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posted by bluethunder25
OK, I said in a 이전 기사 that Elsa may be one of the most powerful characters in 디즈니 history and arguably as powerful as Maleficent. Well that got me thinking: What would happen if these two met in a fight?

Well quite honestly, I think this would be one of the most epic battles in the history of Disney. On one side, you've got Elsa, the Snow Queen; master of cryomancy and snow. And in the other corner, 당신 have Maleficent, the Mistress of All Evil, dark fairy. It's hard to say just who would get the upper can in a battle like this. But to really give a statistical view on just what...
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posted by MacytheStrange
I've seen a lot of these floating around, and decided to give it a try! Original idea 의해 the lovely dimitri_.

1. What name would 당신 change yours to?
Elsa! It's such a lovely and unique sounding name, and like I just have so much want for that name.

2. Which skills would 당신 like to develop?
Merida's skills of archery, climbing and horseback riding! I already know how to cook and clean, and I'm not so interested in martial arts, but Merida's skills are so cool and nature-ish.

3. Who would 당신 want for a parent?
James and Eudora. Well, not really certain, but they seem really sweet and...
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Well all us 디즈니 Princess 팬 poppers know that Moana is expected to 가입하기 the girls in 2018 . But on November 23, 2016, a movie called Giants will come out. It is based on Jack and The Beanstalk. The main character will be Jack and his 사랑 interest will be Angelina. Angelina is
a rich girl and Jack loves her, however a boy named Marco also loves her. There is a 사랑 triangle. Angelina is expected to 가입하기 the 디즈니 Princess lineup in 2017 after the movie comes out.

I don't know if any of this information is completely sure to happen but if it is, I am glad 디즈니 is waiting 2 years to make new princesses because I think that for now, 13 is enough.
I decided to list all countdowns 또는 lists that should be done yearly, so we can stop with this 'repetitive thing' polemic.

* 가장 좋아하는 Princesses
* 가장 좋아하는 Princes
* 가장 좋아하는 Movies
* 가장 좋아하는 Couples
* 가장 좋아하는 Villains
* Best looking Princesses
* Best looking Princes
* Best looking Villains
* Best looking Vilainesses

Why should we do these lists each year:

1. They're tradition.
2. Opinions and lists are always changing.
3. To give the new members a chance to participate.

Now, let's 옮기기 to the lists I think we should do only when a new princess is added to the lineup:

* Favorite/best Animation
* Favorite/best songs
* Favorite/best score
* Favorite/best DP's wardrobe

Why should we do these lists: If a new princess is born, it is obvious that the lists will grow and change.

I'm sure there are a couple I'm forgetting, but I think the ones I listed above are the most important ones.
posted by Lissabelle116
Let me just say I am a huge 디즈니 애니메이션 fan. I’ve liked every 디즈니 애니메이션 Studios 또는 픽사 film I’ve seen. That being said, the princesses have a special place in my heart. But it’s not just nostalgia 또는 a 사랑 of fairytales (although those are factors). It’s that every princess film has been a milestone for its studio, if not for 애니메이션 as a whole. These 영화 matter. Big time.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as the first full length animated feature ever made. Every animated film ever made, regardless of what studio it came from, owes its existence to Snow White, a film...
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Hello there guys!

After disneyscreencaps.com had to take down all screencaps of 디즈니 영화 they had,
many people don´t know where they can get high quality screencaps for their editing, 아이콘 and crossover making needs.

Don´t worry, i´m here to help ;)

This tutorial will show 당신 a very easy way on how to take your own screencaps with the "VLC Media Player".

Let´s start!

Step 1

Get the VLC Media Player, if 당신 don´t have it already.

Step 2

Open it, click on "Tools" and go to the "Preferences".

Step 3

A new window with the preferences will open.
Click on "Hotkeys" and find the command...
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저기요 guys! For this 기사 I'm going to go through all the DPs in order and say which of their hairstyles is my favorite. Anna and Elsa will be in this list, but unless 당신 think of the length of a braid as a spoiler there probably won't be spoilers. And this is all original movie, no sequels! With all that said, let's start with the list:

Snow White's Red Bow Hairstyle
Snow White only has two hairstyles, this one and the same hair with a blue bow, but I think the bright red color is a good contrast to her hair, and it brings out the red in her lips.

