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posted by katealphawolf
 Kate is really excited about getting ready to mate with Humphrey!
Kate is really excited about getting ready to mate with Humphrey!
*Rated T13+ for sexual content, this gets a little into detail but 당신 have been warned! This is purely the figment of my imagination! This is how 늑대 mate in the wild! Once again 당신 are warned!*

Since Kate had awaken from her long nap she had been busy preparing the cave for Humphrey's arrival home. She knew he would be ready this time and she was determined to make the place look absolutely perfect and nice. This way they could reflect back on the very first time they mated and remember how wonderful it was. The caribou carcass was out of place; she moved it to a further side of the cave...
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Ah...Alpha and Omega.

I know I'm, like, 8 years too late to 가입하기 the fandom, but dang it, my interest in this franchise has returned and I'm gonna talk about it. Let's start at the beginning, which is a pretty good place to start, in my opinion.

I was about 12 when the original movie came out, and, as someone who craved stories about animals, I ate it up. I watched the trailer about a million times, and rented the movie from Redbox as soon as it was out on DVD (why I didn't ask to see it in theaters, the world may never know). To put it simply, I loved A&O 1. Looking back on it now, I still...
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posted by AlphaClub
저기요 guys! Just was bored, so I decided to create an 기사 of facts about me! If 당신 have any 질문 당신 want to ask about me, 또는 givle me a Q&A, say it in the 코멘트 section below!!!

1. I 사랑 computer tech, and any tech in general. I build my first PC at 13. I am 14 now. I built my first website at 12.

2. I may 사랑 tech, programming, etc., (and dubstep music, although I DO still like country 음악 as well), I am a very big country kid. No joke. Even though I live in the City of Clinton, and a small village of Albany (parents are split, I do a 50/50)

3. When I was born, I had a small...
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posted by RoadFallout
Chapter 2

Humphrey POV

3 Years Later.....

I have been everywhere in this country known as the United States. I respect it, I learned something new to each state I've been to.
51 States.
Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas,
California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware,
Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Especially Idaho,
Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas,
Kentucky, Louisiana,Maine, Maryland,
Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi,Missouri ,Montana, Nebraska, Nevada,
New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York,
North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma,
Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South...
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(Note: Please Read 설명 first :P)
Chapter 1: Log-sledding
- - - - -
One 일 in Jasper Park, Canada, two wolves, one of them a slender female with gold fur, brown eyes, a creamy face and legs, and a white underbelly, and the other a thin male with gray fur, a black mane and tail, blue eyes, and a silver underbelly and legs, are seen at the 상단, 맨 위로 of a hill, pushing a log toward the slope.

"You ready for this Kate?" the gray 늑대 says.

"Sure I am, Humphrey, I've done this about 5 times now." The gold one replies.

"Okay," Humphrey says as he gets in the log with Kate following "Here we go!"

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posted by MarvelousAlpha
Please note that this is my first one so 곰 with me. This story takes place right after the movie, but Kate,Humphrey, Lilly, and Garth didn't get married right after the Caribou stampede. Plus with a twist to it. Shakey and Janice, Mooch and 캔디 (a minor female 늑대 in the movie, one of those Salty tried to flirt with) and Salty and Sweets (the other one) gets married. But I am mainly focusing on Kate's and Humphrey's marriage.

Today was the big day. Today was the 일 where all the hopes, dream and fantasies of one little grey 늑대 would come true.

Today was the 일 Humphrey would be married...
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Trying to protect what is being looked for is like a team of SAS operatives defending dying hostages it could go either way and the odds are always in someones favour and the 더 많이 I thought about the 더 많이 distant I became and that is when I had the weirdest phone call that in my drowsy state almost gave me a 심장 attack.

Me: "hello Lucas residence!"

???: "Metalwolf? That you?"

This voice seemed purposely disguised; badly. It was a male about 16 yrs old and in the back ground I could hear another faint voice; a female giggling inainly.

Me: "What!? How do 당신 know me 의해 that name! Who is this!?...
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Winston awoke to the familiar leader's summoning howl. He immediately realized that it didn't belong to Tony. Nevertheless, Winston answered the call and proceeded to the river where he usually met with his old friend.

When Winston arrived at the river, he was greeted 의해 the sight of the entire eastern pack. "What is the meaning of this? Where is Tony?" demanded Winston.

"Tony was found dead this morning, he was killed in his den," explained one of the senior alpha wolves.

Even after Tony's exploits had caused the death of his daughter three years ago, Winston still felt a pang of sadness at the...
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posted by xscash23
            The Swarms pt 2
    Today was the first 일 of alpha school it was held when spring started
Kate woke up early for alpha school she worked there as a teacher she said bye to Humphrey who was faking sleep she kissed him good bye and left.
    As she step out of the 굴, 덴 she was thinking about what she was going to do tonight she walked to the 굴, 덴 she taught at as she did someone whistled she stopped in her tracks as she yelled at her class and asked “WHO THE FUCK WHISTLED!”
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posted by katealphawolf
Kate's sleep had been troubled; she never realized how much she moved in her sleep now that she had a cracked rib. Dawn was approaching and even with limited sleep she hailed it in. Today there would be a lot of stuff to sort out with the pack. The hunting plan yesterday had failed, spectacularly though. She was so glad to be alive; she never thought that Tony, a grizzled old Alpha would even bother to save them from the caribou.
Kate deep down had a burning desire to know where Tony learned to do that, she didn't want to bother him though. Maybe her father would know; she shook off the idea...
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posted by UriahA
The 늑대 get to go into space.

