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posted by RealLuvAlwaysBL
Someone once said, “If opposites didn't attract somewhat, everyone on the planet would be asexual 또는 gay.” In my opinion certain 텔레비전 couples appeal to this notion and others do not. For the most part, I find that the perfect balance between matters of the mind…the build up…the “will they 또는 won’t they” tension is what intrigues me and draws me towards a particular couple. And so, I prefer couples that complement one another, not those who are identical.

As human beings each one of us has different qualities, and it is precisely these differences that draw us to our potential mates, and truly make us connect with one another. The qualities that we don’t possess are often the qualities that we admire in others. Furthermore, couples that work best together, genuinely admire each other, which is essentially the basis behind my “opposites attract” philosophy.

All my 가장 좋아하는 fictional couples adhere to this rule in their own unique way. Its that balancing act and symbiotic relationship that these amazing pairs portray that supports my notion of “true chemistry” My 가장 좋아하는 couples are Ben & Felicity of Felicity, 브루카스 of OTH, Ryan & Marissa of The OC and Booth and Brennan of Bones. I have several other favorites, but I chose these couples because they have had the greatest 사무용 겉옷, 전반적인 impact on my life and heart. And while in reality I have never met these couples, 또는 characters, I believe aspects of all these relationships together give a solid argument for “opposites attract” relationships. Nonetheless they have shaped my perception of love.

Ben & Felicity (The Social Genre Opposites)

FAB shared an incredible 사랑 story. One that as 팬 of this couple 당신 understand. However, unfortunately I think that many Felicity followers have either abandoned their beautiful ship 또는 were just too young to appreciate them. Anyways, here are my thoughts:

Ben was the typical handsome, free spirited, jock, with a mysterious and damaged past…and Felicity was for lack of better definition awkward, reserved, and analytical, yet aside from being too over protective at times her parents had provided for her a nearly flawless childhood. So obviously these two were far from alike. However, one chance encounter at HS graduation, and a yearbook message as a catalyst, proved to be enough to throw the universe off kilter and bring this couple together.

The series begins as Felicity enamored 의해 Ben, follows him to college in NY. While I could go on for decades regarding their path to each other and their eventual happy ending, the important things to consider here are: 1) They provide the stereotypical opposite social genre relationship; 2) Their differences presented challenges for both to overcome; 3) In overcoming the challenges each evolved into better versions of themselves; 4) In the end their differences made them stronger and their 사랑 endured.

FAB is one of the first examples of an “epic love” as we know it. Aside from maybe Buffy & Angel, Ben & Felicity truly conquered the odds and did so with such grace that as a viewer 당신 were compelled to believe in unlikely 연인들 and 더 많이 importantly, unlikely love. From the start, no one would have believed Felicity and her belief that she and Ben were meant to be. However, through out the 4 seasons their 사랑 develops from the initial lust/infatuation into such a raw and real connection. They prove their unparallel 사랑 on numerous occasions, and while rough at times it is their ability to forgive that makes them stand apart. It is in the end what binds them together. I wish this couple were still around today! **Tear**lol.

Favorite Moments:
1.    Ben finally opening up to Felicity at Dean & Deluca.
a.    BEN: For some stupid reason, I have a hard time letting people... whatever... Especially people who make me nervous. Felicity: I don't make 당신 nervous. (Ben laughs) BEN: Yeah, 당신 do. Anyway, that's, just a fact. A part of which I am. So, (takes out a box) here. (Felicity looks at him, and then opens it. It's a silver necklace…) **The scene really captures that moment when 당신 are falling for someone, and the feeling is mutual, but both sides are at a dead stand until one person really opens up. My 가장 좋아하는 aspect here is that Felicity, in a million years, wouldn’t have guessed that this guy was just as nervous around her as she with him. That nervous tension is just spectacular! 당신 just don’t experience that with couples that are so alike because they basically read each other’s mind, its just NO fun for me!
2.    Ben’s speech to Felicity’s parents.
a.    BEN: Look, for some reason, Felicity cares about me. And on a good day, I feel like I might become everything she sees in me. It is because of that; it is because of about a million other reasons that she means pretty much the world to me. ** This really proves how opposites can influence their partners for the greater good. It makes things harder, for sure, but the pay off is priceless.

