Zoey 101 Juniors 또는 Seniors?

MissMina posted on Jun 16, 2008 at 04:29AM
This question has been bothering me for the past couple weeks so I just had to ask other people what do they think about it. By the time prom comes around, are the characters juniors going to their junior prom, or are they seniors going to their senior prom?

I've always believed them to be juniors going to their junior prom because when they transitioned from the 3rd Season to the 4th one, they never went up a grade level. So assuming that they started the show as Freshmen, by the time "Chasing Zoey" came on they were all Juniors going to their junior prom. However, after I watched the first episode of Zoey 101, I heard that the guys were there the year before girls were even allowed to attend PCA. Does that mean the guys were attending PCA even before they started high school (since PCA has lower level students as well as high school students) or they're a year older than the girls? Or, another theory that I came up with was that the girls started attending PCA when they were Sophomores, which would make them Seniors by the time "Chasing Zoey" came on.

Thoughts? I'd really like second opinions on this because I'm a little confused.
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over a year ago fanrbd14 said…
I think when they entered PCA the girls were about 13 but IDK. Good ? though.
over a year ago nan0 said…
i think their junitior beacause zoey in the 1 seoseans was 13!!!!!!!!!