Young Justice OC'S!!! Twisted

The_Writer posted on Oct 17, 2012 at 01:37AM
Imagine all if the hero OCs (Red Revenge, Becca, Willow, Mel, etc.) have gone bad.

What are they like?
New attitudes?
Murderous? Thief?
You tell us!

EDIT: I meant basically give us a run-down of your specific character/gang and how they would be if evil.
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Young Justice OC'S!!! 15 replies

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over a year ago SilverWingsYJ said…
OOC: Jerks and creeps
Sarcastic and egotistical and waaaay cynical
Crazy wackos!

over a year ago Hot_ShotYJ said…
((OOC)) psychos, lunatic, inasne, cruel, merciless, savage, brutal, vicious, uncivil. thats all I can think of at the moment.
over a year ago Robin_Love said…
Oh jeez!
Becca: brutal, powerful, murderous, unforgiving, kick-ass. she would run business to the ground, stealing their tech
Devin: Oi! Okay um...sarcastic, sadistic, powerful, serious villain
The Outsider Team:....the world would die. They'd own it
Tara: Sarcastic, cynical, raving, merciless, violent, cruel, underestimated. Mass Murders would happen! Tara has her issues too!
over a year ago The_Writer said…
How is it I always love Bec and Tara he best???
AWESOME!!!!! For reference: RL did exactly what I was looking for!!!
over a year ago SilverWings13 said…
*sigh* Give me three names. Too moody to pick my own.
over a year ago Robin_Love said…
Alek, yourself, and.....Blaze
Thanks Writer! ^w^ But I don't know why either.
over a year ago SilverWings13 said…
Blaze is easy: himself + his jerkiness x2. He'd be a total power hungry pyro who'd go around lighting EERYTHING on FIRE.

Alek:... Uh.... Harsh. Crazy, but in an intelligent, sane, scary way. Like, a sadistic sociopath who needs to be locked up in Bellrev (or however you spell it).

Me: I already am evil. So... Myself ;)

You satisfied?
over a year ago The_Writer said…
Love Alek's description
over a year ago SilverWings13 said…
You love everything about Alek. Which is exactly why I'm hiding after posting the 6th part of Revenge
over a year ago CoaxochYJ said…


Mel: Sneaky, down to buisness, not afraid to get dirty. Kinda like a ninja with wings!

Ciel: Harsh, hard to control, and down to Earth.

Jack: Sarcastic, jokster, game player.

Me: ......................MYSELF DURH. DO YOU NOT READ ANYTHING I POST?!?! Jk.
over a year ago robinluv14 said…
Greatest prompt ever, I believe..

Fin: Down to earth, focused, quiet, and stealthy. Basically... Demon.

Kenzie: intelligent, but insane in a way, one of those 'not what they seem' type of villains... if that makes any sense at all

...I don't really talk about any other heroes, hm... :P

over a year ago YJTTFAN said…
Delta: Sarcastic, cruel, insane, mass murderer....wait... wouldn't she just be Toxic? XD
Epsilon: Bloodthirsty, brutal and cold blooded. To torture someone he'd beat them while he transformed into the people they loved

Now I'm scared...
over a year ago ShadowYJ said…
Hmmm, Shadow will obviously be really deadly, sarcastic, and well like any villain: show no mercy. definitely cold-blooded. Intelligent, sinister. Brutal murderer. Maybe even perform many robberies. (I dunno, I'm trying to imagine her)
Will that do?
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over a year ago BladeYJ said…
Blade: I'd be a bitch even more!
((Oh god help us all.. *facepalm*))
Probably.. a lunatic that goes on killing sprees and bathes in the blood of her victims.
((You twisted son of bitch Blade!!))
Also.. I'd be sarcastic so while I'm torturing my victims I'd laugh and tell jokes..
((grabs Blade and drags her away* BAD! Sorry Bout that...))

Ty: I'd just be a crazy firecasting BADASS!! ;)
((STFU TY!))
over a year ago Eclipse-YJ said…
Since I'm a god I would just turn to my sinful side and distory the biggy (jks XD)