Video for the visual learners: link.

Ryan & Marissa (The From Different Worlds Opposites)

This couple is likely 더 많이 familiar, so I won’t delve on the history. What I will say is that this couple definitely moved me. Hell they still do. I can’t watch a Ryissa video with out tearing up a bit. Anyways, Ryissa demonstrated how two people from two very different backgrounds, one from the wealthy Newport 바닷가, 비치 area, and the other from the rough and tough 치노, 치 노 area could be so right for each other all along. From the moment these two locked eyes they were in 사랑 with each other on a certain cosmic level. I’ll even venture to say that no other girl 또는 guy would compare. Even after Marissa’s death Ryan proves that Marissa was the single greatest part of Newport, in the ending scene where he envisions Marissa standing at the end of the drive. And from Marissa’s POV in her letter to Ryan before leaving for Greece, she explained that she always loved him and always would.

I’d say 더 많이 than any couple, they showed us 사랑 at first sight. 더 많이 importantly, how that first moment was built upon. They followed the pattern that opposites often do…first 의해 intrigue and tension, followed 의해 a turning point and in the end completing each other. In this case, Ryan often saved Marissa from herself. But originally it was Marissa who saved Ryan from himself, and his past. Their path was never simple, but at no point did 당신 질문 their feelings for each other. That was evident.

Overall, while this couple seemed to have 더 많이 genuine obstacles than the others and an ultimate death they never ceased to impress me with their undying 사랑 for each other. These 연인들 depended on each other even while separated romantically. 당신 couldn’t help but fall in 사랑 with their relationship, even in their most cerotic moments (and trust me I know there were far too many).

There was never doubt in their love, but it raised the 질문 many times: whether “love” alone is enough. Furthermore, death of a loved one is not an easy subject and Ryan suffered immensely from Marissa’s absence. Even in death Marissa held the key to his heart. We see this in the S4 AU dream sequence. This episode was profound because she releases him and he finally accepts it. Taylor never once tried to take the place of Marissa in Ryan’s eyes, though I’m sure she wanted to, and I think that was to her benefit. No one could ever replace her. However, the way I looked at it, Taylor and Ryan were together because his relationship with Marissa taught him how to love. Taylor and Ryan eventually created their own 사랑 story. Ryissa gave hope that no matter what world you’re from, true 사랑 finds you. Most importantly, above all, they proved that 사랑 conquers death.

Favorite Moments:

1.    New Years Eve Countdown Kiss.
a.    (Earlier 의해 the pier.) MARISSA: I 사랑 you… RYAN: ugh…thank you? (Just as they meet for the New Year.) RYAN: (breathless from racing up several stairs) I 사랑 you. MARISSA: (surprised) Thank you. **It was just so beautiful that as always Ryan was holding in his emotions a bit too long, so long that he had to run to make it in time! It’s the kind of emotion that was there building for a while and when those words came out it was as if they were stunned 의해 the actual clarity in the moment.

Video: link

Booth & Brennan of 본즈 (The Book Smarts/Street Smarts Opposites)

I can’t imagine 당신 could find two opposites better than these two, in the beginning! What’s evident, as the series has gone on, now awaiting its 5th season, is that their influence on each other is absolute. While currently this couple refers to themselves as strictly business, “they are only partners” it doesn’t take a rocket scientist, even though there are plenty of them around with IQs high enough to qualify, to see the strong emotional bond and the increasing sexual tension between them. Throughout the show, FBI agent Seeley Booth has been able to heroically save Brennan from near death on several occasions. Though Brennan holds her own in a lot of situations it is telling that Booth is the one person whom she can confide in and let her guard down, be vulnerable.

What makes this couple so great is their continual banter, teasing and bickering, which their opposite personalities provide ammunition for. Because they rarely see completely eye to eye on matters of the mind, when they do the moment is so compelling and true. Brennan admits to having sub par social skills, but with Booth’s influence she has become 더 많이 “humanistic”.

