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posted by ShockTheDog
Character Chart
Character's full name: Danyel Lorroay King/Thomas
Reason 또는 meaning of name: None
Character's nickname: Kori
Reason for nickname: It goes with his powers
Birth date: September 12th 2000
Theme: Unstoppable 의해 China Ann McClain

Physical appearance
Age: 11
How old does he/she appear: same age
Weight: 42 pounds
Height: 3ft
Body build: Slim bot not TOO skinny
Shape of face: n/a.
Eye color: Green
Glasses 또는 contacts: None
Skin tone: Tan (his hands, feet and mouth)
Predominant features:
Type of hair: Thin
Hairstyle: 3 quills on the back of her head and 3 bangs over her face
Voice: kinda deep
Overall attractiveness:...
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This is Kori's theme song
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