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1.In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes. I'll have twenty.
2.Sometimes 당신 make me so mad i wanna throw 당신 in the middle of on-going traffic; but then i realize i would probably kill myself trying to save you.
3.im the type of girl who would burst out laughing in the middle of silence because of something that happened... yesterday.
4.so ill walk the plank & jump with a smile if im going down ill do it in style 당신 wont hear me surrender.
5.the truth hurts so we lie
6.silence is golden, duct tape is silver
7.i know your probably thinking oh no she didnt but i just so totally did
8.hold me close and promise to never let me go
9. there comes a time in life when 당신 have to let go of the pointless drama and the people who create it and surround yourself with people who make 당신 laugh so hard 당신 forget the bad and solely on the good.after all life is to good to be anything but happy.
10.1 million memories...
100,000 inside jokes...
10,000 great times...
100 secrets...
1 reason...
best friends
11.psh were cool
12.i didnt fall for 당신 당신 tripped me
13.some say holding on is what makes 당신 strong. but sometimes it takes much 더 많이 strength to just let go and 옮기기 on.
14.i dont forgive people because im weak i forgive them because im strong enough to know people make mistakes
15.a 나무, 트리 only hits an automobile in self defense
16.im not as think as 당신 dumb. i am.
17.i called your boyfriend gay and he hit me with his purse.
18.what fun is it being cool if 당신 cant wear a sombrero
19.dont hit kids no seriously they have 총 now.
20.rap is
21.im so smart im practically retarded
21.tell your pants its not polite to point
22.taste the 무지개, 레인 보우 eat crayons.
23.i want to be his 가장 좋아하는 hello and his hardest goodbye.
24.when im older... and my little girl asks who my first 사랑 was i want to be able to point across the room and say... he is sitting right there.
25.wish i was eight again... then all i had to get tagged and he would say i was it.
26.the best accesory a girl can have is her best friends
27.you might not like us now but i guarantee you'll hate us later
28.if i had a penny everytime a boy acted stupid id be richer than bill gates
29.come to the darkside we have cookies.
30.organized people are just to lazy to look for things
31.just when i find the keys to success somebody changes the locks
32.i 로스트 my temper but then it came back.
33.im not a poser im not a wannabe...im just me
34.you told me to give 당신 one reason why i like the rain... it is the only place where i can hide my tears.
35.i must be invisible cause when i stare at 당신 당신 stare at her.
36.heres to the future cause im over the past
37.i wanted to be remembered as the girl who always smiles even when she wants to cry and the one that could always brighten up your 일 even when she couldnt brighten her own.
38.we fall for boys who give us pretty words & false hopes
39.forgiveness is such a simple word... but its so hard to do when you've been hurt
40.for the world your somebody but to somebody your the world
41.i always seem fall to the boys who never catch me
42.im blasting my 음악 so i cant hear my thoughts
43.your voice was the soundtrack of my life
44.letting go isnt giving up its accepting some things arent meant to be
45.teddies dont hug back but sometimes they're all we got
46.a best friend is like a 4-leaf clover, hard to find but lucky to have
47.best 프렌즈 are the siblings God forgot to give us
48.LOVE... if 당신 have it 당신 dont need anything else, and if 당신 dont have it it doesnt matter what 당신 have
49.life doesnt last forever so live it up drink it down avoid the bull****, take chances and neverregret your decisions because at one point everything 당신 did was what u wanted
50.without humor life sucks, without courage life is hard, without 사랑 life is hopeless, without 프렌즈 like 당신 life would be impossible
51.everything i know about breaking hearts i learned from you
52.im not 이모 im just sad
53.you never know what your missing until it enters your life and then later leaves
54.true life has no happy ending because true 사랑 has no ending
55.life is not the number of breaths 당신 take but the moments that take your breath away
56.every goodbye makes the 다음 hello closer
57.isnt it cute how haters make me the center of the world
58.and as we go on we remember all the times we had together and as our lives change from whatever we'll be 프렌즈 forever
59.my best 프렌즈 are like a fairytale they have been there since once upon a time and will be there forever after
60.so many boys why choose?
61.yeah, so... i pretty much rock
62.every story has an end, but in life every end is just a new beginning.
63.There comes a point in life when 당신 realize who matters who never did who wont anymore and who always will. so dont worry about people from your past, theres a reason why they didnt make it to your future.
64.you know your in 사랑 when 당신 cant fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams
65.i have never been so close to giving up and all i have to blame is you
66.never live life unnoticed
67.never underestimate a girl
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65 above zero:
Floridians turn on the heat.
People in Wisconsin plant gardens.