These two 사랑 each other 더 많이 than my words can describe. The “looks” between the two of them rival history’s greatest 연인들 and the above-mentioned couples, with out ever having romantic/sexual ties. All I can say is that this couple is meant to be. The REAL meant to be. When it happens, it will be as if no one else in the entire universe matters. The funny part is, when it comes down to just the two of them, that’s how it’s been all along.

Favorite Moments

1.    In therapy discussing Brennan’s recent relationship(s)
a.    SWEETS: Does it seem that your partnership provides a surrogate relationship, making it 더 많이 difficult to form other bonds? BRENNAN: A surrogate relationship wouldn't necessarily be such a bad thing because then I could avoid the sting of rejection which, however fleeting ... is still uncomfortable. BOOTH: Right. Okay, look, I'm sorry, 당신 know what, if Mark and Jason don't know how lucky they are, they don't deserve 당신 in the first place. BRENNAN: No, relationships are temporary. BOOTH: No, that's not true, Bones, you're wrong. Okay, there is someone for everyone, someone you're meant to spend the rest of your life with. All right, 당신 just have to be open enough to see it ... that's all.
2.    Booth explaining “Making Love”
a.    BOOTH: Here we are. All of us, basically alone, separate creatures just circling each other. All searching for that slightest hint of a real connection. Some look in the wrong places, some; they just give up hope because in their mind they're thinking, “Oh, there’s nobody out there for me.” But all of us, we keep trying over and over again. Why? Because every once in a while, every once in a while two people meet and there’s that spark. And yes Bones, he’s handsome and she’s beautiful and maybe that’s all they see at first, but making love? Making love, that’s when two people become one. BRENNAN: (awestruck) It is scientifically impossible for two objects to occupy the same space. BOOTH: Yeah, but what’s important is we try. And when we do it right, we get close. BRENNAN: To what? Breaking the laws of physics? BOOTH: Yeah, Bones, a miracle. Those people, role-playing and their fetishes and their little sex games, its crappy sex. 당신 know, at least compared to the real thing. BRENNAN: (after looking at Booth thoughtfully for a while) You’re right. BOOTH: Yeah, but - Wait a second, I just won that argument? BRENNAN: Yup. (They both smile) *There is such dedication and sacrifice for each other exhibited in these scenes. Also, the sexual tension and the fear of taking things to the 다음 level is off the charts.

Video: link

Lucas & Brooke (The Superficial Opposites)

What I find most certain about 브루카스 is that whatever they may differ in what they like 또는 dislike in terms of music, entertainment, lifestyle etc. these two make up for 의해 sharing the same heart. I’ll close 의해 saying that I think 브루카스 shares a little of all my 가장 좋아하는 couples, as I have pointed out. It’s a shame to me that Leyton has been seen as the epic love, the inseparable bond, because IMO, it’s 브루카스 who epitomizes this. They always seem to run back into each other. Case and point. NYC. It was Brooke who was 의해 his side when all his dreams came true and while I respect anyone who feels other wise I cannot waiver in that conviction. It’s a rare thing for a couple to share something as significant as their 심장 and I’d even venture to say deep down they share the same soul.

While together they may occasionally fight, really fight, that’s natural! That is where forgiveness and sacrifice comes in. And the passion that lies in those moments is 더 많이 convincing compared to many other couples. 당신 see, loving someone is not hard in itself. Yet some times “love” is not enough. It is the element of commitment that defines a quality relationship. IMO OTH has not given enough evidence to make a judgment call on whether BL 또는 LP has those capabilities.

In the Wedding Date, the male lead says “The hardest thing is loving someone and then having the courage to let them 사랑 당신 back…I'd rather fight with 당신 than make 사랑 with anyone else.” I think this perfectly describes Brucas. They are meant to be…they are who they want to have 다음 to them when their dreams come true…they admire each other…and they 사랑 each other. We just have to sit back and wait for them BOTH to have the courage to let each other 사랑 them back! May that reunion only takes place in my head!lol
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