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Oliver a.k.a Green arrow, was watching the 런던 Olympics on TV cheering on America in Archery when Roy burst into the room with an angry look on his face.
"What did I tell 당신 about planning a surprise party!" he panted rapidly. GA stood up.
"Who told you?"
"Wally couldn't keep his mouth shut. Sooner 또는 later he said something about it!"
"Dang!" GA whispered to himself.
"There's no way I'm having a surprise party!"
"We'll, okay then, since 당신 know about it, it wont be a surprise party. Problem solved." he sat back down on the 침상, 소파 as the women's 100m running began to start.
"Just 취소하기 the whole...
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posted by khanna266
Ari went to the bathroom to take a 샤워 when,she heard chuckling coming from behind her,but when she turned around noone was there.She reached for the doorknob,and then all of a sudden Beastboy was standing right in front of
her."Ahh!Who the heck are you?"She yelled,"i'm
Beastboy one of the members of the team.You must be Ari.M'gann told me about you."he said,"Yeah,well it was a nice chat,but i need to take a 샤워 if 당신 don't mind."she said,so he let herthrough and she stripped naked and got in the 샤워 as she was bathing she thought about earlier that 일 when she hurt batgirl."I never...
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Dick opened his eyes. He was still extremely tired and his side hurt badly. He blinked a few times, trying to remember the facts. Zucco stabbed me. I'm still alive. I wish I wasn't. He sat up slowly in the 침대 in the Med-Bay. "Hey, you're up." yawned a voice. Dick stared at Artemis. Her eyes were puffy and her hair was a mess. "Yeah." he whispered, watching her. "Were 당신 crying?" Artemis rubbed her eyes and said, "Just a little bit. But you're the only one who knows." Dick smiled. "It's good to cry 당신 know." She rolled her eyes and stared at him. "Seriously Dick. I think we might have jumped...
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posted by DiamondYJ
Dick was silent as Wally and Artemis walked 의해 him. She glanced at him. "Dick, are you..?" He nodded to her. "I'm fine, Artemis." He ran ahead. "I guess he just wants to see his parents again." she whispered. Wally flinched. "Artie, his parents aren't missing." She cocked her head. "They're dead." Artemis stopped in her tracks. "Zucco murdered them?" Wally nodded. She bolted past him and up to Dick. He was surprised when she hugged him. "Art?" he asked in surprise. Wally smiled at his friend's confusion. He jogged up to them and pointed. "We got some druggies up ahead." he pointed out. Artemis...
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Wally knelt behind a pile of crates. He had no idea where his teammates had gone. There was only one way to contact them without Sportsmaster knowing they were here. "Hey K.F, have 당신 seen Supey?" says a voice. Wally jumps. "Jeez, Nightwing. Way to finally show up." He shrugs. "I had to set up the spy cams. If 당신 had come, Sportsmaster definately would have known we were here." Wally put his hand on his chest. "Oh I'm hurt, bro. But no, I haven't seen Supey. Haven't really seen anyone." There is a pause. "You don't think..." Nightwing shakes his head. "No way this is a trap..."
"Wally!" echoed...
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Artemis stared at M'Gann. "So," she began quietly. "You've known this entire time since 당신 were on Earth, that the martians and kromotaions were in some sort of blackmarket?" Wally glances at Artemis. He can tell she is furious. "I-I was." the scared martian admitted, wiping her tears away. Artemis looked away and narrowed her eyes. Dick sighed. "It isn't exactly her fault Artemis." The angry girl glowered even more. "She lied to us, Nightwing. What do 당신 expect me to do? Accept and 옮기기 on?" Wally rolled his eyes and snapped, "That is the stupidiest thing I've ever heard Artemis. 당신 kept...
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Wally reappeared in the kitchen, his costume on and ready to raid it. "In the 부엌, 주방 as usual West." says a steely voice. Artemis. He turns around and stares at her. "Artie..." he starts. "No, save it." Artemis snaps, pushing him aside and grabbing a water bottle. "No, I'm sorry." She tightens her grip on the bottle as she closes the fridge door. "It's whatever." Artemis says, pushing past him. He grabs her arm. "No. I've been such a jerk to you. And I'm sorry." She closed her eyes. "It's whatever." she repeated. Wally stared at her. "I lov-" Artemis was gone. He debated on whether he should...
