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SilverWings13 posted on Oct 27, 2012 at 12:13AM
Random questions for le creators:
Where did you come up with the names of your characters?

My five main-
•Aryess- variation of Ari (fell in love with the name after reading MR)
•Nic- guy I had a crush on in fifth grade.
•SilverWings- NOTHING TO DO WITH NIGHTWING- my obsession with the Latin word argentum (meaning silver) and an 11-year-old's fascination with angels.
•Aleksander- name of the prince in one of my fav books The Leviathan.
•Emily- my older sissy's name (different spelling) <3
•Jasper- the vamp from Twilight- fav Cullen, always thought he was a badass.
•Ruse- illusion (coz of his powers to screw with people's heads and make them see what isn't there).

Your turn!!

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over a year ago BentleyYJ said…
Bentley- I've just always loved the name
Willow- name of my grandmas street well sorta it's east willow
Chance: my friend chance at camp good times with him XD
Lucas- again always loved the name
over a year ago AislingYJ said…
Mine are not particularly exciting.
Aisling--just kinda liked the name
Caitlyn--variation of Kate from Mysterious Benedict Society, who she's based on
Reese--sort of a variation on Reynie also from MBS, who he's based on
Constance--Constance from MBS
Dawn--eh, just wanted to be ironic, since she's a demon ninja with darkness powers
Adam (who you don't know since I never wrote that freaking article)--Adam from Honey I Blew Up the Kid (the movie thingie) who I based his powers on
Veri/Nessi (I changed her also don't know her)--Idk about Veri, but Nessi was the name of this amazing person from the figment roleplay where Aisling was born!
Hayden--hothothothothothot kid from camp that looks like Nightwing (who Ducky also knows somehow)
Lily--meh, always liked the name
Chandler--idk, I just thought of it
Annabelle--I thought it would be cute :3
Damn. I have a lot.
over a year ago InfinityYJ said…
Kyra-- it's my name. With a y... :|
Infinity-- originally, the only power she was gonna have was like rogue from x-man. She absorbed powers for a limited amount of time.
Kenzie-- I had to think of a name that started with a 'K'
Nathan-- I crushed on a guy named Nathan for two years... Yeah...
Chelsea-- for some reason, this name seems sinister to me...
Brennan-- as does this
Nikki-- I just absolutely love this name.
Darren-- it's cute...
Terrie-- she creates rips in time. Rip=Tear=Terrie... Haha... ;3
over a year ago Eclipse-YJ said…
Phoebe - I have always loved that name and since it doesn't sound very sinister I kinda keeps Eclipses sinister and dark side hidden.

Ariel - This name was just kinda unique and since BubbleBlast powers were kinda water and element based it fitted.

Zero - Its sort for Sub zero and since zeros powers are ice ones it seemed a little better then anything else I could think of.

Jay-35 - Because I'm a fan of marvel and the weapon x story line I used the name jason which was the name of the son of William Styker and just code named it since he the 35th clone of his son.

Roulette - Mclovin helped me with the name for her and it fits because its like dark magic and it just remined me of dark, sly, mystery stuff

Kitana - I was watching a DC video on youtube and heard the name and liked it

Harleyna - There weren't many ways to change the name Harley and still make it sound like Harley Quinn
over a year ago Obscurity98 said…
Harley - i just love that name..

Alana - it reminded me of a red headed girl, and i liked Clark's ex GF Lana Lang

Tanium Ty - backwards for Titanium

Kyle - i think i'd re name superboy that, so i liked it!

Evan - No idea really..