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posted by ArthurGwen
A resume.
1.Mark & Lexie:

so.i`m so pissed at the writers.what ae they doing? i`m waiting for like a season now and they never happen.and when thy FINALLY got together the broke up after AN EPISODE.what? are 당신 fcking serious?

and how stupid is the baby storyline? i loe mark and callie but only as friends.and i don`t want them to have a baby.i want mark and lexie to have a baby.that`s so stupid.callie arizona and mark as parents.please let callie lose the baby.!!!
i want my sexie back.

and jackson is 의해 far my least favourite character.i hate him so much. he`S annoying and like i can do anything...
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posted by buffyl0v3r44
Reasons Why 사랑 We Spuffy!

1)Because she only dates hot dead guys.
2)Because when he first saw her dancing at the bronze, he couldn't take his eyes off her.
3)Because he's loved her ever since the first time he saw her.
4)Because he wants to save the world.
5)Because they're in a band.
6)Because maybe she hates him, but he's all she's got.
7)Because he knows love's a funny thing.
8)Because she brought him 집 to meet her mom.
9)Because he called her cutie.
10)Because he's love's bitch.
11)Because she can't fool him for some reason.
13)Because her new boy's got, what's the word? Vulnerability.
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I really mean it! What would 당신 be able to do if SOPA/TPP censors the internet? What would 당신 be able to do if 글쓰기 fanfics and drawing fanarts become illegal? What would 당신 do if it's illegal to do a cover of your 가장 좋아하는 song on YouTube? What would 당신 do if downloading things from the internet (music, movies, TV episodes, etc) became illegal? What would 당신 do if SOPA/TPP wins the war and takes away internet freedom? Net Neutrality...
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My 가장 좋아하는 couple on Grey's Anatomy is Derek and Meredith. I have been an avid Derek and Meredith 팬 since the very first episode of the show. I 사랑 it when they're together and I hated it when they were apart. They have been together since the very beginning of the show and they are the only couple I support.
Even when they weren't together as a couple, I still loved any Derek and Meredith scenes that I could get. I hated Addison and Finn for coming between them. Derek divorcing Addison and Meredith dumping Finn was what I lived for because Derek and Meredith were back together. I loved...
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posted by RealLuvAlwaysBL
Someone once said, “If opposites didn't attract somewhat, everyone on the planet would be asexual 또는 gay.” In my opinion certain 텔레비전 couples appeal to this notion and others do not. For the most part, I find that the perfect balance between matters of the mind…the build up…the “will they 또는 won’t they” tension is what intrigues me and draws me towards a particular couple. And so, I prefer couples that complement one another, not those who are identical.

As human beings each one of us has different qualities, and it is precisely these differences that draw us to our potential...
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First, thanks to all who participated on this. I had a lot of fun and work to do too, so I hope 당신 enjoy.
Do not bash. If 당신 do so, your 코멘트 will be deleted. Your couple can’t always win. Chill out and enjoy the party ;) If any of your 가장 좋아하는 couples didn’t win there’s always the 다음 time

How I ranked the couples:
(steps after 1 are only in case there was a tie)
1) how many points they got
2) how many people voted for them
3) how many people voted for them in the first place. Then 2nd and so on
4) if they got the exact same votes I considered it a tie

For winner with 더 많이 votes if there...
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First, thanks to all who participated on this. I had a lot of fun and work to do too, so I hope 당신 enjoy.
Do not bash. If 당신 do so, your 코멘트 will be deleted. Your couple can’t always win. Chill out and enjoy the party ;) If any of your 가장 좋아하는 couples didn’t win there’s always the 다음 time

How I ranked the couples:
(steps after 1 are only in case there was a tie)
1) how many points they got
2) how many people voted for them
3) how many people voted for them in the first place. Then 2nd and so on
4) if they got the exact same votes I considered it a tie

For winner with 더 많이 votes if there...
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Okay, so...
1. Leyton 팬 seem to forget, that Brooke broke up with Lucas, not Lucas with Brooke. I mean they talk about true 사랑 always, but if Lucas had always loved Peyton, he would broke up with Brooke to be with her, right? But we don´t know what would have happened if Brooke didn´t broke up with Lucas. Maybe they´d still be together.
2. okay then there quote "it´s you", well would be really romantic if he hadn´t said this a week before about Brooke. And who was there when all his dreams came true? And he wouldn´t went to Peyton if Brooke hadn´t told him to and earlier Skills.
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posted by justme1997
My 10 가장 좋아하는 couples:

또는 Jake/Peyton
I just couldn´t decide, I 사랑 both couples. 네일리 just...because they are 네일리 and Jeyton, because I loved that they acted like a family with Jenny <33

Not a 인기 pcik either, but Nenny had something , I just loved...even if it was just for 2 episodes :-)<33

They are so cute...I really hope he is not in the A team...I liked the way, spencer judged him and they realized he was different<333

I really like opposites...and I 사랑 they way that she saw something in him- that no one else saw...<3333...
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I am now in 사랑 with Never Say Never 의해 The Fray! I have found so many great vids about some of my 가장 좋아하는 couples using this song, so check them out please! They're amazing...(I made NONE of these videos, just sharing.)

Chuck/Blair- link

Brooke/Lucas- link

Nathan/Haley- link

Brooke/Julian- link

Peyton/Lucas- link

Ryan/Marissa- link

posted by raro2594
So, I am obsessed with TV. And I am especially obsessed with romance on TV. Therefore, I have spent inordinate amounts of time thinking and 글쓰기 about my 가장 좋아하는 and least 가장 좋아하는 TV couples. I have a document on my computer called "My Favorites" that I started 글쓰기 over a 년 ago, and it's amazing how much has changed in my TV life since then. Just for this short article, I'm going to give two of my 가장 좋아하는 and two of my least 가장 좋아하는 TV couples and explain why I feel the way I do.

