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DarkSarcasm posted on Aug 31, 2020 at 10:50PM
Welcome to The 30 Day Yellowstone Challenge! You can answer one question a day, or you can answer them all at once if that's more your style. Answer however and whenever you want, there's no schedule to stick to. You can include images or videos if you want. It's completely up to you. Have fun!

Day 1 - Favorite Dutton?
Day 2 - How did you discover Yellowstone?
Day 3 - Favorite couple?
Day 4 - Favorite friendship?
Day 5 - Favorite person in the Bunkhouse?
Day 6 - Favorite episode?
Day 7 - Which character would you want as a best friend?
Day 8 - Favorite guest star?
Day 9 - What's your favorite thing about Yellowstone?
Day 10 - Top 10 favorite characters?
Day 11 - Favorite villain?
Day 12 - Which character are you most like?
Day 13 - Least favorite character?
Day 14 - Favorite location?
Day 15 - You have to send one living character (as of S3) to the Train Station. Who's it gonna be?
Day 16 - Favorite actor in the show?
Day 17 - Favorite actress in the show?
Day 18 - Character you'd date?
Day 19 - Favorite song used in the show?
Day 20 - Aw man, the zombies are coming. The residents of the Yellowstone have been divided into teams of 5 to defend each other and the ranch. Pick your crew.
Day 21 - Favorite poster?
Day 22 - A movie or show that would make a cool crossover with Yellowstone.
Day 23 - Favorite movie or show with an actor/actress from Yellowstone in it?
Day 24 - Character you've changed your opinion on for the better?
Day 25 - Character you've changed your opinion on for the worse?
Day 26 - Actor or actress you'd like to join the show in season 4?
Day 27 - Recommend another show or movie for fans of Yellowstone.
Day 28 - Do you have any Yellowstone merch? What's something Yellowstone-related you'd like to have?
Day 29 - What's something you want to happen in season 4?
Day 30 - Free Day!
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over a year ago DarkSarcasm said…
Day 1 - Favorite Dutton?
I decided in the pilot that Lee would be my favorite, and I'm just stubborn enough to keep claiming that after he's been dead for 28 episodes.
 [b]Day 1 - 가장 좋아하는 Dutton?[/b] I decided in the pilot that Lee would be my favorite, and I'm just s