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hiddennobodie posted on Jan 02, 2010 at 05:55PM
What side are you in? Are you a Signer or a Dark Signer? Let's find out. Have a Duelrunner and a Deck.

Name: Alex Yamamoto

Age: 19

Kind of Signer: Signer

Powers: Hear secret thoughts

Hometown: New Domino City

Deck: Dragon Fury

My Signture Creature: Red Sun Dragon

Description of my Signture Creature: Looks alot like Stardust Dragon but he is red and yellow

Description of my Duelrunner: I have a crouchrocket and it is black and it has the best dueling techology on it.

Description: I have shaggy light-brown hair, and I wear a tight black T-shirt and white sneakers and wear a black leather duster.

My Story:
I became a Duelist after my father died in a car accident so I can take care of my little sister Alice. I began dueling in the streets and I got the nickname "Alex the Fire Warrior" And now I am helping the other signers to stop the Dark Signers.

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over a year ago YugiohFanatic1 said…
Name: Emi Otani
Age: 17
Kind of signer: Signer
Power: Can see the future
Hometown: New Domino City
Deck: Future Dragon
Signature Card: The Seeing Dragon
Signature card description: It looks like the Fairy Dragon,but it has no wings and it looks clear like ice.
My description: I have long black hair,I wear blue jeans with a blue jean jacket and a tight black shirt.I also wear black tennishoes with red stripes on it.
Duel Runner description: It is black with red stripes. It has the latest duel runner technolohgy. Also it is a crouchrocket.
My story: I started dueling when I was only 10.I loved it so much that I took it to the streets.I would duel everyday and some of the night.Then,one day,my parents were murdered.I quit dueling for weeks.Everyone wondered where I had gone.I went back into dueling and after a few weeks I was given the name "The Future Warrior". Everyone tried their hardest to beat me,but could not.My secret is I can see the future.I see every move they're going to make. I am the dueling god on my streets,mainly.Anyone who dares to challenge me gets beaten.
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over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Name: Mason Coleman
Age: 18
Kind of Signer: Signer(legendary signer, look it up)
Signer power: Courageous Heart ( Never backs down from a challenge, and is always willing to do anything to protect his friends, its also like Yuseis clear mind, only it sacrifices many of his monsters to get his key card out, so thats what it mean by Courageous Heart))
Hometown: New Domino City
Deck: XX-Bladers
Signature card: XX-saber Blade Dragon
Signature card Description: It's a steel dragon, with glowing Blue eyes, and glowing blue underneath it's scales. It's wings area goldish tint, with the rest of it being silvery-blue.
My description: I wear a Goldenrod sleeveless shirt, under the old Enforcers uniform, and black metal studded gloves. I wear dark denim skinny jeans, with middle brown enforcer boots. My hair is spiked, and mostly blonde, with black low-lights, and three thick strands in front of my face.My eyes are Electric blue. My expression is almost always serious when dueling, but i am always in either a joking, sad or serious mood when around my friends.
Duel Runner description: It's a Gold hybrid model, with dark blue stripes. It has all of the latest tech, including a mysterious speed ship to allow it to go beyond the performance of a normal duel runner. It's crouch-rocket as well.
My story: When i was 9, i ran away from home. By the Time i was Ten, i had become one of the best known duelists in my age group. By the time i was thirteen, i had made several Decks for people, who had all ended up winning prestigious tournaments with them. I had created my own deck, that had never failed me before. I used XX-saber, thunder, and machine/warrior monsters. The deck never failed me. I never backed down from a challenge, even if it seemed too tough for someone like me. I told them i wasn't weak, and they lost. I was given the nickname "The XX-Saber Knight" at age 13. Ever at age 15, i joined the Enforcers, after being transported to Sattelite, and having a tracker placed under his right eye, in the same shape as Yusei's, but slightly thinner. He met Yusei first, after dueling with him in a forced duel. He won, and was brought to Kalin, who allowed him to join. Kalin accepted him, and became close friends with Mason, as did Yusei, Jack, and Crow. After the team broke up, he wandered for a year and a half, and strived to become a better duelist. I got an invite to the fortune cup, and that's where i met up with Yusei and Jack again. I met Alex and Emi when i was traveling with Yusei to get parts for upgrading my Duel Runner.