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posted by brown-eyed-girl
Me: Hi superboy
SB: Hey
Me: So superboy this must be your first interview seeing how 당신 spent your whole life in a pod.
SB: I guess
Me: How does it feel to be out?
SB: good, I guess
ME: what do 당신 like to do for fun?
SB: Train, ride my mortycycle and take 늑대 on walks
ME: 당신 named him wolf
Sb: Yeah
Me not a very creative name
SB: Shrug
Everyone is yawning
ME: you’re not a very interesting person are you?
SB: Blame 슈퍼맨 I am his clone
ME: What about Lex Luther he is your human father
Audience: Aw man I didn’t know that. Spoiler. This is 별, 스타 wars all over again.
Many leave.
SB: how did 당신 know?...
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posted by DiamondYJ
Artemis Crock shifted her gaze to over her shoulder. School was so crowded now, so many kids. "Hey Artie." calls a voice. She snaps her gray eyes over to the most annoying boy she has ever met. "Wally...what did I tell 당신 about calling me that?" she sighs, running her hand through her ponytail. "Um, not to call 당신 it?" Wally guessed. "Exactly. So why do 당신 continue to do it?" He shot the cranky blonde a childish grin. "Because it annoys you." Artemis glared at him. "I swear Wally. One 일 당신 are going to regret calling me that." He opens his mouth to retort but a smaller boy pops up in...
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posted by brown-eyed-girl
Forgotten:Welcome home.
The team came back to the cave. They expected a lecture because they didn’t follow orders. Instead of just rescuing Robin they brought three extra people. They got caught which made Dr. Keptic blow up the place leaving no evidence for the league to collect, and all the bad guys got away.
The team walked quietly and slowly into the cave. 배트맨 waited for them at the door.
“Batman!” Robin yelled running to his mentor. Robin stood in front of him smiling, and then his smile faded.
“Do 당신 remember me?” He asked cautiously
“Yes Robin, I remember you”
Robin hugged...
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posted by brown-eyed-girl
Forgotten Explosion.

Everyone ran to the ship. Miss Martian tried to start the ship. Kid Flash looked around.
“Hey where’s rob” He asked.
“He went to get my wife” Dr. Williams explained.
“Where?” Aqualad asked. The professor pointed to a storage that suddenly exploded. Everyone got quiet.
“That doesn’t mean. They still could have made it” Kid Flash started. Rubble started raining down on the window. “What’s that?” Artemis said pointing to something that landed in front of the ship.
“It looks like….an “R” Miss. Martian said tearing up.
“No” Kf whispered making...
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posted by brown-eyed-girl
Forgotten: caught.
Everyone turned to the voice behind them. It was Proffeser. Keptic.
“That’s impossible” Robin said checking his screen. “The grid says that theres no one this floor” Robin said
“Your not the only one that can hack into the system boy wonder” he said.
“Walter, why are 당신 doing this” Dr.William spoke up
“Because 당신 guys shut his company down” Wally said
“is this true” Mrs. Williams asked.
“Partly. But also that 당신 choose that sorry excuse for a scientist over me. I could have givin 당신 everything.”
“You two use to date? Ew Wally said.
“Walter you...
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posted by khanna266
One 일 M'gann and Batgirl were talking when all of a sudden..."Girls come to the cave immediately!" 배트맨 announced 의해 surprise,"what do 당신 think it could be?" M'gann asked Batgirl."I don't know"she replied,and they went to the cave. "I want 당신 to meet someone" 배트맨 said glaring at the girls,they faced eachother for a 초 and turned back to 배트맨 where they saw a girl about the same height as Batman,with her light brown hair in a high ponytail wearing a black mask like Robins',she was also wearing a light blue tanktop and 치마 bith a quiver filled with arrows on her back and a wooden...
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posted by ShadowYJ
Remember that season 1 episode 'Failsafe'?
