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posted by skypirate
Ok, actually I've never 게시됨 any 기사 on 팬팝 before and that one wasn't actually done 의해 me... I confess I copied it from here: link
and just added a short 코멘트 and a picture.

I could put it up as the link on the spot, but I decided to post it in a form of an article, because:

1. I guess no one would pay any attention to that if it was just a link. I rarely get interested 의해 mere links, but when I have something as a short 기사 I'm 더 많이 likely to take a look at that.

2. I wanted to 'publish' my first 기사 on 팬팝 and decided that the Sean 콩 spot is good place for it, because...
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posted by Mallory101
Name:Sean Bean
Date of Birth:April 17,1959
Place of Birth:Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, UK
Birth Name: Shaun Mark Bean
Height : 5' 11

Daughter, Evie Natasha born, with Abigail
Cruttenden. [6 November 1998]

He is a devoted follower of the Sheffield United Football Club.

He was a presenter at the 1995 BAFTA Awards.

In a scene midway through Sharpe's Honour (1994) (TV), Sharpe and Marquesa Dorada are galloping down a 언덕, 힐 on horseback when they suddenly tumble off the horse and land in the middle of a shallow stream. The scene is real; the horse stumbled as it was crossing the stream, sending...
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