 Yawn, too tired to think of anything else to do with my hair...
Yawn, too tired to think of anything else...
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 Former Rankings.
Former Rankings.
Two things first:

A. I know everyone has different opinions on each princesses and where they should be listed. This is my list and 당신 don't have to agree but I hope 당신 enjoy and learn 더 많이 about me.

B. I 사랑 all the princesses but someone has to come in last .Something 당신 should know is when it comes to 디즈니 and non-Disney movies, characters, ect. I am very optimistic, very rarely critical to find fault, and I take into account all 영화 (sequels, tv shows, clips, ect.) and books. I think it adds to form a 더 많이 well rounded idea of the characters. I am also realistic and do know and...
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Welcome! This is yet another 기사 in defense of the classic Princesses - otherwise known as Snow White, 신데렐라 and Aurora. I've always wanted to write something like this but never really had the inspiration for it until I read Silverrose1991's fantastic article. I find myself constantly defending the classic three in 투표 on here, but I've never actually made an 기사 on it... until now. I hope 당신 like my 기사 and apologies if it comes across somewhat preachy 또는 as if I'm attempting to force people to agree with me as this is not my intention.

Note: This is not a bashing of the...
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 The Current Princesses
The Current Princesses
With 11 official 디즈니 Princess and two 더 많이 to 가입하기 in the upcoming year, I've decided to create a countdown of my 상단, 맨 위로 11 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 Princesses. While Anna and Elsa will 가입하기 in 2014, I'm just going to focus on the ones we currently have - besides, I've only seen 겨울왕국 once. So without further ado, let's begin!

ApplesauceDoctr's 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 Princesses

11. Aurora
While Sleeping Beauty was one of my 가장 좋아하는 영화 from childhood, Aurora herself never truly stood out to me. In her short runtime she walks around the forest and sings - and even though she has a beautiful voice, there's...
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 Da da da da da...
Da da da da da...
If 당신 are a member of a 팬팝 club called "Disney Princess," then it is obvious that 당신 like 디즈니 Princesses and their movies, and if 당신 don't like 디즈니 Princesses, then why are 당신 in a club called "Disney Princesses?"

But anyway, whether 당신 like them 또는 not, this is my 기사 about my 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 Princess movies, so I hope 당신 enjoy!

11. The Little Mermaid
Wow, Macy, way to go, put one of Disney's most beloved 영화 at the bottom of the list. What a great way to make friends!
Really though, I think The Little Mermaid is a nice movie, but it just doesn't do much for me, and I have...
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Here are the results of the Princess of the 월 Songs Countdown!

This is originally a BelleAnastasia's idea, she started to make countdowns for princesses' songs, hairstyles and outfits each month. She made the other 기사 with results only with images, so I continued her tradition, because personally I think it's not bad.

I'm really glad she let me do Aurora's countdowns, I hope 당신 enjoy my pictures!
Share your opinion if 당신 agree 또는 disagree with something.

 "Very unmemorable" - sweetie-94
"Very unmemorable" - sweetie-94

 "Not a big 팬 of this song." - MissAngelPaws
"Not a big 팬 of this song." - MissAngelPaws

 "I wonder captures her dreamy personality perfectly...also Mary Costa's voice really 슈츠 the song-the result is beautiful!" - MalloMar
"I wonder captures her dreamy personality perfectly...also Mary Costa's voice really 슈츠 the song-the result is beautiful!" - MalloMar

 "Once Upon a Dream is my favourite DP song - it's just so magical, enchanting and I never tire of it." - Mongoose09
"Once Upon a Dream is my favourite DP song - it's just so magical, enchanting and I never tire of it." - Mongoose09
I did an 기사 on this a while ago, but my opinions have changed a lot since then and Merida wasn't a member of the group back then so I think it's time for an update. Also, I believe all the princesses are BEAUTIFUL so even my last place is great :)

11. Merida

It's too cliche, I won't say I'm in hate! It pains me, pains me, that I have to put Merida in last, especially since she gets oh so much undeserved hate, although I feel she deserves last. Her hair is amazing! I 사랑 the color, the texture, the OOMPH! It's all just so awesome to look at. I also like her body, it's very realistic...
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posted by GreatLance_30
Here is my little tribute for my 가장 좋아하는 users in this site. Their dedication is worth mentioning for! Since I joined Fanpop, I already have my favorites like princesslullaby, tiffany88, and alafastanzio, now I also have Mongoose09 and AudreyFreak and the others listed below as my favorites! So I hope you'll enjoy 읽기 it!


