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As many 팬 of Agatha Christie are aware, one of her most highly acclaimed and controversial novels is "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd". I had checked the Internet to see how many adaptations had been made from well-regarded tale. I was surprised to learn there were at least seven adaptations, considering its difficult plot twist. The third to the last adaptation proved to be the last adaptation was the 103-minute 텔레비전 movie that aired on ITV's "AGATHA CHRISTIE'S POIROT" in 2000.

"THE MURDER OF ROGER ACKROYD" seemed like your typical Christie novel....
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"NEMESIS" (2007) Review

Without a doubt, Agatha Christie's 1971 novel, "Nemesis", is one of her most unusual works. It is not as celebrated as 1934's "Murder on the Orient Express" 또는 her 1926 novel, "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd". But it was the last novel she had written. And it possesses a slow, yet melancholic air that I find very rare in her body of work.

Two adaptations of the novel have aired on British television. BBC aired the first adaptation, which starred Joan Hickson as Jane Marple, in 1987. Twenty years later, the ITV network aired its own version with Geraldine McEwan in the lead....
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"DEATH ON THE NILE" (2004) Review

This 2004 adaptation of Agatha Christie’s 1937 novel, "Death on the Nile", was the 초 to be adapted for the screen. In the case of this movie, it aired as a 90-minute presentation on the long-running 텔레비전 series, "Agatha Christie’s POIROT".

Like the novel and the 1978 movie, "DEATH ON THE NILE" centered around Hercule Poirot’s investigation of the murder of an Anglo-American heiress named Linnet Ridgeway. Linnet had stolen the affections of her best friend’s fiancé and married him. When the newly married couple vacationed in Egypt, the best...
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Interview with Ralf Little - 'Sergeant Pickford' on the set of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple 'A Pocket Full of Rye' Produced 의해 Helen James Productions Ltd link
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"THE MOVING FINGER" (1985) Review

I might as well put my cards on the table. I am not a 팬 of Agatha Christie's 1942 novel, "The Moving Finger". I do not regard it as one of the author's 더 많이 remarkable works. In fact, I have difficulty in viewing it as mediocre. When I first learned about the 1985 adaptation of the film, I did not bother to get my hands on a video 또는 DVD copy.

In the end, I found myself viewing the 1985 텔레비전 movie, due to it being part of a box set of Jane Marple movies. Before I express my opinion of it, I might as well reveal its plot. "THE MOVING FINGER" is basically...
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To be fair, I haven't read many of these 책 yet but wanted to alert fellow Christie 팬 of their presence.

1. Agatha Christie: An Autobiography.

2. The 로스트 Days of Agatha Christie 의해 Carole Owens.
-Book investigating her disappearance in 1926.

3. The 8:55 to Baghdad: From 런던 to Iraq on the Trail of Agatha Christie and the Orient Express 의해 Andrew Eames.
-A dual literary biography and travelogue inspired 의해 Agatha Christie's 1928 ride on the Orient Express follows the author's recreation of Christie's train ride to the Middle East, a journey during which he encountered modern dangers and a host of colorful fellow travelers. Reprint.

4. Everyman's Guide To The Mysteries of Agatha Christie: An Agatha Christie Reference Book 의해 Bruce Pendergast.
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Agatha Christie's 1938 novel, "Appointment With Death" has proven to be a problem over the past 75 years 또는 so. If I must be honest, it is not a great novel. Considering that if featured the topic of emotional abuse, it had the potential to be great. But I feel that Christie never achieved what could have been a memorable and haunting tale.

The novel also produced adaptations in the form of a 1945 stage play, a 2008 텔레비전 movie and a 1988 theatrical release. Of the three adaptations, the 1988 film, "APPOINTMENT WITH DEATH" came the closest in being...
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Whenever the topic of Agatha Christie novels pop up, many critics and 팬 seem to rate her 1934 novel, "Murder on the Orient Express" as among her best work. This stellar opinion seemed to have extended to the 1974 movie adaptation. After all, the film did receive six Academy Award nominations and won one. Is "MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS" the best adaptation of an Agatha Christie novel? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Is it my favorite? Hmmm . . . I will get to that later.

But I cannot deny that the movie, produced 의해 John Bradbourne and directed 의해 Sidney...
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"TOWARDS ZERO" (2007) Review

When it came to the 텔레비전 adaptations of Agatha Christie’s Jane Marple novels, I used to stick with those that featured the late Joan Hickson as the elderly sleuth. However, my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to watch a movie that starred Geraldine McEwan as Miss Jane Marple. And this movie is the 2007 adaptation of Christie’s 1944 novel called "Towards Zero".

The adaptation of Christie’s novel has drawn a good deal of criticism from purists. First of all, the novel is not a Jane Marple mystery. Instead, the main investigator in "Towards Zero"...
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