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A magazine 기사 I found about all about Matt!!!

Q: 저기요 Matt! 당신 play Liam on 90210. Whats that like?
A: Its alot of fun! Sometimes in TV 당신 don't get to play a character with depth and substance and I think Liam has both. Hes got different layers to him, espically in season two when 당신 get to know him a little better.

Q: Is it fun playing a bad boy?
A: Yeah definitley! Its alot 더 많이 fun than playing the normal guy every day. Being a bad boy 당신 get to do some bad things but Liam's still got a good heart. He gets into bad situations but usually its for some kind of good reason.

Q: Are 당신 anything...
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Can I just say 당신 90210 팬 SUCK! I'm sick of seeing this show be ignored at places like peoples choice and teens choice awards, but can't really get mad at the award shows because the new 90210 팬 DO NOT REPRESENT! This is a spinoff of the very 인기 Beverly Hills 90210 show that all the other teen shows that came after copied and the new 90210 should be heading in the same direction. Yes, the 글쓰기 is waay dumb sometimes, but don't u guys think the actors/actresses deserve some credit?

Start voting for 90210 and it's actors and 여배우 on things. Start uniting with other 90210 팬 on twitter and trending your ships 또는 something. I at least wanna see Lannie win for best couple 또는 Naomi 또는 Annie for best actress. 또는 Liam 또는 Dixon for male HOTTIE! Come on!
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I don't wanna think, don't wanna see your face
You're haunting my dreams, every breath that I take
I've tried letting go, but 당신 keep reaching out
I've fallen so hard, some things 당신 can't erase.

And now, I'm here without you
I'm gonna live without you
now that you're gone, I've got to carry on
I can't look back.
The best part of me broke when we said goodbye

You use to say that we were cut just the same
Two 로스트 souls, wander around until that day
I don't have regrets, at least I tried not to
I wanna forget, at least I tried hard to

Now I'm here without you
I'm gonna live without you
now that you're gone,...
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