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lapka55 said about Damon & Elena
vote for steroline plz link 게시됨 over a year ago
delenafan123 commented…
Omg Damon and Bonnie are beating us 의해 a little bit. Do 팬 of bamon really think they are going to hook those two up after what went down with damon and elena? I don't think so. If they come back a couple there is going to be hell to pay over a year ago
lapka55 commented…
Well Steroline is in the first place, so keep voting :) over a year ago
loveofdelena commented…
Damon and Bonnie??? What in the actual fuck???!!!!!! over a year ago
soleeni gave me props for my images
Thanks For The add^^
Could 당신 Please 가입하기 My Clubs?

게시됨 over a year ago
lapka55 said about Damon & Elena
Everyone who has 페이스북 please Please vote
important! 게시됨 over a year ago
JanaP commented…
Yes please vote, DE are losing against SE on the official CW site!!! over a year ago
loveofdelena commented…
wha??? HOW?????!!!! how can delena be loosing against that shitty cheesefest???!!!! it's just not possible!!! over a year ago