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I ache in my chest with the pressure of society. 
My soul is hollow and I feel emptied of life. 
My one true love, doesn't need me...
Life seems to be fading as I sink into darkness. 
The sharp sting vanishes after the 초 slice. 
Red rubies fall out of my arm and drip onto the tiles. 
Death creeps up on me and sits down. 
His sharp teeth pulled into a cocky grin. 
He finally gets to take me. 
Society has won. 
I'm no longer here. 
Or am I?
He softly strokes my leg with his chilled, pale fingers. 
He takes great pride in his girl. 
Sacrificing herself to the shackles of hell. 
He finally gets...
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posted by scarykids-emo
Laying on my 침대 and tugging the sides of my skinny jeans. I stare at the bleach white ceiling above. Studying the patterns of the drywall I hear a knock on my closed doors. 
"it's open" I say looking at the door. 
Its Ashley "hi sissy" 
I look down at her and smile "hey honeybee. What's up sweetie?" 
She snuggles under the crook in my arm and lays her head on my chest. "Nichole said we have to go to bed" 
I sigh and look down at her "okay" I 키스 her on the cheek and she hugs me tightly. 
I stand up and pull her with me. "come on babe I'll take 당신 to bed" 
She hops on my back and I walk up...
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posted by scarykids-emo
Saturday night. 
I've been nursing a bottle of 보드카 around with me for the past few days. Since i heard what happened with Jacob and Nelly. Let me tell 당신 a story of Saturday night. 

I was laying on my bed, letting my freshly slit wrists heal and listening to 랜덤 depressing songs on my iPod. Feeling hollow and faded, I felt like a ghost haunting my own life. My phone chimes and it's a text from Lily. She wants to go out tonight. I smile weakly and take a sip from the cool glass bottle. Typing back yes. I get up and look at the clock. 9:33. I get up and grab my permit off my dresser, my...
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posted by scarykids-emo
It's hiding in the dark
It's teeth are razor sharp
I feel like a monster
I feel it deep within
My veins tainted with monster
Alcohol runs though my body
Foggy mind and running blood
Slices among splices
Drip drop patter splat. 
It cools on the linoleum as my head swirls
My lip quivers and tears fall
Clear liquid stains my cheeks
Mixing with the rustic blood
Delilah screams and kicks at the door, 
waiting to come out. 
My breathing excels,
she claws her way into my mind. 
Taking a back seat,
I let her take over. 
Quitting isn't an option.
The crash to come is great as she inhales toxins
Clouded with thoughts of self raw hate
There is no escape.
The blade hits the floor as Delilah snorts up again. 
Swigging the 보드카 and flying on monster. 
Giggling on the height it takes her
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Leave your secrets in the dark,
Nothing matters anymore.
Promises. Breaking.
Drive. Me. Crazy.

No. This is not your place.
No. This is not your playground.
It's my HEART.
We were stupid we got caught.
Nothing Matters any mor-or-or-or-ore.
So what?
I`m the one thing 당신 forgot.

You could have been all that I wanted.
But I wasn't honest.
Now get in the ground.

You choked off the surest of favors,
But if 당신 really loved me,
You would have endured my world.

Well, you're just as I presumed,
a whore in sheep's clothing.
Fucking up. All I do.

Yeah, so. Here we stop.
Never again,
Will you, see this in your life.

Hang on...
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posted by Tatyana_evthing
Im no longer me when im hurt,when i want 당신 to be there your just sitting there while i have a gun on my 침대 ready to end my life. I feel like the devil has taken over me when i hurt 당신 but when i let go i break down into cries wondering why i just hurt you.

Im no longer me when im sleep i have nightmares of me hurting innocent humans.I wake up and i think of the evil thing that has taken over me.Im saying help me help me but its like 당신 dont hear me.Im so loud but 당신 dont listen because im evil.
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This sinking warmth through obscurity,
Beyond the sweet in between where and what you're doing,
There is a view of an uncharted place,
Where you're the brunt of a joke and everyone's laughing,
I am not who I seem, who 당신 thought I could be,
The support 당신 could lean up against when 당신 need,
I'm the dark when 당신 want, the lights out at all costs,
This is mine, that is yours, I'm the bricks in your wall.

Goodbye forever, my darling, whether
I was everything 당신 thought I'd be 또는 not,
I was a bad man, oh, to stop 당신 girl from loving me.
Goodbye forever, my darling, whether
I was everything...
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posted by XXxxCutsxxXX
Tightness in my chest
I cant breath.
The only time I can escape
is when I fall asleep.

Constant nausea
constant fear.
How did this happen
knowing I'm 안전한, 안전 here?

It's a constant worry
another will strike.
I worry about it all the time
it makes me lose my appetite.

My sight darkens
my life flashes.
My worries control my thoughts
my 심장 crashes and burns to ashes.

당신 have no idea what its like
to live one 일 in my shoes.
Maybe if 당신 did
당신 wouldn't judge me as 당신 do.