Young Justice OC'S!!! The 2012 OC Choice Awards!

AislingYJ posted on Nov 25, 2012 at 01:04AM
So..Raven's poll got me thinking..what if we did annual awards for people? There would be different categories, and you can nominate users, OCs, or stories on this forum. Then, after a certain date, nominations close and you PM your votes to me (or someone else..we could figure that out).

Possible categories:
Best one-shot (s) (nominate a user or story)
Best series (nominate a user or story)
Most interesting hero overall (OC)
Most interesting villain overall (OC)
Most interesting backstory for a hero or villain (OC)
Most creative plot (story or chapter)
Best cliffhangers (chapter)
Best OC team (ex. Castaways, Double Helix, etc.) (OCs)
Best/most unique/most well-written death (OC and story)
Best RP battle or conversation (link to a wall post, MUST be PG rated, so no couple snogging or any of that)
Best picture (image or video)
Best couple (OCs)
...and that's all I can think of. Thoughts?

Update: contest rules!
1. You cannot nominate or vote for yourself. The one exception is the RP category; you can nominate/vote for a RP that you started, as well as one you took part in, providing that at least one other person was involved (so no back-and-forth between your own hero and villain OCs).
2. All nominations MUST be PG rated and abide by all the rules of the club made by R_L. A link to her rules is here: link
3. You may only nominate or vote once for each category.
4. You may not convince or pressure others into voting for you. All votes must be fair and square.
5. The submission can be from any time, from any user and member of this club. It could've been posted 10 months ago, or yesterday. It doesn't matter.
6. Have fun!!!

And prizes. Props will be involved, as well as some recognition. I just haven't figured out what.

EDIT again:
Loki/BelovedRobin is officially the vote counter. Thanks, bud!!!
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Young Justice OC'S!!! 13 replies

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over a year ago ValacYJ said…
((Go for it, gur.))
over a year ago The_Writer said…
Love it!!!

We should totally do it!
over a year ago AislingYJ said…
((Ya'll think there are too many categories? I could probably combine some, like the best one-shots overall by user, and the best individual one-shot..))
over a year ago The_Writer said…
You do need to run it by G first though. Or make a whole new club devoted to it.
over a year ago The_Writer said…
All of the ones that are basically the same except you say list story and list creator, just combine them!
over a year ago SilverWings13 said…
I'm all for this! Great idea, Ash!
over a year ago AislingYJ said…
Okay, I edited it to combine a few of the categories. Any thoughts on a date when nominations should end?
over a year ago SilverWingsYJ said…
Next Friday, IMHO.
over a year ago AislingYJ said…
EDITED for rules and added "best couple" category!
over a year ago The_Writer said…
Uh, Saturday before Christmas?
over a year ago AislingYJ said…
@ducky: I think that's a little too soon. We should give 'em a little longer........:P
@66: hmmm...good idea. And then they'll have till New Years or maybe the beginning of January to vote.
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over a year ago Eclipse-YJ said…
Alright then, Lets get this party started!
over a year ago BentleyYJ said…
(( Rawr ))