Young Justice OC'S!!! Auditions for Phantom Corps!

-BelovedRobin posted on Nov 18, 2012 at 03:32AM
"Hey, aren't you suppose to be dead?"

Ahaha, no. Anyways, I created a new team known as the Phantom Corps in which acts like the undercover agencies of the Justice League. All the members are misfits of society, and if not, former criminals.

I decide to hold up auditions for OCs to join this team. If you do get chosen to be in this corps. every article written about them will have your OC include as well as I will draw a picture of your OC. If you don't want you OC to be an official member, but want them to interact with the corps. either message or IM me.


You can enter up to 2 OCs with their bios onto this forum. Their bio must include:

Alias/Hero Name:
Mentor: (if any)
Random Notes: (like little quirks, for example "Stray enjoys cat puns" shit like that.)
Photo or description of character appearance.

I will pick 2 OCs to join.
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over a year ago bakes2389 said…
big smile
Are you back!? As in back on this site!?

...........I'd join, but I'm still debating whether to return or not.

I'll come up with something to write about and love the idea lovely!
over a year ago BentleyYJ said…
(( umm idk if u shud do this and baker!!! U come back!!! I miss u :'(!! ))
over a year ago bakes2389 said…
Miss you too <3
over a year ago -BelovedRobin said…
What so bad about doing this Mc_lov, ain't like I'm hurting anybody or did I trigger something? Anyways, YES BAKER!! I am! I'll tell you my reason later 'kay or I'll tell you over Tumblr. HONEY, it's up to you whether or not though I will freakin' flip my shit if you join! I would love it:)
over a year ago bakes2389 said…
Well........I do love to make you flip your yes I'll join!!! But only for you love!! We need another chat....our last one was so short. -tearbend- You'll have to tell me all about this change of heart....I'm pumped! xD
over a year ago -BelovedRobin said…
kay kay! I'll write that fanfic for you but I'll post it on our club since it's INAPPROPRIATE for this one. It's going to be Thanex96 :)
over a year ago bakes2389 said…
^ I APPROVE!!! Our club has been empty lately.....we've all been so busy lol Can't wait to read it!!!
over a year ago bakes2389 said…
big smile
Alrighty....I have finally come up with a new character that is perfect for this!!! I'll send it to you later my friend! But for the second character, I don't know whether to choose Thane or London!!! HELP ME CHOOSE BETWEEN MY MEN!!! xD
over a year ago Robin_Love said…
Name: Robin grey
Alias/Hero Name: Spade
Age: 15
Family: Parents, one sister in college
Mentor: (if any) None
Strength/Powers: Energy manipulation(like Pyslocke or Jean Grey as Phoenix), expert with weapons, hand to hand combat, telepathy
Weakness: crowds, spending too much power
Bio: I have none. Will message later
Random Notes: leaves the mark of a spade after missions, enjoys changing her hair color, can be angry if someone comments negatively on her outfit

Her civie look is her black hair, blue eyes, and cute skirts and tops. Jeans if she is doing casual.
 Name: Robin grey Alias/Hero Name: 스페이드 Age: 15 Family: Parents, one sister in college Mentor: (i
over a year ago SilverWings13 said…
Name: Elizia Argo

Alias/Hero Name: Viper

Age: 17

Family: Viper pretends not to have any family, for he feels he will only bring danger and harm to them for who-- or rather what he is (he has two younger and one older sisters and parents who live in Venice, Italy)

Mentor: N/A

Strength/Powers: infrared vision he can enable and disable at will, his retractable claws help him climb, tail gives him excellent balance, heals quickly, sensitive hearing.

Weakness: cold temperatures make him slow and sleepy... Um... Getting his head it off is fatal....

Bio: Elizia was born in Venice, Italy. When he was twelve, he nearly died in a car accident. A bio-medical team of researches tried to save him by injecting him with reptilian DNA and other shit. In the year he was in the hospital, he healed, but scales grew over his entire body, he grew a tail, claws, and other lizard-like-physical-additions. Once he was fully healed, he accidentally almost killed a nurse, wigged out, and fled the city. Over a series of events, he eventually ended up in (add wherever the heck you please here). Tada~

Random Notes: will follow laser-pointers like a crazed kitty, is a vegetarian (IKR?)

Descrip (I'll add a photo later if I can find one): black scales completely cover his skin, long tail, completely red eyes (irises, pupils, sclera, all), retractable claws, 6'5" (giant lizard- dinosaur!), long forked tongue. Usually wears a black hooded cloak and cargo shorts, carries no weapon except pepper spray when necessary.

OMG, I had way too much fun makin' this guy up.
over a year ago YJTTFAN said…
OH MY GOD YOUR BACK!!! *tackle hug reads the date on the post* AND I AM REALLY SLOW AT THINGS!!

Name: Cleo Peterson
Alias/Hero Name: Sigma
Age: 15
Family: None
Mentor: None
Strength/Powers: (she's a ghost) Invisibility, intangibility, flight, psychotic sight (can see through objects and other spirits)
Weakness: Silver (not the girl XD. Eg: if she gets hit with a silver sword even if she's in 'ghost mode' she will still be hurt)
Bio: When Cleo was alive she was a expert thief. She was an expert lockpicker and stealth expert. She worked as a 'thief-for-hire' they paid her, she got it. On a mission she was forced to work on a team of criminals. One of the crimals were a mercenary hired to kill Cleo. So she was simply shot in the back. Now she's a ghost, with NO memory of the past. All she knows is that she was once alive and that she needs to hunt down 'Jacob Malay' (the man who killed her).
Random Notes: She has a aggravating habit of sneaking up on people, though she doesn't mean to. She'll just float up and start talking, then get confused when people act so scared.