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samjhart posted on Jun 24, 2010 at 11:53PM
Ok. I know quite a few fans dreams came true when later on the series Gabrielle&Xena were hinted to be lovers & even soulmates. As fans of the Xenares pairing why do you believe/not believe this?
And why do you ship them? What makes it so that Xenares are so perfect for each other?

Btw fellow Xenares fans introduce yourselves to be added to the fanlist!


* samjhart (Asma)
* {adwbuffy} (Ariel)

 Ok. I know quite a few 팬 dreams came true when later on the series Gabrielle&Xena were hinted to b
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over a year ago samjhart said…
I don't know. To me, I've always felt that Gabrielle was jus there. There was nothing special, for her to be distinguished as THE ONE for Xena..but having said that I think she was Xena's conscience in the whole show. But to me, Ares was a part of her waaaayyyy before Gabrielle or even any other serious guy for that matter. He was everything she was, and is in a way at the end of the show. Xena was trying to become like Ares but to Ares she was his image/reflection and not just a great warrior that's why he valued her so highly. To me, at the beginning Ares's real objective was never really to make her his Queen, it was to stop Xena lying to herself. She had good, but she was also shady that's why she's quietly afraid of Ares, and hates him. He saw right thru her..
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over a year ago adwbuffy said…
{adwbuffy} "Ariel" I agree with you Asma, I do believe that Xena has two differents loves in her heart in the entire show. She loves Gabrielle more to her as Bff like a sister. They would die for one another. Knowing how many times both Xena and Gabrielle risk their lives to save each other. Thats defintely True Friendship and Love"

Ares she does show love, caring, passion and somewhat understanding to her relationship with Ares. But we all know that Ares wants Xena to rule with him and conqueor the entire world.. Which isn't going to happen. Ares so much to show his love for the Warrior Princess "when she kicked ass she was his" Ares Quote in {Looking Death in the Eye} However in Motherhood was so hott and powerful how he gave his mortatly to save Eve and Gabrielles life for Xena.. Wow so powerful and loving moment of all..
over a year ago samjhart said…
I've actually found that in the really early episodes, Xena loved Gab as a daughter? I thot it was jus me. And of course the writers started to overdo the whole companion overtone, trying to make Xena's sexuality something of a debate. Sad really. Idk..to me, there was jus SOME things that Gab couldn't possibly understand about Xena and I hated that they tried to make as tho Gab did get her..its jus unrealistic that she would get ALL of her being as young, inexperienced as she was at the start. I guess, Gab was good, but I think her friendship should've been enough to redeem Xena...

OMG totally. I was crying at that scene. Ares loved her so much! Even more than himself. He jus knew that she wouldn't give up her quest suddenly so he went back to being the god of war. I don't think its because their love was weak, I jus think that Ares understood that Xena wanted her own identity something more than just a warlord. She wanted to be good, cz well..she didn't know who she was anymore. Lets face it when she was evil, she was still controlled by men. I think Ares got that they would never get together as Xena had come to resent men..

Btw Ariel. The L/Ares banner is taken so long cz well they don't have much scenes together, that I could really use. Limited choice :/

Ps, you need to change the banner in this spot. The one that won in the pick ;D
over a year ago samjhart said…
Hey Ariel do you wonna play the ABC game, make the spot more active?
over a year ago samjhart said…
Currently watching the re-runs of XWP. And I just watched the tomb scene and bawled my eyes out..