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When I first got into watching American Dragon I loved it and I still do but I realy can't understand why it ceased production.It had everything!;romance,comedy,action,mystery,drama,fantasy and most importantly morals behind the stories.I mean ratings for the show can't have been that bad.Could they?....Or it's a marketing technique make us realy want it badly and then when it comes back with new episodes we can't keep our eyes off of it.I Bet thats it.Anyway,this is about it for my ranting and raving........For today.
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jake long
danika honeycutt
The 인용구 that the characters will nver say.

Jake: Ugh! Hip-hop sucks! Rose sucks too!
Rose; I am the hottest chick on Earth. Danika's hideous!
Trixie: LET'S GO SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!
Spud: I'm horrible at hacking into computers!
Lao Shi: Dragon Training is cancelled forever.
Fu: I hate being an animal guardian.
Huntsman: I am like, in 사랑 with magical creatures.
#88: What the hell are we waiting for? Die stupid dragons!
#89: Let's go kill every magical creature we see.
Rotwood: 저기요 Jake, wanna' make out?
Haley: I wanna' get in trouble, I wanna' start a fight!
Jonathan: What?! I'm gonna' hit 당신 so hard, it will make your ancestors dizzy.
Susan: Jake, I hate you! I wish Brad was my son instead of you!
Sun: War, guns, adrenaline, violence, oh yeah!
Brad: Damn it, Rose! Get away from me 당신 bitch!
Stacey: Oh Spud, I 사랑 you!
Nigel: Jake, let's be BFFs!
Danika: Jake is an ugly piece of crap!
Chang: I want 당신 Lao Shi.
Dark Dragon: Humans rock my socks!
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 닌텐도 DS
Nintendo DS
Not many people know of any American Dragon games being made ,but fortunatley 2 were.Both of them were released on the same day,October 12 2006,One for Game Boy Advance and the Other for 닌텐도 DS.They were two completely different games though.The one released for DS was called Disney's American Dragon: Jake Long, Attack of the Dark Dragon.The aim of the game is to save Rose from the Dark Dragon,you can dragon up to battle 또는 go back to being human Jake.When a player has a dragoned up they can fly, breathe 불, 화재 and perform tail whips.

The game is set in 5 different magical worlds, and the...
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