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Tony, Pepper, and Rhodey walked out of the school
“I still don’t get how 당신 think that class is hard!” Tony exclaimed, Pepper just rolled her eyes
“Most of us aren’t a teen genius who knows everything yet never cracked a book!” Rhodey said shaking his head, they all laughed and continued walking. Then suddenly a figure jumped out at them, causing Pepper to jump into Rhodey.
“Most? Then I guess Tony is lucky,” The figure said
“Sara?!” Tony said surprised, the figure was a girl who leaped down from a tree. The girl was their age with tan skin, black hair and 에메랄드 green eyes....
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Tony at school walking down coradoor, pepper hiding behind locker
Tony: sooooo tired
Pepper: (jumps from behind locker) hi!
Tony: what the??? What ya do that for pepper?
Pepper: ahhhh, I was texting 당신 before and I was wondering if 당신 got my messages?
Tony takes out his phone
Phone: 당신 have 976 new messages and 276 missed calls from pepper pots
Tony: ahhh! What the?? How much time did 당신 spend on these pepper???
Pepper: about 2 and a bit hours
Tony:ohhhh no!! Pepper! Why 당신 do that?
Pepper: all my other 프렌즈 weren't answering!
Tony: ahhh, Pepper 당신 don't have any other 프렌즈 apart from Rodey,Happy and me!
Pepper: exactly!
Tony: 당신 really need to get a life pepper!
Pepper: I already have one!
posted by lolfan88
Here is a atory I made up for this TV show. Hope u like it.I rate it G.(Theres nothing realy bad in it . BTW there might be some miss spelling so try ur best 2 read it. Its soppost 2 take part after gene dissapered in that episode.

Iron Man Story Part:1

Dis.:Tonys phone rings while he is sleeping. He wakes up.

Tony:(Picks up phone) H..(Yawns)i.

Pepper:Icouldn`tsleepbecauseofwhathappendyester...(Panting) and weres Gene.

Tony: Pepper I don`t know.Look I`ll find him in the morning go back to bed.

Pepper: Ok I`ll try...But still what if..

Tony: Good night Pepper.(Hangs up phone).

Phone: 당신 have 120 new...
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Yay! atlast....i know it aired on june 16th but i couldn't find it...Thank 당신 Cara, just as soon as i saw it, i wanted it to be 게시됨 here =)