Young Justice OC'S!!! Not mandatory

Robin_Love posted on Jun 11, 2013 at 03:37AM
Okay. I don't know why. People like chewing me out and I'm sick of being every bitches toy!!! So, for a little while, until I figure some stuff out....I'm sorry guys. But I'm leaving. I never wanted to, but I've been chewed out and I can't handle it right now. You can message me. I'll be here. Just not on this club. Not until I get a little repaired. I'm really sorry guys. I just wanted to be a good owner for the club.

~R_L out

Young Justice OC'S!!! 2 replies

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over a year ago SilverWings13 said…
Awz, you're doin' fine, R_L. If pplz can't handle it, they can go live on that planet where the haters dwell. But if you need a little time to yourself, I respect your decision 100%. I'm here if ya need me, girl.
over a year ago BladeYJ said…
Motherfucker *clears throat* Excuse my french~ BUT NOT ANOTHER DAMN PERSON -.- I'll miss you, G