I always considered myself a different kind of girl. Mostly because I always got treated differently, 의해 my family, 의해 my peers and even my teachers. When I was younger, I always felt like the outsider; the one no one would ever listen to 또는 understand, always ignored, always picked last for a game, ridiculed in anything I said and did, with no one ever giving me a chance to show my full potential.

I was the odd one. I was a black sheep. I know a thing 또는 two about how it feels to be the butt of a joke, being at the mercy of those people called “popular” and “normal”. Too bad all those people I knew are losers now and never succeeded. Probably because they were to busy trying to be “cool“ and be validated 의해 others to really think about how they could apply themselves 또는 treat others differently, unless they succeeded in using their false bravado to get ahead.

But anyway, I don’t want to get too serious with this. Let’s just say, I learned to embrace my uniqueness, to be happy that I am not called ordinary, because to me, ordinary is the most boring and unsatisfying existence to be living. This is why I can easily 사랑 and respect all those qualities I see in the character of Dwight K. Schrute, because of what he has striven to do for “The Office” and got no credit for it. He helped DM save money through the medical insurance policies, even though the whole office was pissed off. He was doing what Michael asked. He discovered fraud done 의해 a warehouse worker. He is the 상단, 맨 위로 salesman of DM which probably is why that branch is still in business. He strives for adherence to safety rules and continues to reiterate those rules and tries to enforce them in a civilized manner, however no one listens; which resulted in his little 불, 화재 simulation. He is very strict in his idea that all his co-workers follow the rules; but again, no one listens.

He is an extreme character and I can easily 사랑 him, seeing in him the kind of determination and outlook I long for in my own life. I can relate to him so much.

Every time I say I have feelings for Dwight, 또는 that I think he‘s sexy, I get several responses. One, is just a laugh. It may be followed 의해 “You can’t be serious?” 또는 “Really?” Another is “You’re crazy!” Yes, I am. I’m crazy for him. 당신 hit the nail right on the head. Thanks for clarifying that for me. Last but not least, they ask “Why?”. I understand why they ask this, in that they cannot see 또는 understand Dwight the same way I do; although, 의해 my standards, anyone that thinks Jim is superlative over Dwight 또는 likes Jim better, won’t get it.

So, I am hoping, with this explanation, it will show why I 사랑 Dwight so much and 당신 will get a better picture of him and maybe understand him much better.

First off, not only has Dwight been eye 캔디 for me, he also has taught me a few things about life and how 당신 see yourself. He has taught me not to take criticism too heavily, to shrug it off and 옮기기 on. I’ve had so much trouble in the past concerning criticism. This is a HUGE one for me. Dwight doesn’t care about what people think about him, never letting anyone validate his existence 또는 discouraging him in doing what is right.

True, he had always looked for Michael’s approval, even though he and Michael are friends; but lately, this argument is flawed. Dwight even said that Michael isn’t going anywhere and this proves that it wasn‘t to get Michael to like him, but to replace him one 일 as regional manager.

Second. Dwight never ever gives up, This is a great lesson I believe that everyone should really take in. It‘s priceless and wise advice. These traits, believe it 또는 not, turn me on, and that‘s just the beginning. He is one I see as a message to enhance my life. I know that’s weird, but hey, who said I wasn’t?

Third, his child-like naivety to certain things is also endearing to me and, honestly, it’s just down right sweet. Even though he may have a hard “mans man” persona to him, he also possesses what others would call “idiocy.” I don’t see it that way. We all know he was raised Amish, with Amish beliefs and traditions. They live as purely and simply as they can with honor and integrity. Even though Dwight is experiencing a sort of Rumspringa, which is an adolescent 또는 teen that breaks away from the Amish society, 또는 one that is shunned 또는 is requested to leave and experience the outside world, those Amish qualities are still infused in him from his upbringing. 당신 can take the man out of Amish society, but 당신 can’t take the Amish out of the man.

