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posted by Courtneyfan6
(Cut to the hopsital; the duel runners and Carly's car race to the front enterance.The gang arrive at the reception desk.)
Nurse: Oh, Akiza! 당신 weren't due till two weeks, now, dear. Well, I guess we could try and squeeze 당신 in somewhere, huh?
Jack: What if is another false alarm again.. (Yusei turns at him sternly).. Oh, right, Akiza's water breaks.
Akiza: Ahhhhhhhh!!!
Yusei: 당신 okay, Akiza?
Akiza: Get this thing outta me!!!!
Yusei: Okay, Akiza, just relax and breathe.
(Akiza breathing deeply)
Crow: I think she's okay. She's crazy!
Jack: I think 당신 mean "crazyier".
Akiza: Aaahh!!!!
Carly: Speaking...
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Explanation - I don't even know. This just popped into my head like a week 이전 and now I'm 글쓰기 a Fanfiction about it.

What if the Enforcers had a leader before Kalin Kessler? Before Yusei, Jack and 까마귀 joined their ranks? What if? That's what I'll be expanding upon.

Character List:

5D's Characters:
Yusei Fudo
Kalin Kessler
Jack Atlas
까마귀 Hogan

Fanfiction Characters:
Ezra Leonhardt(Female, 19)(Deck Name: Ruin and Renewal)
Jason Miller(Male, 18)(Deck Name: Beast Fortress)
Harper Mad(Male, 20)(Deck Name: Rehabilitated Archfiend)
Sina Loyd(Female, 19)(Deck Name: Hilltop Sanctuary)

Decklist Feature:
One Decklist will be featured every chapter.

The first Chapter will be up later today, for those interested.
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posted by Courtneyfan6
[The beautiful morning sunlight was bright and warm, pouring into the room through the window beside Yusei and Akiza. Akiza squinted, her eyes slowly opening and adjusting to the brightness. She enjoyed the feeling and stretched out my body.]
Yusei: (yawns)
Akiza: (sighs)
Yusei: Good morning.
Akiza: Good morning.
(Then, the door opens to see Jack, Crow, Leo, Luna, Kalin and Carly interrupt them)
Crow: (singing) Good morning, good morning, the sun is shining through...... good morning, good morning to 당신 and 당신 and you!
Jack: 당신 guys are growing up so fast.
Yusei: Not fast enough, Jack.
Kalin: Okay....
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(6 weeks later atfer the birth of Yusei and Akiza's daughter, Aurora Destiny Fudo, Team 5D's invites the small gathering at Yusei, Jack and Crow's place. Akiza had started 로스트 her baby weight, got a job at the 꽃 샵 and Team 5D's are working on the brand new engine for the 초 WRGP.)
(Now, Akiza is feeding Aurora with some baby formula, Akiza wears the same outfit in episode 152, smiling at her. Aurora has her black hair, steaked with red, has Yusei's blue eyes and has Akiza's skin color.)
Akiza: You're so cute when I feeding you, huh?
Aurora: (cooing)
(Leo and Luna showed up)
Leo: Hey,...
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posted by Courtneyfan6
(Akiza is 5 months pregnant)
(Akiza is going baby shopping with the girls, Carly, Sherry, Brittany & Amber whlie the boys worked on the duel runners in the garage.)
(Later, the boys are watching the show, Victorious.)
*Andre: I do not have a ketchup problem!
Crow: (laughs) Funny.
Jack: I like this and the another show, iCarly.
Crow: I can we watch the football game.
Jack: The game isn't aired till Sunday.
Bruno: Hey, guys, have 당신 had a crush on someone right now?
Yusei: Yeah; Akiza.
Jack: Carly.
Crow: How should I know? I'm single.
Jack: Why did 당신 ask, mate?
Bruno: Because I.....I.... I HAD A CRUSH...
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