockwood another werewolf making her far 더 많이 powerful than 늑대인간 in human right at least. Caroline also has a daylight ring, made for her 의해 Bonnie, that allows her to be in sunlight unharmed. Caroline lifted a heavy stone door to the tomb with little to no effort.
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