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Hi -___- 게시됨 over a year ago
hajarMe said …
GO GO GUYS!! we will make it ^^ VOTE for #DELENA link
SPREAD THE WORD 게시됨 over a year ago
Delenarocs said about Damon & Elena
I can't believe not one blooper from 3x19 또는 even a deleted scene. There goes the thing that was supposed to hold me for months before TVD came back. 게시됨 over a year ago
jacky_ commented…
I feel 당신 mate :( What's interesting is that they didn't feature bloopers past episode 15. over a year ago
loveofdelena commented…
i don't bother with the deleted scenes anyway! over a year ago
InusMama commented…
Maybe there were no deleted scenes featuring Delena. Scenes are deleted when they don't have enough time to put them in there and other scenes take precedence. It just means every Delena scene they shot was important enough to make it in there. The bloopers are another story of course over a year ago
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thanks 4 the add back ! 게시됨 over a year ago
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Hey, thanks for adding me back!!
How are you?

I 사랑 your 아이콘 and your 모토 ;) 게시됨 over a year ago
Delenarocs said about Damon & Elena
I found this on Tumblr...

"Matt is taking me home, to Stefan" Elena says to Damon on the phone but they never get there because Stefan is not her home. Damon is.

Those words just made me 사랑 DE even more. 게시됨 over a year ago
headstrongshiho commented…
* × I NOTICED THAT TOO. and guess what? she says Matt's taking her home, fact is, he drove her down the bridge, unconsciously making her a vampire so she can remember, and find home. so many feels. over a year ago
Delenarocs said about Damon & Elena
Well I don't know about 당신 guys, but I am going all out on this finaly. I am 100% sure that Elena will pick Damon so I am having a celebration. Brownies, cake, ice cream, anything sugary to help my sugar rush when she picks him and I have to jump up and down. I even invited my Delena 프렌즈 and even the Stelena.

So what are 당신 guys doing for this finaly when Elena picks Damon. And please if 당신 are going to be negative about it, please don't bring me down. 게시됨 over a year ago
Manonx commented…
Well.. I'm going to watch the finale tomorrow morning, in my bed, before I go to school =P That's because I live in the Netherlands and can't see it live... I'm sure I'll wake up my whole family, just because I will be celebrating and victory dancing ^^ over a year ago
RLjustice commented…
When Elena picks Damon I will be jumping up and down and having a drink and saying finally!!! Damon no longer heartbroken over a year ago
nell79 commented…
I wish I could watch it live, but I cut cable a 년 이전 and watch it on hulu as soon as it's available. So tomorrow morning it is! I hope I can refrain from spoiling it 의해 checking in with 당신 guys afterward LOL over a year ago
Delenarocs said about Damon & Elena
Guys just remember, no matter what kind of "epic" moment SE have in the episode, that they can never 상단, 맨 위로 DE. We've all seen Stefan and Elena's relationship. It's been done for so there's nothing new about them. And Elena won't choose Stefan 의해 the end of this episode because she stays single until season 4 또는 something like that.
Remember all the times last 년 before a new episode when the writers were like, "Oh I cried for SE" then we got the scene and it was bs? Keep faith in DE. 게시됨 over a year ago
Delenarocs commented…
And even though I will want to suffocate myself with a paper bag while watching their scenes, I'll still watch it. But I won't lie I am not excited about this episode at all. over a year ago
ameasylikethat commented…
delenarocs it s not only the Se scenes but all the interviews from JP, ian, candice, just depressing and am not worried cos SE won't reunite but what annoys me is that elena won't make a choice and it will be the same 삼각형 shit one episode for DE and the other for SE...I had enough of the 팬 service 또는 trying to give all the audience what they want... over a year ago
delenasalvatore commented…
@Delenarocs I know. Writers always say stuff like that about SE. It would be impossible for SE to reunite given the 키스 we had last week. Stefan knows Elena is in 사랑 with Damon. Elena knows she's in 사랑 with Damon, even if she can't admit it yet. I can't see how Stefan would be OK with getting back together with her knowing this. I don't see how Elena would be OK with getting back together with Stefan, knowing she was deceiving him about how she felt for Damon. I'm thinking tonight's episode will be closure for SE. (As in, maybe it's not worth trying to save their relationship, because of how much they've changed). over a year ago
Delenarocs said about Damon & Elena
I feel like such a 사랑 struck idiot watching the 키싱 scene again and again. It's so beautiful and emotional in slow-motion. I swear when DE finally have their beautiful 사랑 scene, I will have a 심장 attack and pass out. And I am not kidding. I literally jumped up and down in my 침대 feeling like a five 년 old again.
게시됨 over a year ago
DelenaDiaries commented…
I feel EXACTLY the same! over a year ago
Delenarocs commented…
And the little look they had against the wall. Oh the love! The way she gazed into his eyes then went to his lips then they kissed! I'm going back to watch it. over a year ago
lovesobrev commented…
me too i m obsessed over a year ago
Delenarocs said about Damon & Elena
I just noticed something. Elena was sad because she thought that she was going to lose Alaric, right? But she called DAMON instead of Stefan. She could have called Bonnie 또는 Caroline, 또는 anybody else, but she calls Damon! This shows 당신 something, and that it's that she trust Damon and relies on him 더 많이 than she does on Stefan 또는 anyone else in her life right now. 게시됨 over a year ago
Ianrocks commented…
Would 당신 trust Stefan? I know I wouldn't. And I didn't notice that but that is a good point. Elena is getting so much closer to Damon that he is probably the first thing that comes to her mind when she is in danger. I just 사랑 the way they rely on each other so much. It's 더 많이 than Stefan and Elena did in S1. And I'm kinda mad that Damon rejected the call. over a year ago