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Today, on November 17, 1989, 디즈니 secured it's future billionaire company through the release of The Little Mermaid. Some 31 years later, it's hard to believe that this was "the movie " that actually would make 또는 break the success of the 애니메이션 behemoth. But without the success of Ariel and her friends, there would never have been any of the beloved/cherished films we've come to adore. So, I admire this movie, it's legacy, and it's popularity. TLM has truly endured the test of time! 게시됨 8 days ago
PrincessAyeka12 commented…
It's my favourite 디즈니 Movie. 8 days ago
disnerdtobe commented…
Ariel is amazing 7 days ago
deedragongirl commented…
I 사랑 the songs, but NOT the final battle! Sorry! 7 days ago
BB2010 commented…
I’m so happy that even after all these years Ariel and her movie are still 인기 and loved! 7 days ago
Renegade1765 said …
Hi! Remember that promised I would give 당신 a link once all 10 episodes of Primal are available? Well, here it is! I really hope 당신 enjoy it. It's an incredible show and 더 많이 people need to know about it. I know how exhausting your job can be, so here's something to cheer 당신 up. Have a nice day! link 게시됨 23 days ago
Renegade1765 gave me props for my answers
hey! Sorry for barging-in again. I just forgot to tell something. Yesterday there was a 질문 on the 랜덤 site, that asked people who their "Fanpop bestie" is and how they met. If 당신 want to know, I chose you! I even mentioned how, even though we don't agree on everything, we can still be good friends. 게시됨 3 months ago