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posted by Trainofdoom
Well this seems to be necessary for all those who were greatly appalled 의해 the amount of 헤타리아 on the 랜덤 spot.

We were just having a little fun. We meant no harm.
If 당신 watched 헤타리아 you'd understand. Us fangirls are CRAAAAAAAAAAAAZZZY.

So I'd like to apologize to all those who were, offended, injured, saddened, sickened, 또는 killed 의해 our activities.

We are truly sorry.

Hasta la 파스타 :D

We will be back.......

Hungary, out.
posted by Feathershine
Listen for this, I would absolutely 사랑 this if this happened to me! I know, imma girl :D!
1. Call her cute and lovable, not sexy! Girls don't want to be called sexy, it makes them think that boys are only thinking about your body, and Girls hate that!
2. Get her phone number, and text her a lot. Nobody's ever done this with me! But I would feel super special if a boy did that
3. Talk to them a lot. A boy in a class, talked to me a lot last 년 and science and made me laugh. Do that!
4. Be nice, and don't be mean. If your mean to her, 또는 당신 just don't talk to her. I encourage 당신 to stop being...
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posted by kndluva
저기요 who ever is 읽기 way out there in wonderland. I'm 글쓰기 a 팬 fiction about some teenage aliens from different planets, with different personalities, who 가입하기 together through a battle organization against evil forces. It's loosley based on an idea concept from the Codename: Kids 다음 Door show from Cartoon Network. All rights reserved. Sorry, There is only 2 chapters up so far. If 당신 wanna see it, then here:

Please comment, give me some feedback, volunteer a character, troll, not troll, what ever.
OK, this 기사 is going to be in the point of view of many different characters. Before it begins in their point of view it will have their names.
Edward wasn't a school today, too sunny, I'm guessing. The Cullens are probably out hunting. Charlie had said that where the Cullens "hike" is filled with bears. I'm pretty sure that they are hunting somewhere else today, so I would like to see how it looks up there. I pulled on some hiking boots and got in my truck.
Eventually I reached the place. I was standing on the side of a small cliff. I found a few 곰 prints, and started to wander...
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posted by AnimeFan66
In my opnion when it comes to friendship it means that 당신 and the people 당신 care about stick together for periods of time until 당신 get to know one another.

However, not a lot of people are like this. In my case, I may have over a dozen 팬 but a percentage of them even talk to me nor do they know who I am and what I meant to be on here for. Don't get me wrong a few of the 팬 I have are very nice to me. Whenver I talk to them I always feel welcomed, safe, secured, and better. But when I am being treated unfairly 또는 being abused 또는 played around it makes me angry, sad, depressed, and unhappy....
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상단, 맨 위로 11 things to do when your house is on fire

1) Drink cool water from fridge because after a while everything will burn down.
2)Time to try out the newest bikini 당신 bought as it is going to be hot with 불, 화재 and all 당신 know.
3)Don’t forget to take your phone charger and laptop when 당신 start running out of house.
4)Update status on Fb thar your house is on 불, 화재 with picture of your house: A formula which will make 당신 super 인기
5)Give miss calls to your relatives and when they call back tell them about 불, 화재 and ask them to bring some food.
6)Buy water pouches to put off 불, 화재 till...
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posted by bubbletl
This is how it manifests itself:

I decide to water my garden.
As I turn on the hose in the driveway, I look over at my car and decide it needs washing.
As I head towards the garage, I notice mail on the porch 표, 테이블 that I picked up from the postman earlier.
I decide to go through the mail before I wash the car.
I lay my car keys on the table, put the 정크 mail in the recycling box under the table, and notice that the recycling box is full.
So, I decide to put the bills back on the 표, 테이블 and take out the recycling first.
But then I think, since I'm going to be near the postbox when I take out the recycling...
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1.When i want something now and they said they said not now i yell like a 5 년 old sometime and they will do it

2.If i want to go somewhere and they said no i will ingore them 의해 saying pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee pretty preetty please and they said FINE

3.if i want to play a game 또는 go on the computer and they said no i will be cying 또는 just make them get scare from grabing a creppy thing =D

4.if i want to play with my sister with her friend and they said no i will said creepy thing to them like what if someone take 당신 away they will said ok scare >:D

5.if i dont want to go to school i will said...
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posted by MarMar_XigLux
What Being a Retard Online can do for You

Being a retard online will bring 당신 riches beyond your wildest dreams, hot girls and above all - attention: 당신 crave attention, 당신 absorb it like a wet sponge...Ah yes, 당신 may very suffer from ADHD but it doesn't matter: no my friend, because 의해 being a retard online 당신 can get all the attention 당신 need for a small fee.

Poor Literacy is Kool!

If 당신 want to be a retard 당신 must learn to spell like one, remember kids - poor literacy is cool! First of all we must take a lesson from the Image comics of old and remember that everything must be EXTREME!...
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posted by Bond_Of_Fury
Looking for a laugh?
Say no more, look no further! :{D

Two guys are taking the subway. One of them had a bunch of bananas and a jar of musterd. He peeled a banana, dipped it in the mustard and threw it out of the window. The other guy looked at him weird, but decided not to say anything. After a 분 또는 two, he did the same thing. Peeled the banana, put it in the mustard, and threw it out of the subway train!
"Why on Earth are 당신 doing that." the guy said.
"Hell, do you like bananas with mustard?"

