Young Justice OC'S!!! Battle of the Sub-teams/Squads

SilverWings13 posted on Jan 23, 2013 at 01:47AM
Ready for my next random idea? So, I'm sure y'all are aware of the numerous sub-team/squads (i.e. Double Helix) here at le club. Now, what would happen if we pitted these teams together in some kind of competition/battle? The full layout of it is still forming in my brain (it's stuck on a Hunger Games mode (stick-them-all-in-an-arena-and-see-who-te­rmi­nat­es who), though I don't think that'll end up being it....), but it will be in the form of an article/series. I'm open for ideas! Especially for the title of it.

If you think this'd be cool, sign up your team below. One team per creator. If you already have a full article of them, or of each individual dude/dudet, feel free to post a ink instead of writing up the entire thing all over again. I need names, ages, descrips, skills, weaknesses; not so much bios... Unless there's some major detail in there you want to share. Also, make sure no one else is using any of the OCs in their own squad they plan on entering. I'll post more info and fill out info for Double Helix as an example in a bit (after I finish the monumental stack of homework I have). Dat chill?

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over a year ago AislingYJ said…
This is sooo coollllll!!!! And now I don't have to completely abandon the Castaways after all!!!!
Team Name: Castaways
Name: Caitlyn Eleanor Grayson
Alias: None
Age: 14
Appearance: about 5'6", slender, straight blonde hair about mid-chest length (occasionally worn in a ponytail), blue eyes (the same shade as Robin's and Fin's).
Personality: fun, cheerful, optimistic, smart, good problem solver, headstrong, talkative, a bit impulsive, confident, determined, friendly, resourceful, independent
Powers: none, but she ALWAYSSSSS has her red bucket with her. The bucket has pretty much anything she'd ever need, from a teleporter, rope, weapons, dictionaries, everything. She is okay with Spanish (not fluent, but she knows some) and she knows Romanian (Grayson tradition!!!) She is also a skilled acrobat.
Weaknesses: Without her bucket, she's pretty much useless. She might be able to fight for a bit, as she has some hand-to-hand combat skills, but she is easily taken down.
Note: She is Robin's cousin, and was in the circus with Robin and Fin when their parents were killed.

Name: Reese Jonathan Muldoon
Alias: Blackfox
Age: 14
Appearance: 5'7", average build, short brown hair, brown eyes
Personality: quiet, slightly shy, kind, natural leader, loyal, logical and clever, likes being on his own when he needs to think things through, observant, curious, insecure, calm
Powers: he is part fox (although he doesn't have fox ears or anything and acts completely human, there's only a little bit of fox DNA in him) and he can sometimes turn himself into a solid black fox, although he sometimes can't control this power. Also, he is incredibly smart and clever and he's great at problem solving; he serves as the "brains" of the team.
Weaknesses: He's actually really insecure and often self-doubting, which can lead to some problems, and he's not that good of a fighter. He is pretty fast and stealthy but he's not strong enough to do very much damage.
Note: Reese is bisexual, although he's only come out to Caitlyn, as he worries about the others' reactions (he isn't exactly planning on telling anyone else anytime soon). He has established feelings for Caitlyn but he also has feelings for another boy (who he will not disclose). ((You don't actually need this information for the story, I just felt like sharing >.<))

Name: Constance Isadora Laine
Alias: Contraire
Age: 12
Appearance: about 4'8" or 4'9", chunky, wispy/curly red hair, greenish brown eyes, freckles
Personality: cranky, irritable, sarcastic, sassy, whiny, just generally unpleasant. She's lazy but is incredibly persistant, determined and stubborn and is actually extremely loyal to her team. She's also immature, grumpy, and pessimistic. In other words, she has the mind of a 2 year old! Yay!
Powers: telepathy, a sort of "sixth sense" which picks up on danger, lies, and the like and has also been known to predict things such as weather and allows her to sometimes "see" or sense what's going on in other places that she can't actually see. She is also, despite everything, actually very intelligent and quite perceptive. She doesn't do much hand to hand combat, but, as she puts it, "I like sharp things". Whatever that means.
Weaknesses: because she's so small and chunky, she is neither fast nor strong, but she does have a very nasty bite. Also, her argumentative nature causes lots of fights between her team that makes them weaker overall.