Well this is what I thought on how why they had to do it the 'Fake Mission Test' and stuff.

The Test:
Mount Justice 3:27pm
"Remind me NEVER to go near a bomb ever again!" Superboy said. With two black eyes and torn 셔츠 and pants-he looked a mess.
"But at least 당신 saved us," KidFlash stated "Or we wouldn't even be here-but in our death beds."
"You got that right." Artemis said She was really angry, as her trusty green bow had snapped in two AGAIN and she was completely out of arrows. Luckily the mission was over and they were back home, well Artemis...
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Roy was running out of arrows as he released them to the jets. He didn't bother to tell Megan because he thought she already knew. Although, she didn't.
"I'm going up there" Megan said to Roy. She flew away and didn't even look at Red Arrow. Roy used his last 애로우 and shot it to one jet and blew it up. All he could do now was dodge the bullets the jets released. As Megan was up in the air, she went through an incoming jet and grabbed the engine. She then noticed she made a terrible mistake.

A helicopter was spotted in the distance 의해 Artemis.
"Princess Alannah, your helicopter is here" Artemis...
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“I could have handled it” Wally said getting up and dusting himself off. Robin ran up to them.
“Artemis great you’re here” Robin said in a sarcastic tone.
“Nice to see 당신 too” Artemis replied.
“He just thinks that he doesn’t need help” Wally said massaging his shoulder.
“I don’t”
“Well we are here so we might as well help” Artemis said shooting arrows at the 초 henchmen that was running towards them. Foam covered his face. The henchmen walked the other way into a pole. Suddenly the concrete under them started cracking. The all turned to see 더 많이 henchmen.
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posted by brown-eyed-girl
The team ran in the training 슬래쉬 confrence room . 배트맨 was about to leave.
“wait!” everyone yelled. 배트맨 stopped and turned to them.
“Batman we have received some new information on the mission” Aqualad said.
“You have a protégé” Wally yelled. 배트맨 raised his eyebrow under his cowl. Megan stepped up and gave 배트맨 the sunglasses. 배트맨 inspected them.
“Do 당신 recognize them?” Meagan asked. Slowly 배트맨 raised his hand to his head.
“I…remember. Robin? Robin. I have a s” 배트맨 stopped himself. He was about to say son.
“protégé” he continued. “What happened”...
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The archers decided to go to Mount Justice since there was nothing else to do to try erase their guilty emotion from them. As they arrived, Robin welcomed Roy to a not so good topic.
"So," Robin started. "Did he catch you?" Roy sighed and looked at his younger team member.
"Do I really have to answer that?" Artemis wasn't involved in the boys topic. Instead she looked around for Wally. In the distance, Wally hid behind Conner and Kaldur who were having a man to man talk.
"Could 당신 hide somewhere else Wally?" Conner suggested as he pushed Wally closer to Artemis.
"No! Please don't! 당신 don't get...
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After the two archer's embarrassing moment, it was time to go home. Artemis came back from her changing room and handed Wally the rediculous clothes.
"That was the most stupidest thing I have done in my whole life!" Wally grinned.
"The most sexiest thing you've done" Artemis glared at Wally.
"Im gonna give 당신 a serious bruse if 당신 ever make me do that again!" She walked towards Wally and gave him a little push. "And this time, no ones gonna save you!" Wally slowly walked backwards. "Now wait a minute! Its still my birthday!" Robin walked towards the two older superheroes.
"Acually, it's way past...
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Robin braced himself but when he realized that he didn’t get hit. Robin slowly opened his eyes and saw KF smiling at him.
“Hey Robin”
“KF?” Robin looked around and saw they were on the street. He looked down the 거리 and saw them getting away.
“KF what did 당신 do their getting away”
“I saved you. 당신 were about to be pummeled” Wally said.
“Well I don’t need your help” Robin said pushing him away.
“Hey Rob I think 당신 do” KF said.
“Joker’s my responsibility”
“Let me help Rob” Wally whined. Robin sighed.
“You take care of his clown henchmen, but leave Joker...
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