10. dclairmont
I hate making him this low, he is so kind and smart. Anyways, the reason why he is one of my favorites is because he is unique! As 당신 can see, his list of 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 Princess was really different making Aurora high and Ariel low which...
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 John and Pocahontas were constantly haunted 의해 the seriousness of her condition.The thought of losing their daughter was too much to bear.
John and Pocahontas were constantly haunted by the seriousness of her condition.The thought of losing their daughter was too much to bear.

It had been many years since the birth of their daughter Catori and though John Smith and Pocahontas were as healthy as ever and appeared as if they hadn’t even aged, it was their daughter they were concerned for. She was born a beautiful healthy baby girl and though she was just as beautiful as the 일 she was born, there was a change in her and the change got all the 더 많이 worse with each passing day. John and Pocahontas spent many sleepless nights awake watching their daughter sleep to assure her safety. They often took turns in the night but as each sun rose, they stayed...
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A lot of people say that children take bad lessons from some 디즈니 movies, I don't agree, I will say some of the 영화 that I enjoyed most and took very nice lessons from them and from their characters. I also have 링그 so 당신 can see them too. I choose 영화 that talk about different things, friendship, family and freedom, enjoy!

1. Piglet's Big Movie:
This movie is my favourite, after Tagled, and made Piglet and my role model, he was always my favourite male character. This movie shows us that the biggest bond of all is friendship, that even the smallest 동물 can di the biggest things,...
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"So, let's think of something that would be like a battle plan," 뮬란 said.
"Do we really have to fight? Someone could get hurt, why don't we just talk to them about it?" Snow White asked.
"Snow, do ye honestly think they will jest give up because ye asked them t'?" Merida says, twirling a strand of hair around her finger.
"They might, some of them are reasonable people." Snow White insisted.
"Yeah, like, who?" Tiana asked.
"Well, I'm sure everyone has a good side..." Snow White said "Like, hm, let me think..."
"Face it, Snow, not everyone has a good side. I tried thinking of one for Lucifer,...
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As the girls were discussing about their plans, the door flew open. The girls turned around sharply. Merida grabbed her bow and arrows, and Rapunzel grabbed her frying pan. But it turns out it was just the 디즈니 Princes.
"Hey, girls." Eric says, walks up to Ariel and puts an arm around her shoulder. "What's up, Ari? 당신 look upset."
"Actually, all of 당신 do. Is something wrong?" Flynn asks the girls with a raised eyebrow.
Belle sighs "We were just discussing about something."
"Looks like a very serious discussion, may I join?" Adam sits down in a chair and looks expectantly at the girls....
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By the end of the 디즈니 Renaissance, layered characters weren’t enough. Now, the princesses had to be heroic as well. This is where Pocahontas and 뮬란 come in. Pocahontas saves her village and her prince. 뮬란 takes it up a notch and saves her country and her prince. Both princesses have been accused of problems with her personality. Pocahontas has been said to lose it halfway through the movie. 뮬란 has been said to have a flat personality.

Pocahontas was a bit of a stepping stone between the early Renaissance “I want more” princesses and the later Renaissance heroines...
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I 사랑 some of the DP songs,so I decided to share it with 당신 all guys.Please don't give rude comments,its my opinion.And 당신 know,choices always differ from person to person ;)

 ♫ #10-Once Upon A Dream (Sleeping Beauty) ♫
♫ #10-Once Upon A Dream (Sleeping Beauty) ♫
♫ #10.Once upon a Dream (The Sleeping Beauty) ♫

Disney Princess Starred in the Song-Aurora


♫ [Briar Rose:]
I wonder, I wonder,
I wonder why each little bird has a someone
To sing to, sweet things to,
A gay little 사랑 melody

I wonder, I wonder,
I wonder if my 심장 keeps singing,
Will my song go winging
To someone, who'll find me
And bring back a 사랑 song to me.

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