Name: Dawn Evelyn Baker
Alias: Obsidian
Age: 16
Appearance: 5'4", average build, long black hair, dark eyes, half-Asian
Personality: extremely quiet (like, she almost never talks), very sarcastic and has a sassy streak, sensitive and caring, determined, doesn't like attention focused on herself, sensitive, doesn't like showing her emotions.
Powers: manipulates darkness, invisibility (similar to an invisibility cloak in that she still makes sound and she can't pass through solid objects), can send waves of dark energy as an attack that can paralyze enemies and also, if she uses enough energy, can be an actual weapon. She also uses a katana sometimes, and she's good at projectiles. She's very good at stealth and she's pretty fast and agile.
((I just realized how similar she is to Raven in Teen Titans, both powers and personality..whatevs))
Weaknesses: she can't use up too much dark energy or else she passes out, and if she uses WAYYY too much the darkness will actually consume her. Also, sometimes her powers spaz which can mess with the electricity or the light of a room; it's often that she'll accidentally kill all the lights in whatever place she's in.

Name: Adam Salinski
Alias: Compression
Appearance: 6'1", kinda solid, curly blonde hair, green eyes
Personality: quiet, tough, "doesn't take shit from anyone" attitude, can be sarcastic, hotheaded and impulsive, temperous and easily provoked, will do ANYTHING to protect his friends, headstrong
Powers: Adam can grow or shrink to any size. When he grows or shrinks, his abilities (speed, strength, endurance, etc.) also change to reflect his new size. So if he grows to be 20 feet tall, he'll be extremely strong and rock-solid, but if he shrinks to be 2 inches tall he'll be weak but fast and stealthy. He's pretty good at hand to hand combat, and when he's at different sizes other than his "base" (his normal height of 6'1") he'll use any objects as weapons. For example, if he's huge he might use a car or a table or something, and if he's tiny he might resort to stabbing the enemy with a thumbtack or stapler.
Weaknesses: He can't grow to be taller than 20 feet or shorter than 1 inch. Also when he's grown or shrunk he is still vulnerable to all the weaknesses of that size. So if he's small he can't run for as long, he won't be very strong, and there's always the danger of being stepped on. However, when he's huge he's a lot slower. In addition, he can't change sizes too much in a short period of time, or else his body will get weird and he might get stuck at one size.

Name: Vanessa "Nessi" Jenkins
Alias: Miss Matter
Age: 16
Appearance: about 5'5", slender but has some curves, short reddish-purple hair, blue-green eyes, lightly tanned skin
Personality: girly, flirty, extreeeemely sassy, can be rude, bossy, generally bitchy, hates getting dirty, on the lazy side, kinda judgemental, often yells at other members on her team, can be whiny
Powers: can change her state of matter by transforming herself into a liquid or gas, and she can do the same with any object that she is touching. She can also density-shift, similar to M'gann. She's also good with throwing knives, and she's pretty agile.
Weaknesses: her power doesn’t work always with other humans or animals, but it does work with other living things like plants and fungi, and inanimate objects.