Their outlook on the world is so different than ones in the modern society. They don‘t dabble in pranks and jokes, and if they do, it‘s clean. So, when anyone from the outside world makes a joke 또는 prank, the Amish person, Dwight in this case, will probably take it seriously 또는 not expect the outcome to be so nasty. They may not even expect 또는 see it as a joke at all in the beginning, then discover it as a nasty shock after it‘s over with.

Through this, Dwight did become a bit paranoid, not because of his lifestyle 또는 criticism thereof, but I think Jim had increased it quite a bit with all the horrible pranks he and Pam pulled on him.…poor Dwight. I have noticed, however, that he has learned a lot about pranks himself and has started joking around and pulling a few pranks too, as opposed to earlier seasons…GO DWIGHT! He has also developed 더 많이 of a sense of humor, as well; and if it means laughing at Pam’s little art contest winnings of 100 dollars, then so be it, all is fair in the prank world.

I digress though, going back to Amish society. What I find idiotic is the 사무용 겉옷, 전반적인 ignorance to his lifestyle and his Amish descent, and also with him being a beet farmer. It’s seen as weird, odd and alien. How do they think they get produce in the first place? Little vegetable and 과일 fairies? It reminds me of a certain line Pam said in the fourth season. It was the “Money” Episode. She leaves Jim’s and her room to see what the bumping noise was outside and, of course, sees Mose in the outhouse. Her line was “What century is this?” She laughs and walks away. Um, DUH!!!! Their Amish 당신 nitwit! What kind of 질문 is that? Are Jim and Pam’s knowledge of that kind of living so short-sighted? It’s really actually imbecilic that they see it as a joke. It’s just a softer, 더 많이 humble, simple way of living and I, myself, respect it. I hold it in high regard. So sorry, I have a passion for the Amish. But, I’m getting off topic. The point I’m trying to make is that his child-like innocence stems from his Amish background. It’s a lovable persona and I dote on it a lot.

Fourth, I 사랑 his need for survival and living off the land. This one is “drip” worthy for me. I find it not only conservative, but smart as hell. That all linked together is (like I said) “drip“ worthy! I 사랑 a man that can make his 집 anywhere, kill his 공식 만찬, 저녁 식사 anywhere, is prepared enough, at that very moment, to skin it, gut it and cook it without blinking an eye and survive just as well from it. I, myself, am a paranoid chick, I know that our society may not last forever. I want a man that can do these kind of things and possibly teach me. In addition to being a survivalist, his beet farming is essential to it as well. Not only does he reap the benefits on having a life supply of crops for a whole season, but also gaining revenue from it. I respect him wanting to keep the beet farm running because of his 사랑 for tradition carried down from generation to generation. He’s a genius! Also, I just 사랑 beets (LOL) and him growing them is a plus. I also want to add that he has a determination for striving for hard work. That attitude is really inspiring. I 사랑 his drive and dependability; it is so intense and powered through…growls…. *smirks*

There was no denying his honor in the work place either. He cared for his job enough to admit his short comings; even if it meant losing what he wanted the most, which was the manager position i.e Dwight K. Schrute: 연기 Manager. To me that counts for a lot, when it comes to his character alone.

Also, his need for a challenge, which brings me to him and Angela. Dwight loved the fact that Angela gave him purpose. The reason these two were perfect for one another was because they balanced each other so perfectly. She was demanding, difficult and Dwight obliged it and loved her for it. He was always a gentleman to her as well, always gave her what she needed and wanted without her even having to say a thing. To me that is a good man.

