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Hi guys, this 기사 is the perfect dancing 음악 for the princesses. Ranging from the Renaissance to the Victorian Era, ready?

1. Bergamasca (Marco Ucellini)

This 음악 will be best, especially for the 3 classical princesses. It is very gentle and smooth when they dance with their princes.

2. Johann Strauss II's Waltzes

In fact, many of his waltz are quite 인기 and it would definitely be 인기 among the princesses themselves.

3. Joseph Lanner's Die Schonbrunner Waltz

Initially, I thought that it was compose 의해 Strauss, but it is actually his rival Joseph Lanner.

4. Frederick Chopin's Waltz Music

I also 사랑 his music, his waltz is also another favourite for the 디즈니 Princesses themselves.

A Toast!

Do 당신 agree with my choice, if 당신 do go ahead and listen to them.
 A Ball to Remember
A Ball to Remember
posted by avatar_tla_fan
뮬란 was still struggling in school. She couldn't manage to bring 집 any good grades, at all. Her parents had told her that she needed to bring her grades up.

Meanwhile, Snow White had just escaped from the woman, when she ran straight into 뮬란 when walking down the street.

"Whoops! Sorry!" Snow White said, apologizing about this to Mulan.

"Oh, it's fine!" 뮬란 replied to her, "I didn't see 당신 coming."

"You look really stressed. Are 당신 okay?" Snow White asked her.

How could she know that I'm upset? 뮬란 wondered to herself.

"Oh, yeah. It's no big deal though, don't worry."

"Are 당신 sure?...
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
Snow White was still worried. She wanted to help the girl, but she didn't know what she was supposed to do, 또는 if she could even save her.

She decided to go back home.

I can't go home. My parents will find me. I can't tell them about all of my troubles at school. I can't.

She tried to think of where she could go... But she couldn't think of anywhere. Then she thought of a place.

I hope she still pities me. I need it.

She walked to the restaurant where she met the woman before. She walked in.

"Do 당신 know a woman named Tiana?" Snow White asked.

"Yes, she was fired from here not too long ago."

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posted by SillyGirl22
Hi ! I am new here . I came to know about 팬팝 의해 my sister . I heard people here are friendly , hope its true . I am honest , nice and a bit selfish ( I won't lie ) . I will try to interact with 당신 guys .My hobbies are 읽기 and dancing . Maleficent is my fav DP villian . I find Aurora the prettiest DP . And here is my fav DP list :

1 Mulan
2 Elsa
3 Ariel
4 재스민 속, 재 스민
5 Belle
6 Rapunzel
7 Cindy
8 Tiana
9 Pocahontas
10 Merida
11 Snow White
12 Anna
13 Aurora

Do share your fav DP list .
posted by avatar_tla_fan
Snow White was still wandering. She didn't know where to go, she didn't know what to do.

What should I do? I can't possibly go 집 now...

Then she started to think.

I'm so worried about getting put up for adoption, yet I've been wandering around parent-less for a while. Why am I so worried? I'll lose either way.

She decided to go back home.

Nothing worse can happen now. She thought to herself.

She arrived on the doorstep.

She knocked on the door.

Her mother came rushing out. But it was not her mother. It was a woman who looked truly evil.

"Who- who are you?" Snow White asked the woman.

The woman...
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posted by arendelle
Hi! I'm @arendelle, aka Ariana, and this is my get to know me article.

I'm a huge 팬 of Disney/Broadway, without a doubt. I'm going to see Wicked (sometime in early December, tickets aren't on sale until September), and Phantom of the Opera (January 11th). The first ever play I saw was Beauty And The Beast, and I got to meet Belle. (I was really excited when I did meet her as a child).

So I see people make a list of their 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 Princesses, so I guess I'll make mine :)

1: Cinderella
2: Aurora
3: Ariel
4: Pocahontas
5: Mulan
6: Belle
7: Tiana
8: Rapunzel
9: Merida
10: Elsa
11: Anna
12: Snow White...
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Ever since Merida forgave Elsa, she couldn't help but feel a small sense of closure to her past rage. Deep down, she knew she also had to forgive Rapunzel. Though, she didn't want to. *It won't be easy, but I feel it'll give 더 많이 closure.* she thought. 뮬란 suddenly entered the room. Merida couldn't help but stare at her hair.