Oh, and Aisling is pretty good friends with Caitlyn and will often be asked to help out with their team, even if it's just simply to settle one of their frequent arguments. As you can guess, the chemistry of this team can be kinda weird, and they fight A LOT.
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over a year ago BladeYJ said…
Deciding if it should be (just) Blade and Dante.. >;D
over a year ago SilverWings13 said…
If you want, though they'll be going up against teams of 5-7....
over a year ago BladeYJ said…
They're badass.... (enough)
over a year ago MoannaYJ said…
((Rawr am I allowed to include Tesla's team also? Even though I already have the Castaways? Pweeeeeaseeeeeeeee???
over a year ago SilverWings13 said…
Noooooz, there can't be too many teams. Sowwy.
over a year ago MoannaYJ said…
((Awhhhh...:( Well can I do it if not too many others sign up? Cuz a villain team might be cool to have in there...))
over a year ago SilverWings13 said…
Hmmm... Let's see how many teams end up on here, then I'll make a final decision ;)
over a year ago BloodyMascara_ said…
*Waves hand around* Wounded Sparrows! Or or or, Ebony Arrows!
((You're enjoying this too much.))
*Giggle fit, cuddles Ciel* I know, I know. Veils of Death?! Flames of the Numerous!? CAKE!?!
((You need to eat more cake.))
I know. *Puts on thinking cap* What about Clouded Minds! Or or or, Justice in the Arena!?! *Squeals* I'm having so much fun!
((*Giggles* I know you are.))
over a year ago KatRox1 said…
You can just use my Reborn Article, right? 'Cause... I don't feel like explaining the whole team... There's too many of them!
over a year ago Punk__Heart said…
Team Name: SABER


Name: Scarlet Adenfeld
Alias: Flame Rose
Age: 16
Personality: Level-headed, stubborn, quick-tempered, she's easily drawn into a fight, sarcastic, likes to taunt whoever she's fighting, hotheaded
Appearance: long orange hair (usually worn in a ponytail), purple eyes, 5'9", strong build
Skills: some hand to hand combat skills, sometimes uses a bo-staff to fight, she is a witch so she can use spells as well as control the element of fire, she is fast agile and flexible
Weaknesses: water, (as weird as it sounds) fire extiguishers and dark magic, if she over uses her powers she will cough up blood and pass out

Name: Leone or Leo (Scar is the only one who's allowed to call him Leo) Rayner
Alias: Shift
Age: 17
Personality: serious, quick-tempered, funny, sarcastic, only opens up to people he's close to, protects his friends
Appearance: short brown hair, electric blue eyes, 6'0", small but solid build
Skills: He is able to shift into any animal form he wants (hence his alias), he is good at hand to hand combat and can analyze and identify a persons fighting style just by looking at them, he is strong, fast and agile despite how big he is
Weaknesses: A draw-back to his powers is that he is vulnerable while he's shifting so one of his teammates must cover him and his eye sight is not as good a regular persons eye sight

Name: Shawn Neil
Alias: Lancer
Age: 16
Personality: Narcasistic, stubborn, calm, likes to relentlessly taunt people, will protect his teammates, impulsive
Appearance: longish, wavy black hair, green eyes, 6'3", solid build
Skills: he is a necromancer and he dual-weilds two swords called "Obsidian" and "The Lurker", he is slower and less agile due to his size but he makes up for that in brute strength
Weaknesses: He hates taking orders from people and constantly does things without thinking which in turn gets him stuck in bad situations

Name: Nathaniel 'Nate' Loane
Alias: Invo
Age: 18
Personality: quiet, keeps to himself, level-headed, easily provoked, loyal, observant, he's gay though he hasn't told anyone (I forgot to include this in his bio update)
Appearance: longish white-silver hair, yellow eyes, 5'11", strong, lean build
Skills: He is half demon so he has heightened senses of sight, hearing and smell, he is a mixed martial artist and is trained in other forms of hand to hand combat, he will sometimes use a pistol
Weaknesses: because of his heightened senses he sometimes becomes overwhelmed and due to the fact that he's only a half demon he sometimes reverts into his human form (black hair and brown eyes)

Name: Lesley Sante
Alias: Jinx
Age: 14
Personality: calm, level-headed, smart, can sometimes be immature, she's loyal to her teammates and will always protect those close to her
Appearance: straight blonde hair with red streaks, brown eyes, 5'6", slender
Skills: she has the ability to make illusions, and though she may not look the part she is strong, she also has the ability to see peoples fears and desires which she will often use for her illusions
Weaknesses: her illusions will sometimes back fire and hit her and her teammates, which is partially why she calls herself Jinx