Fifth, He is an extreme character. I really connect with characters that are full of spirit and personality. Dwight is so colorful and he’s so magnetic to me. I can’t handle boring ordinary characters *coughs* Jim…*clears throat* oh man, got something in my throat there…XD. Seriously, I’m not going to hide the fact I hate Jim. I think a lot of 당신 know it well. He is so boring and ordinary, but, on the other hand, I can expect some ordinary girls to like him too. This is fine, but I 사랑 color in my eyes not for them to fall gray. There is no interesting quirk 또는 complexity to Jim. Yes, he maybe a clown and that‘s cute, 또는 whatever, but it‘s usually at someone else’s expense. I don‘t find it appealing. In fact, that‘s what really makes Jim‘s character so ugly to me. I’m not saying that all his pranks were bad, some where funny. But one that really bothered me, for example, was when Jim made Dwight think he had a chance with Katy. I mean, if 당신 really look at Dwight’s expression when she said no the final time, it really made my 심장 bleed at the look he gave her before he walked away. It’s all in his eyes people. Also, I wondered where he went after that, he was no where to be found. I always wondered about that. Anyway, back to what I was saying. What Jim did was low, uncalled for and it was 0% funny. In my book, Jim is only a “good looking” guy with a bad, cocky and smug attitude. Dwight is individualistic and he marches at the sound of his own horn, not anyone else’s. I respect that a lot. He also could never use his popularity with Michael to gain anything, he had to use craftier methods, but that is all explained in this 다음 paragraph. So, moving onward.

Sixth, this is a not-so-studied part of Dwight. If 당신 do not watch him closely enough, 당신 may just wave it off as him being thick and weak, nothing more. I disagree totally with the implication that Dwight is an idiot. He has the wool pulled over so many eyes in that office. Playing the fool gets 당신 father sometimes and I know Dwight plays this card very, very well. It‘s impressive to say the least. There have been so many times he has played his co-workers to get what he wanted i.e. getting out of moving in with Michael to making Michael feel so bad for beating him up in a fight that he promotes him to assistant regional manager.

Some are not as identifiable as others, but those are two examples. So yeah, think about it…yup player…and it’s sexy! =D Dwight OWNS!!!! Speaking of owns. He now owns the DM building. That is enough to set my under things aflame. I mean, not only is he the 상단, 맨 위로 salesman, but he now owns his employer’s building. Guess who calls the shots if rent isn’t paid? Not the manager, that‘s for sure. Genius + sexy = Dwight Schrute. Thanks to Jo of course, with her little bit of advice.

Seventh, it’s not the MOST important, but it’s the best part, which is his extremely arousing physical aspects. But this is strictly personal. I don‘t expect anyone to understand this one bit. I think he just deserves to have someone gush over him for once. I 사랑 how this man looks, dresses, even the 색깔 he chooses to wear. I especially 사랑 the darker browns. Like in the Moroccan 크리스마스 episode…OMFG!!!! That’s my 가장 좋아하는 suit ever. He most definitely looks good in earth tones. I don’t care what 당신 have to say Kelly, your shallow opinions are ignored 의해 my blind lust for Dwight‘s mustard shirts. Even his wife beaters are a head turner for me.

Moving on to the 다음 subject before I lose it. The first thing I really fell for was his mouth and teeth. I have a mouth fetish and his mouth is crazy sexy. If he ever put his mouth on...anything...even if it’s on my person
Oh yeah. 당신 get my point? 다음 is his height. Dwight is tall, I 사랑 tall men and I want him to tower over me. I‘m short, about 5 feet even, and Dwight is a perfect height for me. We would fit good together. His eyes are gorgeous. 당신 really have to look in them to see what I‘m talking about, especially when he gives his 강아지 dog eye “please..” look. They’re wide, large pools of hazel heaven. I could swim in them all 일 and never get tired. Next, my absolute favorite, is his mid-section. I know most will find this gross and unappealing, but I don’t care. I 사랑 a man with some meat on his bones. I don’t mind a spare tire either. His belly is so adorable. I just want to put my cheek against it and just lay there for hours; having it rise and fall with his every breath. Let’s just say I’m in 사랑 with his physical flaws as well as his strengths. They are out of the ordinary. Last but not least, his outdated glasses are so damn cute and, come on, even the worst Dwight critic has to admit that he pulls them off well.

Anyway, sorry for this being so long. I didn’t really expect it to be. I just wanted to give my own personal explanation on why I 사랑 Dwight so much and why he intrigues me the way he does. I hope this has enlightened 당신 on why. Also, remember this when seeing him next. I just want to see if it changes your opinion of him just a smidge. But if it doesn't, it doesn't matter, that mean 더 많이 for me. *huggles*

I want to thank my mom for helping me proofread this.