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posted by Caitlyn_Grayson
k this is the prologue to Caitlyn, Reese, and Constance's debut (sorta) So here. Enjoy! xD
The faint sound of crickets resounded in the still night, a tiny sliver of a moon barely managing to illuminate the forest path, which wound through the deep woods and up a steep hill. A small rustling, and a fox, 모피 dark as the night, stepped lightly out of the underbrush and padded nimbly along the path up to the 상단, 맨 위로 of the hill. He stood, ears cocked, head swerving around, and then briefly alerted, bristling, before slipping back into the forest. Walking quickly, his 빠른, 스위프트 paws barely making a sound in the thin layer of leaves covering the ground, he arrived at a thicket. He stopped briefly to sniff at the ground, ears sticking straight up, then poked his nose into the brush. Two pairs of eyes greeted him, one pair sapphire blue, the other a muddy green-brown. The 여우 didn’t so much as twitch his nose at this discovery, it seemed as though to him, this was the most normal thing in the world. Still stepping softly, as to not make any noise, he stepped into the thicket, tripping into a large hole. He did a few somersaults, and when he stopped, sprawled on the earth was no longer a fox, but a boy, around thirteen years old, with ruffled brown hair and torn, dark clothing. The owners of the eyes he’d seen earlier were immediately on him, two girls, one tall, slender, and blonde, the other extremely short and stocky, with a frizzy mop of red curls tumbling off her head. The redhead regarded him coldly, shrewdly, her green-brown eyes narrowing slightly, but the blonde smiled genuinely. “There 당신 are, Reese,” she said in a loud whisper. The boy, Reese, smiled back.
“What’d 당신 find?” asked the smaller girl impatiently, an edge in her voice. The blonde girl glared at her.
“I think I saw something, on the other side of the hill. Some shelter maybe,” Reese said, locking eyes with the blonde girl and disregarding the other. “C’mon, Caitlyn. We can check it out.”
Caitlyn, the blonde, nodded. She picked up a dark-painted bucket which had been laying on the ground, and began fiddling with a rope which was tied around the rim, sliding it through her 벨트 and tying the end in a secure knot. “We’re going, Constance,” she told the smaller girl, who frowned, folding her arms across her chest and digging her heels into the ground.
“I don’t wanna,” Constance whined, but Caitlyn ignored her, hoisting her up onto her back. “You’re gonna ride piggyback, it’s faster that way,” Caitlyn told her. Constance grumbled, but obediently put her arms around Caitlyn’s back. Reese had turned back into the dark-furred 여우 again, his clothes seemingly melting into his thick pelt as he transformed, and stepped out of the thicket. Caitlyn, crawling on all fours with her bucket hanging from her 벨트 and Constance clinging to her back, followed, the chill night air hitting her face and making her hair billow behind her.
Caitlyn slowly straightened up as she stepped out onto the path, Constance digging her short legs into her chest. “Stay low,” Reese hissed, and Caitlyn nodded, adjusting her posture accordingly. “Now follow me,” Reese instructed, scurrying along the edge of the path, staying in the shadows of the trees. Caitlyn adjusted Constance on her back, then followed, moving slower but on tiptoe so as not to make a sound.

Reese, being small and light in 여우 form, easily made it up to the 상단, 맨 위로 of the hill, but Caitlyn was much slower. She was strong for her age, but the added weight of Constance on her back combined with the steepness of the 언덕, 힐 meant that 의해 the time she reached the peak, she was panting. Constance slid off her back, grateful to be back on solid ground, and Caitlyn squatted on the ground 다음 to Reese. “Now wh--” she had begun to ask, but stopped short when she saw him. He had alerted, his muscles tensed, 모피 bristling on his back, ears pressed flat against his head, baring his teeth. A low growl escaped him, and Caitlyn turned to where he was facing, but saw nothing.