loza, i like to be descriptive
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over a year ago Eris24 said…
Name: Kalina Airro
Age: 19
Kind of signer: dark signer
Power: I can grow bat wings and fly
Hometown: Satilite
Deck: fantasy and death
My signature card: black gothic bridal
Description of my signature creature: looks like a bride but more deader
Description of duelrunner: it look a lot like Kalin's but it is dark maroone and it is the same style as his
Description (actual looks): short dark brown hair kind of wavy gos do to I say shoulders, my eyes are hazel, and I wear a black choker around my neck my shirt is my fav color red my jeans are black with glitter and my marker that is on both eyes and under my mouth (it gos down to my chin)
My story: When I was living in the satilite I was put into the facility because I was come plittly crazy my father and mother are both died I am an only child and an orphan since the age of 12 I didn't have any friends. That when a sertun dark signer got me out of the facility (i am the age of 19 now) he had prison marker to except it was dark red he had white hair and grayish eyes he looked at my markers in shook because there were many on my face I asked him in quiet voice "who are you" he had heard me because he was coming next to me he said "I am Kalin Kessler I am here to get you out of here and join the dark signers if you want to get out of here and what is your name" I stood up and looked at him in the eye with barely any life in them and replayed "yes I would like get out of here at any cost but three things, first I need my deck, next I need my duelrunner, and third my name is Kalina Airro" the man named Kalin said "okay Kalina I will get you out of here first then I will get your deck and runner but first give me what they look like so I can remember" I said " cards are death and fantasy cards you see card that says mermaid melody girl and it is a tunner card that's my deck my runner is black and dark maroone you can't mis it and it has a weird style" "okay". After that he did exactly as he said he would he got my deck and my runner which to me surprisingly looked like his. When we got to the dark signer base (I don't know what it's called) I got my sign it was a bat and my marker changed to black I was tired and hungry and then everyone heard my stomach growl I looked down embarrassed and slid behind Kalin he looked at me and said in a very quiet whisper that he would take me to get something to eat. Three days later I told Kalin about rough life and he seemed to under stand me because he was there in his own life too by now he was my secret crush that I did not him or the other men but I told Carly and Misty, Carly was proud of me that I told someone other than keeping it to myself Misty was just agreed with Carly. When it came time to duel the signer named yusei me and Kalin teamed up I was losing life points and Kalin knew this so he tried his best to help me not lose and end up in the shader realm but with one final blow I was done my runner had flipped over my body and I was in a lot of pain Kalin quickly stop and jumped off and ran to me he was crying there by my body he said in a crying voice "please tell me your going to be all right please tell me your not going to die please my heart can't take to see you like this" I raised up my body and he put his arms on my back and a few tears landed on my face I took his face in my hand made him look at my eyes I said in a voice of sweetness "don't worry I'll be fine I promise and two things, one please don't cry, two do you l l l love me because I love you" he was a little stunned but said "I do love you and I will try not to worry but please just tell me why you didn't tell me you loved me earlier then that way I wouldn't has let you duel with me" "he's right you know" said another mans voice I was guessing it was Yusei's voice "maybe you are both right but will still not change the fact that I'm dying" I looked at my left hand it was starting to fade away "looks like my times up make sure you go whop those dark signers butts for me Kalin and Yusei please" I said as I was fading but before I did I kissed Kalin on the check and smiled at him then said my last eight words to him "good bye Kalin Kessler I will miss you" then I faded away to the shadow realm.
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over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Name: Hope DeClark

Age: 18

Signer: Dragon's Head (Natural Born leader, and has a knack for being able to find a way out of any situation. She is normally very quiet, until you get to know her, that is.)

Signer Ability: One Frame of Mind(less prominent version of Clear Mind), and Selfless Whim.

Hometown: Crash Town(Later re-named "Satisfaction Town" by Kalin Kessler)

Deck: Recycler (Normal Deck) Ruiner (Turbo Deck)

Signature Card: (LV 8)Scrap Dragon/(LV 9)Scrap Twin Dragon
(Description): This card spirit is a Dragon made completely of Scrap Metal. This dragon appears to have an odd under-glow that shines from within the depths of it's body. This Dragons ability is as follows: "Once per turn you can destroy one card you control to destroy one card your opponent controls. If this card is destroyed by your opponents card effect, you can special summon one non-syncro "scrap" monster from your graveyard."

Scrap Twins Dragons appearance is relatively the same. It retains it's underglow, but the spirit comes with a second head. This cards ability is as follows: "Once per turn you can destroy one card you control to return two cards your opponent controls to their hand. If this card is destroyed by battle or by your opponents card effect, you can special summon one non-syncro "scrap" monster from your graveyard."

Description(Duelist): Hope wears a variation of the old Enforcers uniform. Her vest is a very light brown color with a slate blue sleeveless tee. She wears dark denim jeans tucked into brown boots. She wears fingerless studded gloves, and dog tags from her days in Crash Town. Along with that, she wears white buckles around her toned arms and forearms. She is a very lean and well muscled individual, with bright green eyes, and brown hair that falls just below her lower back. When riding, she pulls it back to fit it inside of her helmet.

Duel Runner: A pure white Phantom runner, with small wings attached to the lodge on the back, to increase its aerodynamic qualities. It contains a chip that increases engine and CPU performance, along with a fuse-lodge good for three turbo boosts. While on this, she wears a maroon riding suit and a grey helmet, similar in appearance to Yusei's.

Story: Hope was orphaned as a child, left with no home or family. Her parents both died in a Duel Runner accident, though that is unbeknownst to her. She had no settlement of her own and often wandered from place to place. Eventually, she made her way to Crash Town, and found someone to call her guardian. Hope settled down there until she turned 16. She then took her Duel Runner and moved to New Domino City, in hopes of forming a Three-man team and joining the WRPG. She eventually ran into two other Duelists, who went by the name of Kaiser and Flint. Both were very gentlemanly towards her, and showed her to her new apartment building soon after she met them. Weeks later, they all decided to form a Three-man team and Enter the WRPG. It was there that they met another Signer, who went by the name of Mason Coleman. It was later revealed to Hope that Kaiser and Flint were also signers. The Dragons Foot belonged to Kaiser and The Claw to Flint.
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