Two guys, Buck and Jamie, were sitting with Mindy, Jamie's girlfriend, in a bar chatting. Buck...
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posted by ilovetowrite
there's something
steals your 심장 and mine
that's not fine
it steals your smile
and takes 당신 away for mile
breaks your dream away
why does it just leave 당신 away
apart from 당신 way
what can i say
is pray ,pray
do what 당신 사랑 for sure
it will come closer 더 많이 and 더 많이
it doesn't let 당신 look for
what 당신 are searching for
i said again what do 당신 want to do
and say hoo ,hooo
bordem go away
bordem go away
fight a lot they
당신 should stay and
say say say say
bordem go away
bordem go away
bordem go away
Chapter One- Dominence
    I growled at my opponent's blood soaked face. He was a brown wolf, his 코트 tattared and split, giving him a look of insantity. He trotted in place, kicking up the mushy blood-mixed snow beneath his paws.
    His posture was dominent, legs hunched, spread apart evenly, his tail and head held high, but I could sence the fear in his green eyes.
    This was way to easy.
    My ear twitched, as if to remind me not to let my guard down. If this 늑대 senced it, he could take me down. And I would...
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posted by ilovetowrite
fly ,we can fly
but why are our tears in our way?
cause we 로스트 something
당신 and mine ........
we can't find
but it's always in our mind
it went with wind
but I'm not blind
we both 사랑 to find
it between us
when 당신 smile so high
you'll find yourself in the sky
when 당신 dreams
there's no 더 많이 tears
또는 fears...........
it's like sun when
it loves to shine
it's inside our smiles
yours and mine
that's so cool and fine.
it's when the moon loves
to light your way
and makes 당신 want to fly
it's fly fly fly
it's fly fly fly
so high high high
posted by JonasLuver1
Why Guys 사랑 Girls:

1. The way they always smell good even if it’s just shampoo
2. The way they always find the right spot on our shoulder
3. How cute they look when they sleep
4. The ease in which they fit into our ams
5. The way they 키스 당신 ad make everything alright in the world
6. How cute they are when they eat
7. The way they take hours to get dressed but in the it’s all worthwhile
8. The way they are always warm even if it’s minus 30 degrees
9. The way the look good no matter what they wear
10. The way she fished for compliments even though 당신 both know she’s the most beautiful...
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previously on the Evil Teddy Bear: Jenni Peter and Tina were thinking of a way to find out who was trying to wreck their house then all of a sudden there was a noise and it was coming from Tina's room. Tina got mad cause she doesnt let ANYONE besides Peter and Jenni and herself in her room. she was about to stomp over to her room but Jenni stepped in front of her and tried to calm Tina down Peter helped out with trying to calm Tina down as well. Tina sighed calming down after that they all went to Tina's room when they opened the door they were all shocked Tina's cd's were all broken her paintings...
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previously on the Evil Teddy Bear: Tina Unlocked the door to their house and they all walked inside then Peter put the Teddy 곰 on the self after that they all got hungery so Tina went to the shops to get some 음식 while Peter and Jenni were playing Uno they heard a crash in the 부엌, 주방 and ran over there they got a big shock when they saw how messy the 부엌, 주방 was when Tina got 집 she saw what the 부엌, 주방 was like and she got a big shock herself then while they all were thinking of a plan to see who did this to their 집 the Teddy 곰 was hiding in the 부엌, 주방 cupboard as it chuckled...
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previously on The Evil Teddy Bear: Tina saw a Cute looking Teddy 곰 and picked up from the self but when she put on the counter to buy it the sales man straight away took it off of the counter and said it wasnt for sale but then Jenni had an awesome idea and managed to get the Teddy 곰 the sales man gave the girls the Teddy 곰 for free but after they left and while they were walking the Teddy 곰 evil chuckled and its eyes turned red...

Tina unlocked the door to their house (forgot to mention that their also sisters)and they all walked in Peter put the Teddy 곰 ontop of the book case...
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posted by Ninjacupcake
Sometimes, well most of the time, there are pervs out there. Especially here, on Fanpop. Mostly on the 랜덤 spot. The perverted jokes can be funny, I mean, most of us are teens and very horny. But when it comes to constantly posting these horrible answers, it goes too far and people get mad. But that's what they want. To me, that person that keeps making those accounts (and 당신 know who 당신 are)is sick. Maybe it's boredom, maybe childish, but it has gone too far. Stating those offensive things is wrong, especially when someone makes fun of another. I understand that people are pervs and 당신 can't really do anything about it, but it doesn't make it right! I apologize to whoever has been hurt 의해 this certain person that is currently posting horrible things. This is my first time actually getting involved but it's sickening! I, and probably a lot of you, am tired of it! I just had to post my opinion about this...
posted by ilovetowrite
Why ,Why, Why ?
Should I Try......
to 사랑 someone
they see him trying to fly
but i don't 사랑 so tell me
why ,why ,why?
Can't I fly
without my useless wings
so why ,why ,why?
and If I'll die
I can say goodbye
with a lot of pride
I can see through my mind
Why, why,why ?
they'll not oblige me
to be ............
who i don't wanna be
they'll never take me away
and i'll stay in that way
that's why ,,,,,,,,,,,,
I'll never care about them
I'll forever fly to
everywhere without any supply
so let me be!
posted by -Wednesday-
u wudnt know if there was 빵 on yer head now wud u if u ask why u wudnt know if there is 빵 on yer head its cuz it is floating above yer head and u cant see it if the 빵 is on yer head which u wudnt know at less i told u and if u wud like to get it off dont try to get it off and 또는 eat the 빵 that is on yer head cuz if u do u will die and to get the 빵 off of yer head u must go to the bottom of a pool and ask the master of crayons to remove the 빵 that is on yer head so u can on living without 빵 on yer head.....if u servived under water that long which i rly doubt u did so wen u die the 빵 that was once above yer head with haunt yer grave and float above yer grave like the magic floating 빵 it is so if i tell u that there is 빵 on yer head i suggest not to do anything cuz it ont even bother u at less u try to remove it yerself only the master of crayons can so just dont do anything and go on living life with a loaf of 빵 on yer head