"Your hair! I 사랑 it!" she exclaimed. "I thought I'd braid it. It wouldn't have turned out this good if it weren't for Pocahontas' raccoon friend Meeko." 뮬란 replied stroking her braid. Merida leaned back in her bed. "The 1st time we came here, I learned some things...
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posted by sparklefanboy
Note: 겨울왕국 is not owned and created 의해 me.

Princess Anna and 퀸 Elsa were planning on going to the 바닷가, 비치 tomorrow. Elsa was helping her helpers clean the kingdom while Anna got swimsuits. Anna called Elsa.

Anna said "Hi Elsa. I'm at the new clothes store."

Elsa said "Hi Anna. Have 당신 found any good swim 슈츠 yet?"

Anna looked around and said "I think so. Swimsuits sure are immodest." Anna grabbed 2 outfits and said "Don't worry. I found 2 great swimsuits."

Elsa said "Do 당신 think that the swimsuits are great 또는 are they a great price?"

Anna said "They are 60% off. Don't worry. They are cute...
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
Well, it's about time I made part 2 of this article. Anyways, please keep in mind that this is my opinion, and we may disagree, so respect my opinion and I'll respect yours.

Enjoy the article!

Healing Incarnation
Even though it's quite short and basically sounds different every time Rapunzel sings it, I still included it, because there's ONLY 2 other songs, and one of them is a reprise! (I also included one other song too, we'll get to it later.) Anyways, I really like this song. It shows a nice soft side to Rapunzel's voice, which I like. Its a really sweet and charming song overall, but...
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posted by sparklefanboy
Notes: This is a re-write of a 겨울왕국 Fanfiction I wrote on a 이전 팬팝 account, Windrises.This is a story for both this website and Fanfiction.net.

Princess Anna and 퀸 Elsa were at their kingdom. Anna said "Tonight me and Kristoff are going to go to the city's new restaurant."

Elsa said "You better behave 더 많이 mature than usual." Anna asked why. Elsa said "The new restaurant is really fancy. It has a the "no shirt, no shoes, no service" policy."

Anna said "Do they really care that much about shoes?"

Elsa said "I heard a guy wearing flip flops got rejected."

Anna said "That's kind of...
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Note: 겨울왕국 is not owned and created 의해 me.

Queen Elsa was wearing a fancy blue dress and had some bags with her.

Princess Anna said "What is going on?"

Elsa said "I have some business to do. I will be gone all day, but I'll be back tomorrow."

Anna said "Okay. Have fun."

Elsa said "You too, but don't cause any chaos."

Anna said "You can trust me."

After Elsa left Anna said "It's time for fun." Anna went to the 부엌, 주방 and stuffed lots of 초콜릿 on her mouth. She said "This tastes so good." Lots of 초콜릿 fell on the 부엌, 주방 floor.

Anna jumped on her 침대 and said "Woo hoo!" She even bit her...
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posted by sparklefanboy
Note: 겨울왕국 is not owned and created 의해 me.

Princess Anna and 퀸 Elsa planned on going to a baseball game the 다음 day. Anna started dreaming about what would happen.

Anna's Dream:

Anna and Elsa were near the baseball stadium. Anna was wearing a baseball outfit and Elsa was wearing a fancy dress.

Anna said "Hi Elsa."

Elsa said "Hi Anna. What's up?"

Anna said "I was talking to the managers. They said they are being paid to promote some animated film called Captain Underpants. However they don't know how to promote it so I will help them."

Elsa said "What are 당신 going to do?"

Anna said "I'm going...
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"Well well, isn't it a coincidence that 2 princesses and 2 princes from 2 different eras meet each other. I'm not surprise at all!" said Maleficent coolly.
"Who are you?" asks Cinderella, frightened and trying to keep her voice as calmly as ever. "I'm Maleficent, the Mistress of all Evil." replied Maleficent with pride, Aurora suspects that this isn't the Maleficent that she always knew, as she can tell from the glow onto her eyes. This is an evil Maleficent!
Aurora immediately yelled "You are not Maleficent! You're the evil Maleficent!" At this point, Maleficent declares "It's true! I'm not your Maleficent anymore and I was the one who magically transported 당신 here!" She cracks into her evil laughter and vanishes.
At this point, Aurora bursts into tears and Cinderella, Prince Philip and Kit came to comfort her. Saying that the evil fairy will be perished.
posted by sparklefanboy
Notes: 겨울왕국 is not owned and created 의해 me. This is a re-write of a 겨울왕국 Fanfiction I wrote on a 이전 팬팝 account, Windrises.

