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posted by lightingjolt1
sonic 프렌즈 well they was shock to see there hero
after a week no word from him
sonic add ice blue in his quills like lighting
ice blue round his 에메랄드 green eyes
sonic arms chest tummy chest 모피 like silver
ice blue wind marks on his arms legs
ice white 에메랄드 red inhibitor rings
silver wind marks on them
emerald red ice white hover shoes
silver wind marks on them
shoes like both shadow and singe zero mix together
sonic age 15/in HIGHT 5.o/hermaphrodite
wow sonic 당신 look different what happen ask tails
just then shadow come over with young hedgehogs
shadow black hot red in...
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Synopsis : this is a fanfiction that I will be producing about three characters that I have created from there acdeamy days up to Jouin years. The story reovles around Shinko Uzumaki, Mizurai Sarutobi and Rei Uchiha. It takes place after the events of 나루토 shippudien. And will be foucusing on the characters I've made old characters from the seris may appear but I do not retain rights / Owner ship of any of the following characters produced 의해 Masashi Kishimotto. also please support the official release =)

Sasuke Uchiha

나루토 Uzumaki

Bouruto Uzumaki

Sarada Uchiha

Sakura Haruno

Hinata Huyuga
added by misalka66
The 다음 일 Ming ran up the 언덕, 힐 to see Tenten, Neji, and Lee sparing against eachother while Guy watched. Ming watched them all land on the dirt breathing heavily as if they'd all been at it for hours. "Okay break." Guy said. "Ming!" Lee waved beckoning her. Ming shyly stepped across the ground leading to her friend. "Let me introduce 당신 to my team." He grinned. "This is Tenten, Neji, and Guy sensei." He pointed to each person as he spoke. "Ming?" Tenten pondered in a loud shock. "Tenten?" Ming said slowly realizing who this was. "You two know eachother?" Lee asked confused. "Ming is my...
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 "Im telling 당신 Tsunade we need at very least a temporary subordinate on this team!"
"Im telling you Tsunade we need at very least a temporary subordinate on this team!"

Guy Sensei slammed his hand against the surface of Tsunade's desk. "Im telling 당신 Tsunade we need at very least a temporary subordinate on this team!" He yelled in furry. The lack of Neji after his death was a huge gap to surely be noticed, it was also a large weak spot for us as well. "And IM TELLING 당신 Guy there are no suitable subordinates currently!" Tsunade boomed louder than Guy. "I don't care how suited they are...we have a huge weak spot right now!" Guy sighed after that shout. Tsunade calmed down and rolled her eyes. "Fine Guy but this one is 더 많이 trouble than he's worth...
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Years 이전 in the land of the Exorsists the Trinikage was thinking to himself about the current war between his own village and The Village hidden in the shadows the land he had once ruled. Yes, Amora Akku had once ruled this land as the Shinikage because the temptation to conquer became to much for him to take making him responsible for the scars of his family as well as scars from villages he had conquered while in this leadership. His wife Chizaru and his daughter princess Amora Ming hadn't been aware of what was to come that night at the summer festival...not a clue. In fact and attack couldn't...
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posted by Shi_Hiroko
“Who are you?” he asked. I didn’t answer. “Show me your face then.” I couldn’t ignore his demands, so I did as told. The blood inside my body started to boil rapidly. “Just what were 당신 going to do to this man?” I was ordered to turn around and show my face. Yet he has his back turned to the left side, with arms crossed. “I-I-I…” I couldn’t talk without stuttering. Hell, I was too scared to give an answer. The person in front of me had way 더 많이 battle experience and immense power. I bet he could destroy me in an instant. If I say anything wrong it could mean the end...
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added by Kurama_CRAZY
“Finally, I said to myself. “This is what I’ve waited so long for.

"Shi, if 당신 get this letter it means your father and I are somehow incapable of telling 당신 about your past, but here is where I write why almost everyone, including us, feared 당신 so much. We’re so sorry we couldn’t tell 당신 in person. We planned to, but just in case something happened I prepared this letter, specifically, for you.
After I gave birth to 당신 the nurses took 당신 to the infirmary. They took some x-rays and a chakra test. When they’d gotten the results they told us 당신 had amazing chakra. Knowing that...
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Not long after I was born, I was kidnapped 의해 a man and taken from the Hidden Sand Village. He placed me in a prison meant for experimenting. He did it to many people from who knows where. Soon I became one of them. The only difference between us was that I actually lived. Every other breathing thing at the time didn't survive the experiments. Mom and dad told me they died because they didn't posses enough chakra to endure the harsh tragedy, but lucky me was blessed with just the right amount. Surviving that wasn't a blessing at all, but a curse I'd live with for the rest of my life. What he...
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posted by SkywardStriker
Would 당신 force me to kill you? You, who understood me 더 많이 than any other? Whose life I would've traded mine for in an instant, who alone was my greatest friend and my worst enemy? I would have sacrificed myself for 당신 in a heartbeat, would have driven the blade through my neck myself to ensure your safety. 당신 know that.

But don't underestimate me. 당신 know full well that I would never back down, no matter what the cost. For what lies ahead for my village if I do so? Carnage, corruption, and death, everything that I have long fought against and will till my last breath will be my domain....
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This story takes place between 나루토 and 나루토 Shippuden. The main character is one my OCs. His name is Yondaime Hiryoko. He was named after the 4th Hokage. His parents named him that because they knew he was destined for greatness. This is his story.

I looked at the village. The village of the hidden village. It looked small from where I was. But I knew it was really big.

I heard a voice nearby, "This is our target, huh, Hidan?" Said a tall man. who had a mask covering his face and a oddly shaped headband.

I whispered to my self, "Who...
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Hey all! Serenna here with my very first 나루토 fanfiction! I decided to post it here, so I hope 당신 all enjoy it! ^_^


Why do they treat us like monsters?

We're not monsters.

Just misunderstood.

What if 나루토 hadn't been completely friendless during his childhood? What if there was someone there to help him through the pain? When 나루토 befriends a girl with hair as white as snow and a light beaming around her, his life changes from then on for the better. But what if Hikari is apart of an ancient prophecy and is indeed the being of light? Will she be able to save 나루토 from his demon...
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added by temari7
Class that 일 was slow and boring. Our teacher, Kakashi, was dragging on and on about semi-aquatically evolving landscapes and my best friend 시카마루 was half-asleep as it was.
“Why is he talking about landscapes, he’s a math teacher.” Shika groaned, leaning his head on Kiba’s shoulder, catching a cold glare from his girlfriend. I laughed.
“Sakura is glaring at you.” 시카마루 turned around and glared back, an evilness in his eyes that made Sakura gulp and look away.
“You obviously don’t 사랑 her, so why do 당신 keep her around?” I wondered. 시카마루 smirked.
“I 사랑 to...
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posted by WinterzDream
So I have a 팬 fic I want to just share with everyone! LOL I can't stop 글쓰기 the damn thing and thought I would try and snag some 더 많이 people through here. I'm also a review whore so this is for my addictions....help me!? =D

I also 사랑 this particular site! Check it out!



Sakura never thought she would 사랑 again, and Kiba had given up long 이전 on finding a mate for himself. Resigned the two devote their life to the Shinobi way. Now as their lives collide together and their friendship is redefined what may come of it all?

Kiba can't sleep without being plagued 의해 nightmares, ones...
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