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YJTTFAN posted on Dec 16, 2012 at 04:01AM
Zombies. Everywhere. Most of the worlds population have been wiped out. Few people are alive. All adults are dead. Though teens have a larger immunity from the zombie virus. No one cares who they were before. Only who they are now. They don’t have their normal names. Only their code names, that are the name of the city they were in or that they are trying to get to. They have jobs. Roles to play. They call themselves ‘YJ: OC’s Young Juveniles: Order of Castaways. There are different groups spread across the world. Each country has a group and groups have squads.
The United States of America's group’s gone dark.
The team had been destroyed.
One survived.
Victor shall rebuild.

Name= Not your OCs name. Their city code name.
Clothing= BE REALISTIC. It’s a zombie apocalypse. You understand what I’m talking about.
Weapon of Choice= NO MAGIC. And try to be realistic. So unless their parents were like experts at fencing, no swords or something similar.
YJ OC Job= This ties in with their skill. For example if they were ‘strong’ and ‘building’ then they would fortify the walls of whatever temporary base they take cover in. Or if they were ‘nocturnal’ and ‘focused’ then they would be a look out for night shifts. Be sure to explain what and why.
Weakness: TWO WEAKNESS. For example ‘strong’ and ‘building could also be ‘slow’ and ‘dumb’ or for the second set it could be ‘tired’ and ‘anger management’ or it could be a sickness or a disease.
Backstory: Ties in with everything. Why they have their city name, their weapon and skill.

Weapon of Choice:

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over a year ago YJTTFAN said…

Name: Chicago
Age: 12
Appearance: Sapphire blue eyes, black hair, small and lithe
Clothing: [Oversized] Black hoodie over a hospital gown that was cut into a t-shirt shape, jeans and sneakers.
Weapon of Choice: Hunting knife
Skill: Speed and Theft
Job: Scout. She’s small and can run ahead of the group and steal supplies and other necessities.
Weakness: Weak and Cocky; She can not carry much for a long amount of time. She's a kid and can ignore rules and safety often.
Backstory: She’s an amnesiac. Chicago claims to have woken up in an empty hospital and while she ran through the halls, there was plenty of zombies that she had to fight off with a fire emergency ax. Then she ran out of the city and went in a small forest reserve and found her clothing and her weapon in an abandoned campsite. Then she left the preserve and stole a car to the nearest big city; Chicago. Where she helped Victor by giving him medical supplies.
over a year ago AislingYJ said…
Name: Tampa
Age: 15
Appearance: solid, tall, about 5'9" or 5'10", pale skin, short wavy dark brown hair (ponytail), blue-green eyes, freckles
Clothing: faded hoodie sweatshirt, torn and was once a purple color, baggy black sweatpants that are too short on her by a few inches, old black Converse
Weapon of Choice: bow and arrow
Skill: navigation, strength
Job: Navigator and archer/guard
Weakness: slow and clumsy, insecure and self-doubting
Backstory: Tampa grew up in San Diego. As a kid, before the Zombiepocalypse, she was always interested in archery, but never really got a chance to pursue it because her parents didn't think she needed the skill. Then her parents were killed by zombies and she was almost killed; she woke up in her school's supply shed not remembering anything except the word Tampa. Just so conveniently, the supply shed happened to have a bow and quiver of arrows in it (because why not? they're practice arrows!). Although she didn't know why, she was fascinated by the arrows, and took them with her. She fought off some zombies and stuff and found some YJ OCs people who convinced her to join them and told her that Tampa was a city, so she assumed that she needed to go there and made it her code name. The only other thing the amnesia left her besides the word Tampa was an amazing sense of direction, so she became their navigator. The end. ;)
over a year ago InfinityYJ said…
Name: Providence
Age: 13
Appearance: short, spiky black hair with gold highlights, cobalt blue eyes, short and thin
Clothing: gold/orange hoodie with sleeves cut off to become a tank top, grey 3/4 sleeve shirt, ripped jean shorts, green/grey combat boots
Weapon of Choice: pistol
Skill: aim, stealth
Job: Backup. When needed she can sneak into certain places and help anyone in a sticky situation.
Weakness: trusts people easily, overconfident. She's always needing some type of support when a situation gets too problematic. Her overconfidence leads to accidental shots that either miss or draw attention. Also, she doesn't like to eat much, putting others before herself.
Backstory: Providence (known as Den to some) grew up with her mother in collage and her father missing. She developed anorexia for a little while, but got over it soon, although the lingering feeling was still there. Eventually her mom got remarried and her step-dad moved in. Her step-dad often took her laser tagging, and, when she was older, paint balling, increasing her aim with different guns, but she still preferred a pistol. When her parents were attacked, Den found a real pistol under her mom's mattress along with some ammo. When she realized the only people she had were gone, she decided to go try to find her real dad, who supposedly lived in Providence, Rhode Island. On her way there, she stopped to grab another pistol and some ammo, but was ignorant and got trapped in the hordes of zombies in a small town. The YJOCs found and helped her out. Wary, but hopeful, she explained to them about her parents, and they began to call her Providence. A little upset by the mouthful, she asked instead to be called Den. Some obliged, some did not. She likes the ones who do call her that a little more.
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over a year ago Mclovin_69 said…

Name= ( i confused with this can choose....but like hes used to citys so maybe umm) Down Town Toronto
Clothing= tall, slim black hair that covers his eyes usually, grey eyes, fairly attractive
Weapon of Choice= i would say sword cause thats his main weapon but how bout daggers.
Skill= stealth, strenght
YJ OC Job= being the aware and alert person he is he would probably take night shifts to guard the territory consdiering he cant sleep usually.
Weakness: he doesnt eat much whien he should, he often puts others before himself in a situation. He has bad communication.
Backstory: when he was 7 his mother ran away from his dads drinking problems, his dad blames him for most of what happened to his mother and beats on him, his dad is never really sober and often makes him get money for him. He gained his sword or daggers skill when he trained with his uncle and cousin Jet, he gained his trust issues when his father lied to him about his mother being dead, he has social anxiety that also makes it hard to communicate around others.

(( if u need another thing for the city i can change it ))
over a year ago Mclovin_69 said…
oops forgot clothing: he wears a white t-shirt and black tightish jeans with grey combat boots