My absolute 가장 좋아하는 TV couple, hands down, is Joey and Pacey from "Dawson's Creek." I absolutely loved...
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posted by reesespbcup419
I was just looking over a pick i made about my 가장 좋아하는 couples and I realized my 가장 좋아하는 가장 좋아하는 couples area all somewhat similar.

I've noticed also that shows tend to have similar characters on their shows (drama shows at least):

-every show has a deep connection couple: Lucas/Peyton, Ryan/Marissa, Buffy/Angel, Liz/Max,

-every show has a sweet 또는 comic relief couple (that can be just as important as the deep ones, but they have a different dynamic): Summer/Seth, Brooke/Lucas, Buffy/Spike

-every show has 랜덤 couples that don't mean anything in the long run and are just fillers in between...
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posted by tvluva49
List of my 가장 좋아하는 TV Shows:

•    House Md.
•    Fringe
•    Lie to Me
•    Dollhouse
•    Sapphire and Steel
•    Pushing Daises
•    Sarah Conner Chronicles (Terminator)
•    CSI: Miami
•    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
•    The Office
•    The Colbert Report
•    Scrubs
•    Family Guy
•    America’s...
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posted by smckinlay2
{updated - August 2015}

5. Clark and Lois:

Clark and Lois, better known as Clois. I was surprised how quickly I fell in 사랑 with this couple. Their journey is one of the many reasons I 사랑 them, from 프렌즈 to partners to 연인들 to soulmates. Their chemistry is beautiful, they have trust and always promise to have each other's back. They are each other's strength and instead of holding back Clark from reaching his destiny, Lois helps him to becoming Superman. 팬 who are anti-Clois argue that if Lana hadn't left Clark and Lois wouldn't have ended up together and Lois was his 초 choice....
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10. Booth and Brennan
We haven't seen much of them yet, but they have great chemistry and that's why I 사랑 them very much!

9. Dean and Jo
They didn't have time to be a couple, but they are both fighters and hunters and they fight for the same things.

8. Meredith and Derek
Derek is Prince Charming in another body. How can Meredith not be with him? There were a lot of ups and downs but they are finally together.

7. Buffy and Angel
This was a sad 사랑 story cause they never ended together and their relationship didn't last very long. But I still 사랑 them and miss the time they were together.

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posted by smckinlay2
5) Brooke & Lucas | 82 Letters. Rain kisses. Cuddling on couches. These two were just epic. They challenged each other and were better people because of that. Their chemistry is amazing. I believe Lucas is the guy for Brooke and Brooke is the girl for Lucas. Despite not ending up together they are soulmates. Pretty Girl and Boyfriend always <3

4) Tyler & Caroline | I 사랑 these two so much. The connection they have is amazing. Tyler's went from being her boyfriend's best friend to her rock. They need each other and mean so much to each other. Also vampire & werewolf badass couple....
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posted by leytonfanlove

Bangel (Buffy the vampire salyer)
piper & leo(charmed)
oliva & peter(fringe)
joey & pacy (dawson`s creek)
ezria (pretty littie liars)
emily & maya(pretty littie liars)
Haleb(pretty littie liars
spoby(pretty littie liars)
max & logan(dark angel)
casey & cappie (greek)
payson& Rigo (make it 또는 break it)
emily & damon (make it 또는 break it)
kaylie & austin(make it 또는 break it)
chuck & sara (chuck)
kris & juniour(wildfire)
jason & paige...
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posted by huddygirl2
We know about shipping when 당신 pair to character together for romance but there are different kind of shipping

I know 당신 all my life:this one means the people know ether all there life there ether best 프렌즈 또는 not but there do start dating some time. like Kim and Ron
your my best friend:much to the same thing as I know 당신 all my life but this could ether mean that 또는 there just best 프렌즈 most people could say there 사랑 ether other and the best 프렌즈 would say no but the to best 프렌즈 will one 일 start dating like Moze and Ned
love hate relationship:one to people hate ether but yet there 사랑 ether 또는 there hate ether but then later turned in to 사랑 ether will there start dating like Jimmy and Cindy
forbidden love:one to people 사랑 ether but there 사랑 is forbidden like Remo and Juilet (only one I could think of)
there are other such as 당신 my partner your my boss your my employee the reason I didn't put it cuz there basely the same thing.
posted by swimchick
As someone who clearly loves TV couples (hence being a 팬 of this spot) I am open to any and all ships and I am glad to see that people have such varied opinions. But in one area, I simply must put my foot down.
POINTLESS COUPLES. Now some of 당신 may have recently answered my pick on this very subject, but that pick alone does not reveal the depths of my annoyance.
Let's face it, most TV shows have epic couples, and not-so-epic couples. But there are shows out there who know just when to allow secondary couples to add color and variety, whereas others simply waste 우주 and air-time.
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I have loved Delena since the very first episode of TVD. They had amazing chemistry, and I was really excited for this ship. But now, about nine months later, I have gotten to the point where I do not want to ship DE. Why? Because of the fangirls.

No one should ever have to stop shipping a couple because of a 팬 base, but some of 당신 have made tons of my 프렌즈 quit the TVD spot. Because apparently if your opinion isn't pro-Delena, it doesn't count.

A small-portion of DE 팬 have made it impossible for the rest of us to be proud of shipping them. They spam, troll, and are just plain rude....
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