Xena & Gabrielle The Meaning of True Friends.

peterslover posted on Jun 04, 2009 at 09:39PM
The show Xena is a story of true friendship. They would die for each other. They have proved it over N over. The power of two is stronger than the power of one. What an awesome life they had. And they tried, and won, to keep each other on the right path, even when it didn't seem right at the time. Please comment..
 The show Xena is a story of true friendship. They would die for each other. They have proved it over

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over a year ago erlina41 said…
I agree with you, this was a really true friendship..but I think sometimes it wasn't only friendship, it was something more..anyway just my opinion
over a year ago peterslover said…
yea erlina41 I agree. There were times when they tried to cross the line.
over a year ago xenares said…
Something more,maybe like sisters,like family,but not like lovers.These are two different things.About kisses in the sixth season, they were a matter of life and death.And they kiss as friends,love kisses can be called these between Xena and Ares.There are hints of them both(X/G), but nothing more to me.
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over a year ago harfang said…
xenares, you coulda just posted your username to say the same thing. ;) I have no problem with that perspective, and I think it's awesome that the show's cast and creators kept everything open-ended. There has never been just one answer for me.

For me, by 6th season, X+G's relationship had become very complete. I think it was never the point whether or not they were lovers. My perspective is simply that it seems very unlikely they weren't, by then.

Back in the day we used to argue about that like it was the main issue, and also about whether the characters were straight, gay or bi. But none of that matters next to the power of their relationship, their state of soulmating, regardless of its physical side. In hindsight, I really like how they underplayed the romance and/or sex aspect. Granted, they largely did it through silence, which disappointed and even offended a lot of us.

Honestly, I ship Xena and Borias as well as Xena and Gabrielle, so for me it's not about my orientation. Lucy is so marvelous at creating excellent chemistry when she has a platonic rapport with anyone -- for example, she and Jacqueline Kim were also stunning together, making terrific shipfic fodder. I love Kevin Smith, G-d rest him, but despite its very successful chemistry level the connection between Ares and Xena was a bit creepy and Svengali-esque for me.
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over a year ago CloviaBel said…
They just have such a confidence, such an intimacy, such a pure genuine bond with one another, There is no label for it. As they say in the series it's soulmates. That doesn't mean sexual, it just means the deepest bond anybody can have. They just care so much about each other in everyway. It's genuine and pure. I love there love, my favorite thing about the show, I have a man I love to death but I want a friend to adore and have a bond like Gabby and Xena do too!!