60 above zero:
Californians shiver uncontrollably.
People in Wisconsin sunbathe.

50 above zero:
Italian & English cars won't start.
People in Wisconsin drive with the windows down.

40 above zero:
Georgians don coats, thermal underwear, gloves, wool hats.
People in Wisconsin throw on a flannel shirt.

35 above zero:
New York landlords finally turn up the heat.
People in Wisconsin have the last cookout before it gets cold.

20 above Zero
People in Miami all die.
Wisconsinites close the windows.

Californians fly away to Mexico...
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Why isn't phonetic spelled the way it sounds?

Why are there interstate highways in Hawaii?

Why are there flotation devices under plane seats instead of parachutes?

Why are cigarettes sold in gas stations when smoking is prohibited there?

Why do fat chance and slim chance mean the same thing?

If 당신 can't drink and drive, why do 당신 need a driver's license to buy liquor, and why do bars have parking lots?

Do 당신 need a silencer if 당신 are going to shoot a mime?

Have 당신 ever imagined a world with no hypothetical situations?

How does the guy who drives the snowplow get to work in the mornings?

If 7-11...
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Hello everyone who happened to click on this, my name is Alexis, and this is Fanpop.

So, 당신 may have heard about a website called DeviantART, correct? 당신 probably have knowledge on what goes on there. Apparently, there's a lot of shit that goes on over there! So, in today's commentary, I'll be sharing my thoughts on this heap of fanfiction/art.

DeviantART is a large website where people all around the world can share their own works of art. 당신 can also post literature and whatnot. This is a way of socializing on the internet, and this site is very popular. When there's the pros, there's always...
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So I bet'cher thinking all high and mighty in your chair at this very moment something along these lines....

"Pink badass? HAH! 당신 couldn't tell the difference between 담홍색, 핑크 and a barn-sized lightning-rod! :D"

And you'd be right, normally.....


But here's the thing, have 당신 ever REALLY taken the time to think about it? Like, why 담홍색, 핑크 has the reputation it does as of right now?

Hell, even SAYING the word, it sounds pretty lame. Pink.

Like, PINK! It sounds like a 바비 인형 porno spin-off, LAME!

But once 당신 venture a bit deeper into the realm of Pink, you'll find some pretty damn cool stuff.

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In this method, the victim is hung upside down, so that the blood will rush to their heads and keep them conscious during the long torture. The torturer would then saw through the victims’ bodies until they were completely sawed in half. Most were cut up only in their abdomen to prolong their agony.


One of the torture devices during the Spanish Inquisition and medieval ages, this is probably one of the most gruesome of them all. The victim is put astride, naked, on a donkey-like apparatus, which is actually a vertical wooden board with a sharp V-wedge...
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Step one: enjoy/love/like the show, book, movie, and/or band.
Good job, that's it, you're a true fan.

One thing that just never fails to annoy me is when someone tells me (or another person honestly) that they aren't a true 팬 of whatever it is they are a 팬 of for having a certain opinion.

One of the most common things I get is 'you're not a true 팬 because 당신 like the villains more'. Okay no let's talk about this for a second; the villains are a crucial part of the story. Villains are what essentially gives the show/book/movie its plot. Without villains there is no conflict and without...
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So I published a 3 part set of 기사 over on the 음악 spot, and I wanted to post them here as well (hope that's alright with everyone) because 랜덤 has just such a wide variety of people and I think getting two sets of opinions is cool.

If anyone cares I compiled a list of bands I personally 사랑 that I think could use some 더 많이 recognition. I'm gonna have 링그 to some songs 의해 them (if 당신 care to take a listen) and a bit about why I like each as well as a picture of the band, if 당신 wish to base on appearance alone and the genre(s) they fall under.

Within Temptation

Genre: Symphonic...
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the work song
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what the fuck.........XD