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crying shows weakness

Dib was so nervous of Gaz's absents and was thinking the worst already; she was only 5 분 late.

"She's not here yet, something has happened and it's my fault. Because of me Gaz can be in danger, defenseless and alone, without her brother. What if Zim is using her for his evil and stuff?" Dib said out loud, he was sweating and his hands were trembling in fear. He then stood instantly; his fear he had a 분 이전 went away and stood in a heroic pose

"No, I won't let Zim harm my little sister, I'M COMING GAZ!!!"

He ran toward the door and once he opened it he then collides...
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 "Congratulations 당신 two, it's a boy"
"Congratulations you two, it's a boy"
It's a boy

As zim walked 집 from skool he has been thinking of how to encourage Lard Nar (leader of the Resisty) to assist him destroy every Irken that dared to laugh at him behind his back. The Resisty hated the Irkens too which meant it would be hard for zim to influence The Resisty to team up with him, a rival.
Zim signed at the last thought and open the door to enter his base; of course 지르 was in the 침상, 소파 watching his Scary Monkey Show like always.

"Gir, was there any response from the resisty?"

"I donno" 지르 said not taking his eyes from the TV.

"I thought I told 당신 to... Oh forget...
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Both Zim and Gaz gazed at the baby, Curious Zim poked it.

Suddenly a giggle was heard from the baby; terrified Zim jumped behind Gaz. Gaz rolled her eyes at his sudden reaction and hold the baby in her arms.

"Relax zim, it just giggled no need to be scared" Gaz said looking at zim behind her; she had detected that he was trembling. When he took notice of Gaz's gaze, he stood and took the baby away from Gaz's grip.

"Zim, scared of a stupid human toy? Nonsense" He said as he returned to his seat. Zim look intently at the baby and poked him once more. The little baby giggled again, which to...
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gaz woke up to a poke in the face.

Zim?-she said.
Gaz wake up-Tak said
oh hey- is zim a little better?- she asked
hes not awake yet, but lets go eat breakfast.-tak said.
tak-gaz said- i had a dream of a war, irkens and humans, 당신 dont think itll happen like what happened with me and zim do yo.....

but she hadnt finished she felt a warmth on her lips, the same feeling like her first 키스 she pushed herself away and said tak!?-what are 당신 doin im no...

tak put her finger on her lips and said-you talk to much.

she smiled and kissed her again except she was grasping her this time

gaz didnt know what...
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20 years passed quickly for zim and gaz they were walking 집 as zim remembered when they had went walking as they saw someone yell -You green CHILD! your most trusted will betray 당신 in 20 years time!!! Zim had no idea what he meant he was probably drunk but didint seem like it so he ignored this comment. as zim left gaz in her house dib quickly showed out of nothing and glared at zim grabbed gaz and ran inside the home

Gaz cried - and yelled WHY DID 당신 DO THAT!!!. Dib calmed her and said- i told 당신 to break up with him!!. Im not going to, DAD!! DAD!!.
Proffesor membrane came in a hurry...
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