Young Justice OC'S!!! Burnt Illusions

Punk__Heart posted on Aug 27, 2012 at 03:17PM
I need OCs to be in burnt illusions


Thank you

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over a year ago SilverWings13 said…
Name: Aleksander Felis
Alias: Thirteen
Powers: He can manipulate energy to form green energy orbs that he can use to throw at enemies. He can also create shields. The powers draw on his life force so he has to be careful when using them.
over a year ago Obscurity98 said…
Name: Harley Mei Kent McKenzie
Alias: Obscurity ,but usually goes by just: Harley
Powers: Control and can become the five natural elements, Super strength, Flight, invulnerability,
Skills: excellent hand to hand combat, martial arts, good with swords and even guns.
over a year ago AislingYJ said…
Am I too late???
Name: Aisling Carter
Alias: Dimension (usually just goes by Aisling)
Powers: flight, strength, her main power is that she gauges measurements like distance, speed, time, etc. This also gives her a great sense of direction and she can usually make an accurate mental map of any place she's been before. However, when she gets seriously injured, or when her emotions get to be too strong, the power will "die", and come back later when she has returned to normal.
over a year ago ShadowYJ said…
Name: Dana Kylie Gracias (Unknown to the team)
Alias: Shadow, Phantom Ninja, Wild Cat and Ninja-Girl (Shadow is only used by the team. The others are used by public and villains )
Powers: Has no powers. But has a eidetic memory, mental calculator and speed-reading.
She is a superb hacker and a trained spy, detective and ninja. She is really good in deceiving. She is good in judo, boxing, streetfighting and eskrima. Her choice of weapon are her twin eskrima sticks made from unbreakable polymer. She also can lock-pick. She is average in speed and strength. She is an excellent gymnast which makes her very flexible and agile.

Notes: She is asthmatic.