Humphrey sat there doing nothing when Kate came.
“Hey Kate.”
“Hey Humphrey.”
“I’m bored.”
“Me too.”
“Well at least we have TV.”
When they turned it on, they saw a commercial advertising a 737. However, it’s a mechanically enhanced 737. It’s able to go in 우주 and go fast.
“Whoa, should we volunteer?” Humphrey asked.
“Yeah, but the only Omega on this is 당신 and you’re not piloting.”
“That’s not fair. This is my idea, I can make it Omega only.”
“Fine. 3 Omega picks for each of us. The rest Alphas.”
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As Hutch, Ellis, Winston, Eve and others helped get Kate to the Hospital 굴, 덴 to get her pups born they're half way towards the hospital 굴, 덴 every few steps 더 많이 and 더 많이 hard kicks coming from the pups in Kate and every kick hurt Kate, Kate:" OW OUCH" Hutch:" Are 당신 ok?" Kate:" I'm fine just the pups" Hutch:" are they kicking?" Kate:" yes, and one of them have there father's kick" said smiling Hutch also smiled and kissed Kate on the lips.
As they finally make it to the hospital 굴, 덴 they put Kate on soft cotton shaped like a 침대 as Winston got the nurse 늑대 named Riley with her 모피 the same...
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6 Hours went 의해 after the accident with Sophie the group returned to the Wal-Mart Winston explained to Eve what happened, Hutch was 의해 himself cleaning the weapons that he used to kill Jack, Hutch was still depressed about what happened to his sister Sophie, Kate walked up to Hutch and said Kate:"I'm sorry about what happened to your sister" Hutch said in a depressed tone Hutch:" don't be sorry it wasn't your fault" Kate:"it feels like it is, I didn't get to say thank 당신 for saving me...again" Hutch said with a slight playful attitude Hutch:" no problem..again" Kate smiled and said Kate:"...
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during the night everywolf was asleep Hutch was moving like if he was getting attacked *Hutch's dream" in Hutch's dream it was at Jasper park, in the Jasper there was screaming and there was zombies wolfs was getting bit left and right Hutch seen his family Mom, Dad and Sophie trapped with what looks like millions of zombies getting closer and closer to them Hutch was trying to run towards them but everytime he moved he moved away from them and closer to the group that he's in now and Hutch can't 옮기기 his head either it's like if he was being forced to watch his family get bit, the zombies...
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posted by KingSimba4Ever9
Q:When did 당신 가입하기 fanpop?
A:1 월 이전

Q:How did 당신 discover fanpop?
A:when i was looking for Alpha & omega pics

Q:When did 당신 first watch Alpha & Omega?
A:when it came on dvd

Q:How did 당신 hear about Alpha & Omega?

Q:What did 당신 like about the movie?
A:the plot, setting, the people

Q:What was your 가장 좋아하는 scene?
A:when Kate and Humphrey song on the train

Q:Who is your 가장 좋아하는 charicter and why?
A:Kate, becouse she is hot

Q:Who is your least 가장 좋아하는 charicter?

Q:What is your 가장 좋아하는 thing to do on fanpop?

Q:Do 당신 want to get a medal for the A&O club?
A: i gess
Chapter 18
Destiny began padding to Seth's den. She knew he would be there. Also, she wanted to ask him something. She walked up the rock slope that led to the den. "Seth?" She called out. Seth was looking into a stray puddle, fixing up his fur. Seth looked up. "Oh 저기요 Destiny!" "May I come in? Is Kate here?" "Yes, and no. Why? Do you... Not like her?" Seth began to feel nervous. He liked them both and wanted them both but didn't want to wreck their friendship 또는 his chances. "Well, she's actually one of my best friends, but... I wanted to ask 당신 something..." Destiny walked in. "Will you......
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Leader wolf:"If we let 당신 and your pregnant friend in and give birth to the pups then we have to feed them too and it we will run out" Hutch:" Looks like 당신 are doing fine on 음식 as I see a good a hundred wolfs happy as they can be." Garth:" yeah it won't matter if nine 더 많이 joins" Leader Wolf:".....*sigh* fine but for now on when those pups come they don't come out of there dens at dark unless they are getting a drink of water which is in front of the dens" said the 주황색, 오렌지 모피 leader Winston:" sounds good" as the group went inside of the huge walled off city, the leader 늑대 gives them...
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Hi guys, I hope you'll like it but before start to reading, I think 당신 have already seen my advertisement on the tittle.

I 사랑 this club and I respect his rule. I don't want to provoct you, because I had warned you. If I have some 신고 about my story, I'll 삭제 it. But try to understand that I'm not a pervert 또는 just a porn fan. It's just a story of 사랑 and 사랑 mean sex at a moment, it's just a part of the life and the nature. Off course, I tried to don't use a hard vocabulary, just some feel and details. Just for that you'll be not shocked, the story take place when Runt and the other...
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Ok so some people asked me if I can provide them a few links. I found them and added informations as requested. Hope you'll enjoy them.

**For the torrents, all uploaders are verified (Gold crown on kickass torrent) and I tested the torrents myself too.

Anything wrong? Let me know!


Download [Torrents]:

Alpha and Omega 3D [French, Bluray]:

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Alpha and Omega 3D [English, DVD Rip]:link
Alpha and Omega 2: A howl-iday adventure [English, Bluray 1080p]:

Alpha and Omega 2: A howl-iday adventure [English,...
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WARNING: Minor sexual content

It took nearly a week before Kate and I finally crossed the Canadian boarder back into Montana. The massive winter storm that had ravaged Canada left a 코트 of ice on the whole entire Alcan highway, and even into Montana. The average speed was 45 mph. Both Kate and myself were bored, even with the 음악 on my iPod, I had slightly over 3,000 songs, but they had all played twice 또는 더 많이 의해 now. Nights when we stayed in the shabby motels at the truck stops, we tried to pleasure one another, but to no avail. I never realized how hard it was to have sexual intercourse...
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