Queen Elsa was wearing a blue 옷, 가운 and was looking for Princess Anna. Elsa saw Kai the butler and said "Have 당신 seen Anna?"

Kai the butler said "She said she was going to go swimming in her pool."

Elsa said "But she doesn't have a pool. I'm going to find her."

Kai accidentally knocked a statue to the ground. Kai hid the broken pieces of the statue under the hallway rug.

Elsa walked to a room where she heard splashing sounds. Elsa opened the door and saw Anna in...
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posted by sparklefanboy
Notes: This is a re-write of a 겨울왕국 Fanfiction I wrote on a 이전 팬팝 account, Windrises.

Princess Anna and 퀸 Elsa were having a relaxing morning. Anna was wearing her 담홍색, 핑크 pajamas and Elsa was wearing a blue robe.

Anna said "Where is the newspaper?"

Elsa said "I think it's still outside."

Anna said "Can 당신 get it for me? I'm so tired."

Elsa said "Sure."

Elsa stepped outside and grabbed the newspaper. Elsa said "Oh no. The wind blew the door shut and I don't have my key." Elsa knocked on the door.

Anna was so tired that she fell asleep in the kitchen. Elsa knocking on the door wasn't...
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posted by natelive123
that is great princess wedding dress,eveygirl always want wear great wedding dress on big wedding day!
a good weddding is them dream,hope everygirl can come true them dream on this weddind dress
Strapless pleated tulle mermaid 겉옷, 가운 with sweetheart neckline, intricately hand-beaded 몸통 부분, 보 디스 with dropped waistline, full 치마 with chapel length train. Removable straps included.
 디즈니 Princess Award
Disney Princess Award
Author’s Note: Here it is! Another part of my first 팬 fiction “Disney Princess Awards” Sorry for the time it took me to write the 다음 part. I want to thank all the people who read this story, but also for your comments. I 사랑 to see that 당신 like my story Thank you! Again, I want to remind 당신 are that to me Pocahontas and John Smith are married to me. To me, the story went like this; He returns to England to recover about his injury. But when he got better, he returns to see Pocahontas and get married. Her father accepts and they got married... For me, the 초 story didn’t...
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posted by hisblueeyes
The question, "Which princess do 당신 think is the smartest?" is asked very often and every time it is asked, there are those people who pick Belle. There are the people who not only pick Belle, but comment, "Because she reads." Then, there are the people who think that is a dumb thing to say, and begin immediately saying stuff like, "She only reads fairy-tales." Every time this process has been repeated I have wanted to say something like what I am about to say, but never got the chance. So now I'm going to say it.

I think many people forget that Beauty and the Beast is not set in 2011. It isn't...
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posted by DreamyGal
*~Princess Yearbook~*

♥Class Photos♥

 가장 좋아하는 Hobby: Collecting things
Favorite Hobby: Collecting things

 가장 좋아하는 Hobby: Berry Picking
Favorite Hobby: Berry Picking


 가장 좋아하는 Hobby: 읽기
Favorite Hobby: Reading


 가장 좋아하는 Hobby: 일 Dreaming
Favorite Hobby: 일 Dreaming


 가장 좋아하는 Hobby: Hanging out at the Market
Favorite Hobby: Hanging out at the Market


 가장 좋아하는 Hobby: Taking nice long baths
Favorite Hobby: Taking nice long baths


 가장 좋아하는 Hobby: Canoeing
Favorite Hobby: Canoeing


 가장 좋아하는 Hobby: Baking Pies
Favorite Hobby: Baking Pies

Snow White

 가장 좋아하는 Hobby: Cooking
Favorite Hobby: Cooking


♥The Best Of♥

Best Hair: Aurora

Best Smile: Cinderella

Biggest Flirt: Ariel

Friendliest: Snow White

Prettiest Eyes: Cinderella

Most Likely...
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당신 guys know the drill. :) Let's get right down to my 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 Princess movies.

10) I know this is hugely predictable, but just like most people, I find Sleeping Beauty to be bland and a bit too devoid of Princess Aurora screentime to be interesting. There's no doubt that the 애니메이션 is beautiful and the characters are nice, but that's all they are: NICE. Of course, Maleficent is a great character, but a great villain doesn't a great movie make. Princess Aurora is a bit flat, and the great, mushy "moral" moments of the story (i.e. "the shield of virtue" and the "sword of truth")...
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