Reese growled again at the unseen danger, and Caitlyn pulled Constance closer to her, the fear reflected in her sapphire eyes. Constance gave her usual grumbling protest, but Caitlyn, as usual, ignored it. She was fixated on the point that Reese was staring at; so fixated, in fact, that she hadn’t realized what was coming from behind until she was flat on her back.
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
"It has been reported that a helicopter crash is southeast Iraq has resulted in a trigger of land mine explosions. Reporters also say that there is only one survivor, Derek Adams, and his condition has not been not reported" The TV blared as Mckenzie's eyes went wide  "He's ALIVE?!?!!?" She stabbed her 칼, 나이프 in the wall, and turned to Ravenna and Seraphs. "I thought 당신 killed him!" Ravenna and Seraphs both glanced at each other before glancing at Mckenzie, "We did.." 
"Obviously 당신 didn't! Because he's still here!!" Mckenzie jerked her 칼, 나이프 out of the wall, "You know what? I'll kill him...
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posted by EclipseYJ
Welcom to the list on how to piss my off WARNING: TRY ANY OF THESE AND THEY WILL ALL RESULT IN HORRIBLE, SLOW DEATH, i am only informing 당신 of these for you're protection ^-^

1> Ask me if I'm anarexstic when i deny Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

2> Ask me if 예수님 is my brother and if he is a cool dude.

3> Touch, poke, bother 또는 hug me.

4> Take my 망토, 망 토 and run away saying Snape called and asked for his 망토, 망 토 back.

5> Tell me i need a manicure when ever my claws are out.

6> Call me a Playa/Slut/Hoe just because i have dated 7 guys.

7> Lock me in a white room with a straight jacket...
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posted by Scarlet_YJ
 Korran's School Uniform
Korran's School Uniform
Name: Brette Lanulue
Alias: Korran
Age: 16
Power: Can manipulate people's shadows

Alliance: hero

Apearance: shoulder length white hair, cat ears and tail, 5 ft. 6", red eyes

Personality: kind, caring, childish mindset, brave, courageous, serious, friendly

History: Korran was given her powers at the age of six, shortly after getting her powers she got her cat ears and tail. Her parents abandoned her because they believed she was a freak. Korran lived on the streets for two years before she found other kids like herself whose parents abandoned them because of their appearance. Korran stayed with her...
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posted by ShadowYJ
Name: Lara Nightingale

Occupation: Hero

Hero Name: Nightingale

Age: 16

Appearance: Dark-brown hair, green eyes, tall and slender

Powers: Has the power of flight, strength and longer stamina.

Knows jujitsu and is very good at evading enemies.

Hero costume: Purple crop 상단, 맨 위로 with long sleeves (With an "N" logo) Black pants, black boots, yellow utility belt, and a black cape with hood.

Civvies: Green crop top, three-quarter jean pants, white shoes, black baseball cap.

Weapons: None. She has her powers-she doesn't need weapons has her powers are strong enough.

Sarcastic and is a friendly person.

Family: Her grandma is Talia Al Ghul and her parents were killed in a plane crash-so she's a orphan.

Story: Came from the future (52 yrs from time)
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posted by Red_HoodYJ
It was one of those days: long, and seeming to never end. I dragged my feet as I traveled down an alleyway. I yawned and slumped against a wall. I was still in my Red 후드 guise as my eyes continuously fluttered from open to closed. I woke up to a rumble of thunder. I looked up and saw the sky turning a dark grey, almost black. I sighed. I didn’t want to go to my house and I had no where to really call home, so I headed to the only place I would be able to feel peace. I changed from Red 후드 to Aeronwen Todd as I walked, removing my jacket, 헬멧 and mask as I walked. I dropped them at...
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posted by Robin_Love
Everyone else was doing it and people don't really know that Devin's got her share of buttons to be pushed. So I made this! Enjoy! XD

1. Poke her
2. Do anything “Wally-ish”
3. Talk about demons
4. Be mean to Robin (her brother)
5. Ask her to play the harp
6. Ask her to sing
7. Tell her to let Cupid know something (seriously, she WILL hurt you)
8. Make jokes about 천사 playing harps and singing
9. Taking away her Angel's light (Teague -.-)
10. Follow her around the mountain because 당신 feel like it (Becca)
11. Tell her she's too sensitive (she's an Angel; what do 당신 expect?)
12. Stand outside her...
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