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저기요 all. We like to joke about how inept Kate and Humphrey are as parents, and how Lilly and Garth make for a far 더 많이 compelling couple... If I could steal a few 분 of your time, let's talk a little about me and Raven, and how we're trying to get together for our 5th anniversary. ^_^

Stay awesome! 게시됨 1 month ago
Just a little reminder today that everyone needs to tell their mothers how much 당신 사랑 and appreciate them for being the wonderful ladies that they are. ^_^

Because we ALL know that Stinky, Claudette, and Runt aren't going to extend such gratitude to THEIR mom. LOL 게시됨 1 month ago
Imagine7197 commented…
True???? Lmao 1 month ago
Kishin_Kira commented…
Im just gonna assume that Kate and Humphrey eventually eat them which is why no 더 많이 sequels are happening. 1 month ago
SentinelPrime89 commented…
^ That is possible actually. There are 동물 that will eat their young if they’re pushed into that position. 1 month ago
Happy Easter, everybody! ...And suddenly I can't help but wonder why we haven't seen a completely nonsensical A&O Easter special, since we already have TWO completely nonsensical 크리스마스 specials. LOL What could it possibly be about? Let the speculation commence! :D 게시됨 1 month ago
Kishin_Kira commented…
Because who honestly would believe a giant easter bunny pooping out eggs would fit in the alpha and omega universe?... oh wait I forgot this is the franchise that decided to include goddamn dancing purple dinosaurs. 1 month ago
ben15delas commented…
XD 1 month ago
HumphreyWolfMan commented…
@JazzyJazz98 To be honest, if the creators wanted to make it 더 많이 판타지 like instead of "realistic", I think it can have a chance of being good 의해 itself. 1 month ago